EDINBURGH (continued)

V I saw you [at In looking \e\uall} Iruxtraled In \\h} .\'ot, .\Ia}be I can help _\ou out one.’ [7404/3

V I saw you I'm hat: Shame. \hame. shame I knou )ottr name. Yoti'xe got to help me he [lllllkx I'm lll\ \tite. Ile mine IIINIL'IIII ginger beard? [7464/9

V I saw you _\olt were the meat I tieeded m in} \andutch. I.ike a beelcake J-I.ake. l‘\e got Iailh. haw _\ou'.’ I like more thaii )(llll' \Illl'l bah}? Lots of lo\c & kixxex & hugx Illill‘hllit. [7464/ I U

V I saw you Ulll\I(IL' [IIL' liquid Room\. I uax I_\ing UlllHtIL' III a ptiddle DIXICIHIH}: SAX manoexrex. I'm getting so good that )ou tiiiglit not ha\e \een tne. If )ou don't act quickl) _\oti ma} nexer \ce me. [7464/l I

V I saw you tall dark handsome man. nearing (ilaxgou unnerxit} Ixt X hood} no 7. I would low to meet up. [7464/I3

V I saw you iti I’lanct ()ut \HIIIL'IIIIIL'\. but itot often though. l)t) )till \[lll l't'utl [IIL' |.i\t e\en thotigli )0“ don't work there an} morell'.’

[7464/l 3

V I saw you \e\} I’lanet ()ut bartnan. (’ute face. nice asx. I “am ion? [7464/I4

V I saw you (iigoloJoe. (iorgeoux \\ ith or \\ ithottt glasses. _\a gaw} laxxiel Big lll\ fae )L‘i' \iifel X [7464/[5

V I saw you Josef. Sofia and Joxeline in IiIII Saturda} ISIh Match. Sofia had a red face. Joe looked tired and Josefine \nioked. What \\ ere _\ou up to'.’ Where “as Kalie'.’ [7464/l6

V I saw you \e\} tour guide“ ith _\our bloodxtained bear. Sell ll\ )our pants on-linel With \L‘l'L‘tlllh of pleasure. l\'&('. [7464/I7

V I saw you once in drag tiie\ er again?) and promise to we I)ouble ’I‘op all in) line little ('.\\. [7464/Ih'

V I saw you check} chapp} bartnan in the trax. I‘m sure I \au _\oti on a (i2 co\ er once. lane) thing ARM!) \xith me'.’ [7464/l‘)

V I saw youlrl I’oll\lt tongue at the end of III) bed on lop of a mountain covered \\ ith stars. I “ax quadrilied. btit _\our PL‘I'\I\ICIICC paid till. [7404/20 V I saw you in the 'l‘rax. Red lop. biotin hair. gorgeous \mile. I‘d reall) lo\ e a maxxtigc darling. [7464/31

V I saw you \\ilh )our L‘}t‘\. hair. legs [k 2 arms _\ou \\ ere \o unique. I \ia\ the girrrl “Illl the e)e\. hair. legs & 2 arnix. I \\;l\ \o unique. [7464/32

V I saw you (irace and )our time ;t\.\ behitid the tra\er\e bar. ('an }t)[l get me a bottle of San Miguel from the \er} bottom \IIL‘IIII l.U\'L‘ I-‘ester \. [7464/2.“ V I saw you Dan in the tra\er\e. dribbling “hite. stick) egg doun )titii' face. ohl Ho“ I \\i\ll to be that egg. .\Ir \. [7464/24

V I saw you Hulxttlc the I’eppertiiint lounge. ll \xax raining. Ma)be it'x urong but I‘d like ta see _\a again? [7464/25

V I saw you with a reall} gorgeoux bloke. Yoti \xax ginger \\ ith glaxxex. he “as a handxonte chap in a black \[Ill. He had a kebab in Ill\ pocket. IIL"\ :t IU\. [7404/26

V I saw you in the 'I‘ra\er\e. )our \ultr) \e\) e}e\ \a“ \traight through me. _\ott seduced me. then )0“ smiled. Do )or Il]1\l;l\IC;t\ good ax the} look'.’ lieuitch me? I. [7464/27

V I saw you iii 'l'raxerxe bar - black \IUL'hIIIg‘. L‘) L‘\ like midnight - a lilin-noir dreamgii'll Ilapp} anni\er\ar_\ darling Jen. [me I\'\. [7464/28 V I saw you sipping iced tea tn filmhouxe on \\cd 5th. You & _\our friend talking aboitt a special lit“ to} reall} turned me on. X [7464/20

V I saw you S.-\(‘ L‘tlllllll\ girl \\ ith the u ild child hair (0 (‘SA night. The auard goex to the funkiext bah} doll? [7464/30

V I saw you I‘artner Sll';t\\\(lll. [We got a brand neu combine-hamester?I Roll in the ha} “llll tne. Ioie 'I'Ill [7464/3l

V I saw you Nell) \xith )otir \e\} bell}. at I’otleroix on I‘rida}. I'd Io\e to \ll‘tikc )titit' bell_\' one more time?! \Von't _\ou let me'.’ Yah'.".’ .\Ia}a \\\. [7464/33

V I saw you [and )till \att me) Iidinburgh Iraq deiiio 6/3

\\ ith )our cropped blond hair. blue e) C\ and lL‘tilltL‘l' jacket. .\Ie: fellou 'I‘ollcross female

\i ho has been a long time smitten. [7464/33

VI saw you at I’la) in London. Yoti study p\_\ cholog} at Iidinhuigh. We said Motherfunk but I couldn't see )0“. I kneu _\ou all loo briell} Iloll) (ioliglill). I'd lo\ e to tneet again. [7464/34

V I saw you Richard t‘.’i uorking in Morningxide Safewa}. Want to bu) me a hunch till Iltm CIV.’ [7464/35

V I saw you Jim. I'd love to run Ill) IlllgL‘l'\ through _\our Ill\L‘l()[l\ mane. Nu. [7464/36 V I saw you Iimma at the Iigg. I line that IIC“ fringe - \er} \e\_\ - make\ me \a} )eah )eah )mhl [7464/37

V I saw you my darling I-‘orrext. and o\ er a drumstick \xe shared our III‘\I giggle? You are the \iind beneath Ill} \\ lllgx. Bubba. [7464/38

V I saw you Bug. in [1]) dreamx. and )ou'i e made me \mile e\ er since. I It“ e being in _\our arms. Boo. [7464/3‘)

V I saw you bemering aua} for _\our llllttl\ in the librar). .\'o\\ I ha\ e no reason to \\;t\lt in the morning. I’leaxe come back atid sax e )our felloit 4th )Cilrx from sharing in) llll\;l\0[ll"\ perxonal \pacel [7464/4ll

V I saw you at the g} m. Yoti are a beautiful tattooed man? There's no others like )ou. I \ioiider are )ou singlet"? Admirer frotn afar \ [7464/4l


V I saw you III John I.e\\i\ 'I'oiletrte\ tromantic or \\ hat'i You petite ax can be and good enough to eat. You \old me a \oticher I couldn’t take in} e_\e\ ol _\ou. Did I ptit oll )Ull forgot to gt\c me a \tickci' lot in} emelope - can I ha\e it no“ I’ [7464/43

V I saw you I’(' llama .\Ian.m a \xcekeiid Iiioihoon. too long ago. .\Iade (iiganttc mixtakc. no“ )ou'i‘e loxt in artful \IltltIL'\ ot gre}. \Vould \lill lo\ e to gel (‘artcr [or catch— tip. \\\ [7464/43

V I saw you at the l‘(i(‘ cinetna on Sun the 0th. You piett} petite girl \\ ith L'lll'l\ e\et"\\\here You \miled at me ax )ou took )oitr seat for 'I‘uo \Yeekx Notice - \tll} btit litnn} -- and then again afteruardx. Wax gottig to \a} hi btit _\ou tll\;tplk‘;tl'ctl. \Vax I imagining )tiii‘.’ [7464/44

V I saw you \tunning Jane in mood\ for friend\ birthda} on \al. danced. kixxed atid then left. Regret not getting )our number and happ} to \ l\ll I)urhamll [7464/45

V I saw you Kathleen from Sk)e in Iixpionage Sat the 8th. We kixxed but _\our friend dragged _\oli £t\\;i_\. (‘ome back It) lich X [7464/46

V I saw you ll] Tut-o Metro. Nicolxon St. I'irida} t7thi Iixening. Yer} ('ute Illonde \iorking checkout 2. I \Vax in the urong quel [7464/47

V I saw you Indigo tIUtIg} chat on Valentines night. (iel in touch In further dixc‘ttxx \eterinar) procedures that ma) be taking place in alwrdeen.... [7464/48

V I saw you \a“ ll I-‘iw I’lanet..those blue e_\ ex turned tiie into a cheeks llt)\\..lllil}lk‘ \tion I “I” return..\ [7464/49

V I saw you on the doorstep of your flat near the meadow \ telling tne _\ou broke )our credit L‘artl...lltc lk‘xl L‘\L‘tl\c (II- the neck :-i. th\ for brightening up in} da}? in case )ou fatic} a coffee instead of a piI/a... [7464/50

V I saw you hatmah doing

pit/Iles again \kltilxl i \irite Illix.

You ha\e the mother brain? l.u\' You XXX [7464/5l

V I saw you \tith m) [L‘IL'NCUPIL‘ contact leiGCx. near the moons of Jupiter. and then in \tlL‘lk‘lL‘. I lo\e )otl \\\ [7464/53

V I saw you I‘irida} March 7. l.eith Walk Ni). 35 I‘Ith lop deck. You beautiful \xith \ iolent red hair. Me. unxha\ en. reading tr}ing Io look '\\i'}'. Would _\ou like to go for coffee/ becr/ al‘ixinthe‘.’ {7464/53

V I saw you tregularI} l iii _\otir well lit tnaturali habitat and )otil‘ C)C\ \\ ere \tilillng I). I could be barking tniadi tip the urong tree though‘.‘ [7464/54 V I saw you tie/()3, t'(i(‘ I’i/Ia Ilut man. btit \tasn't )our prioril}. and you seated [h else“ here to mold comments on )our cheese} stuffed cruxt. So \\ hen can I check out )our extra topping‘.’ [7464/55

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