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I Social Care Workers. LT LIIH lit-i hour St'ritl|lt' .llltI phorit' iiiinilit'r lo

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£75 - £475/ week. Ill llc\iIilt' hours .l\ tIUtll camaxwr Irairiiri; \ujiplictl ("rillctl t'ritjuuicx. practiti- handling; rcit'ciion. ycl cu'icixcil. “Hiking: It'\ItICllIl.lI arms linuxpori. lclcpliont' ictjuiictl. I’L'IICLI lur .l\IUI\ I‘t'l“ Ct’ll liiIh/ \Illiit'llh Mike Greenan (Aquaseal) 07980 566 042

Graphic Designer \xaiilt'tl lur IIt't'I.lIl\\‘ \\tllI\ int' brochure. Ilt'\\\Ik'IIk'l\ (K ulhcr occasional ticsign \xuik “nultl \lllI tlcxigii \IlltIt'III or \lllllI.ll. Call Nadine Carmichael

0141 332 9343

Body 8- Soul Bookshop and Events haw a MlL'Jllt') lui IIlL‘ pil\lIliill UI [tall Illllk' 5.1IL‘\A'\\\I\ItillI Iii work lll our bookshop and al our I'.\L‘lll\ himkxiall. .\ lricnilI}. i'cxpuiixihlt‘ ll.lIlIIL‘ .llltI an iiilcicxl lll .illciiialiw IlL‘.lIlIl and IIIL‘\I} Ic “UUItI Iw .in atIMiIilrigL‘. .I\ “tilliti lIt'\i|iiIil} Ill “01leng Iliilll\ .llltI .i \\ iIIingncxx in work \\\'k'I\t'lItI\. Work at our Ian-nix imulwx luau} Iilliiig .lllti carrying: and trawl throughout Scotland I’lcasc \L'lltI .i (‘\ \\ IIIl uni-ring IL‘IICI' lo Iiiiti} t\ Soul. 5: IIainilluii I’Iacc. Iziliiihurgli. I'.II.i SAX Ul' ICICI‘ITHIIC ll\ IUI IllUIL‘ tIL‘IalIs Ull III ;I 33h illhb. Closing date Friday 11 April.

Meadows Festival. Iztliiihuigh'x L'iillllllllllll} It'\Il\.II Ull IIIL‘ lllL‘atIii“ \, “C llt't'ti \ulunlccrx lo liclp urganixc IIll\ _\C.ll '\ IC\Il\.lI For more information Phone 0131 620 9108

Web www.meaadowsfestival. I Actors ) wanted It u

\hoi1 IIIlll. ('.iri'i pa) but “III lcctl. “.tlL‘l' .lliti UIICI’ \IlaltW Iiil’ L‘It'c‘ll'lt‘ Il‘l‘IUlllMllch. (Lill liT‘Nih 3”" 255' or email ricliich WW )tliliiu'i'lll IUl‘ tIL‘I.ilI\

I Actors wanted for curling \Iliil'l lilin, I‘crnalc Iaic 30's to early 30's. lciiialc llllti 50's. tcnialc “lid 30' \. inalc earl) -lll\ (‘uiitacl .\\lilc_\ on (113] 4-10 0‘3" or crnail .ipoi‘ll.iiitlt~= l.i\lrn.u|,coin

General Assistant S‘1().00() pa. H

ISTYTTIVL {)U‘sfrlIhi‘ "xt""ful()v'i

The post holder \‘urll assrst in the co ordination a'iri r'iaintvnarice of the photographic and digital IdLlIlIli‘S of the Richard lloutjh Resource ‘.'.‘ITlIt) provrdrrig support semces to Stills gallery. pro jects and administration

The successful candidate mil be an integral part of Stills" team

and be reliable. adaptable and able to work to deadlines, preferably

wrth experience of v.or‘king ‘1'.IIIi the [)LlI)Il(I and of unorrl processing irnac envrrorimeritl.

Knowledge of. or an interest Illa photography and new lllt‘(Il(l would be advantageous. The postholder \.'.’lII I»? l't'(lllllir(I to work regular weekends and evenings.

For further information and an application please send an AI SAE to General Assistant, Stills. 915Co(;kburnStreet, Edinburgh T: 0131 (52?. 6200

Closing date for applications: Friday 11 April 2003

fof'il?» ulITT“) It) I)“ ‘1' t'tltni i);i:)(;".t.’3i. -*‘» -"‘ {pun '

Ilz-gztslii'i-rl charity '2) tux) ‘r-l‘ m

Sappo'led t)‘, I"!‘ SI of! i." A'Qr. K,Iltl'l\ ‘1' t: 'fiv~ \L.!, ’)I I r: :i.."t;" (,1; .'

The Traverse Theatre is seeking an experienced lull time


For lull application pack (no CVs) please send 41p SAE to Pauleen Rafferty. Traverse Theatre. 10 Cambridge Street. EDINBURGH. EH1 2E0 Closing Date; Friday 11 April 2003

The Traverse is an equal opportunities employer Registered Charity $00 112368




Film Editor

Are you passionate about IlIlTl.)

Do you know your loatili from your lynch? Your Manhattan from your (,‘hir‘ago’? Your (jarbo from your

Would you be able to dulwer' the kind of star name WITI‘,’ profiles and sharp TUVIOWS that have made The list the most respected arts and entertainment llliltjil/lllt.‘ in Scotland?

It so. we want to hear from you. The list has a vacancy for the prestigious post of film editor. which carries wrth it full-time responsibilities as an assistant editor contributing to the whole magazine. and is based in our Edinburgh office. Salary according to experience.

Send a covering letter with a BOO-word review of a recent film, two feature ideas (one film, one other). a CV and three examples of your published work to:

Mark Fisher, Editor. The List. 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE or email editor<

Deadline: Friday 11 April.


To advertise in recruitment call

0131 550 3060

design, artwork & more

Very able and talented junior designer needed to work on high profile. youth-oriented accounts. You need solid Mac skills in Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop. a good knowledge of print, an instinctive feel for typography and preferably an ability in web/animation-based design. With drive, creative ideas and excellent organisation you'll take projects from concept and

design through to print, delivery and admin with good client care. You'll work closely with clients on advertising, POS. in-store signage and much more, so you need to be fast and careful, self-motivated, a good communicator and enthusiastic - your experience will reflect these abilities. Driving licence also essential.

Please send CV, covering letter and three relevant samples to Neil'Dalgleish, hillside, 17 Calton Road. Edinburgh EH8 80L. Closing date 16.04.03. email admin@hi|Isidescotlandcouk