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marching ottt ot' thc xchoolx \xith hanncrx that xa} ‘.\' () \V .-\ R'. and I thought I xau onc xa} ing ‘11 o m at h x'.

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'l‘hix war had to happcn: all thoxc troopx txcrc otit thcrc. it would hm c hccn xil|_\ not to.

All the lirxt dayx ol'cycling I did not rcad thc papcrx. l lind it hard to CVCI] allow a xcan of thc pttlltologicull)‘ ahridgcd. pathological|_\' patriotic .xtatcmcntx on thc xmallcr papcrx. thn l xcc thctn on thc xtandx l imaginc thctn hcing xliomi on big old tcllicx in Iraq tojuxtil‘)‘ our hadncxx.

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gradicntx and lrccuhcclcd into a ncu cra ol' tra\ cl. 'l’hcn \\ c \xcrc at war all again; Britain. ['5 and Iraq. ’l'hat liaraua} hixtor} c\cnl altcrcd in} ahilit} to cclchratc thc c_\ cling.

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\Vc had our llL‘\\ x. it \xax important to ux. )c‘t thcrc \iax \cr} littlc cmct‘agc. l \xantcd to xcc a hcadlinc: ‘(‘oco. (t. Ridcx llct' Bigclc'. .'\ll lltc l‘it'xl da}x ol lllL‘ c_\cling \\ltllL‘ thc \xar xtartcd l a\oidcd rcading thc papcrx. 'l‘hcn l \\;t\ on huxcx and thcrc \\ ax .llt'lm.

lt \ttlttclttm docxn't xcctn right to Icarn about a war ll‘ttlll .llt'lm. lt'x hand} l'or puhlixhcrx that thc xucccxx ol our \xcxtcrn \xorld proxidcx cnough litcratc l'ollx iii a dclinitc placc at a dclinitc titnc to dixtrihutc it and thc xhccr numhcrx ol' gttarantccd rcadcrx can juxtil) a lull production hudch \\ itliotit rcquiring it to hc paid lot: It ix hand} that Britain ix doing xo \tcll. xupporting induxtt'icx and huxincxxcx. and hax xo man) puhlic tranxpoit x_\ xtcmx tranxporting thc puhlic to and trout iohx that gct thctn tip at .llt'Im‘clock to trawl.

It iuxt docxn‘t xccm to lit that all tltix lirc non ix hcing prcxcntcd. \Vould tlicrc hc a man from .llt'lm in thc ( itllli' .'\ .llt'lm corrcxpondcnt'.’

'l’hc tip for lcarning c} cling xcctncd to hc l'or ('oco to hc on a gcntlc inclinc that pullcd hcr along xo that halancc \\ ax thc lirxt thing that cmcrgcd. 'l’hcn. lll'\L' thc \\ cc Batnhi dccr. oncc ,xlic had lound that. xhc thcn naturally juxt \x’antcd to

John Fardell

WE'RE AT WAR .. his time to stop questioning, :tqoprOCestlry, Stop whinging and GET BEHIND OUR BOYS. sTlte List is proud to be we Journal of choice for our nation‘s most sophisticated combatants...

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