Fridanl<11J11I1e l.1}iiioi. l \-\('aii.11l.i. .‘IMI:1\.iltti.1ll.1}t'i\. '\llIL'(l\1Ulllld. (it‘t'lll'c':. Ruxli. \ntoiiio llaiiderax. Saltron II1111111.I.\. Izdnaid \oitoii II‘niin ,«\ctor \.1l111.1ll.1}1-l. lttllillxlict lite long dream ot [‘4'tll.i}lii}_' the \lcxican 1con. .1rtixt l'ritla Kalilo. 111 Illlx liliii \klllcll chronicch liei 1'\t1.11111l1ii.1i} lite ax .111 .1itixtic. political .1111lx1'\1ial iexolutioiiar} ((1-1. (1111131111. film/irqu [.11111/111121/1

The Game of their Lives 1t’(i1 1|).1111el(‘1o1do11.l kfl loom Hlliillli \\ hen South Korea knocked out Ital} 111 laxt )ear‘x \\111l1l('1ip_ II brought hack iiieinoriex ot their northein neighbouix’ xiinilar xuccexx 111 the Who touinaiiient l)oc111nentar)-\t't l).ilitL‘l (iottliin \\.1x.’t liittlttingi iiiixxioii ax lie tracked do“ ii tlie heroeon that lllxltiIlL da} I’.11tot the Shellield International l)|‘\'lllllk‘lll;ll"\ l'lllil l-extixal. Irlmhouu'. Iii/infill! 3/1

Gangs of New York 1 1.x. .0. 1.\laitiii SLUI\C\C. [8. 30031 l.eonardo

l)i( 'apiio. ('.1iiieioii I)i.1/. l).1niel Ha}-

I cuix Itih‘iiiin lhirt} _\e.1rx in the making and plagued with pioductioii pt'ohleiiix. Scorxexe'x long clieiixlicd Iiliii about the hiutal xtieet gaiigx \xho lought tor control oI .1 coinei ot late I‘lth cent111} Ne“ York (‘11) tiiiall) .11‘1i\ex. and it'x .1 big d1x.1ppoiiitnient 'l'he inoxt noticeable Ila“ Ix that Scorxexe‘x eiloi'tx to tell an epic xtoi), \xhicli eiicoiiipaxxex pi'otot)pe iiiohxtci'x. the immigrant e\perieiice. 1.1cixiii. corrupt politicianx and the (‘1\il \Vai. aie xeiiouxl} undermined h) a t‘linix} 1oiii.1iilic xuhplot inxolxiiig I)1(‘;1prio'x xti'eet urchin and I)ia/'x purxe-xnatcher. ’I'hix h.1x the unnamed i‘exult ol coiiiproinixiiig a taxciiiating hixtor} Iexxon \xith teeii-pleaxing romantic noiixenxe. 'I‘liiiik (finally/I111 iiieetx lira/1111 But men a p1 1111 film h} Scorxexe' xtaiidardx ix an 111tc1cxting one h) an_\oiie elxe'x. And II» for no 111th reaxon. (iii/mi 1x “11th xeeiiig for Ma} Lexi 1x’ tinkering perlorniaiice ax the IL'llllMlifJ. charixniatie anti-immigration gang leader Bill the Butcher .8'1’11'1'11'1/

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Ghost World 1 I51 0.... 111-11) /,\\1gott. I8". 2001 l 'I'hora Birch. Scarlett Johanxxon. Stex e Buxeeinr llliiiin. Daniel ('Io“ ex adaptx hix ouii cult coiiiic \xitli /.\\1got't. opting not to tranxlate parrot- Iaxhion. but to dixtil the exxence ot' the xource material. ’I‘liux. characterx. xetting and tone are xpot on. hill the epixodic nature ot the xerialixed xtrip ix xhaped into a lo“ ke) xtor) i'e\oI\111g around Iiigli xchool gi'aduatcx linid and Rehecca (Birch and JohanxxonI \\ ho temper dixguxt with the bland \xextern “mid of xhopping niallx and theme rextaurantx \\ itli c_\nical heiiinxeiiient. The dialogue. huiiiour. prmluclion dexign and pei'l'orinancex are a “wild apart Ii'oin Iexxer .-\tiierican teen Ilickx (11111111. Iz'tlililmreli.

The Good Girl 1 151.... (Miguel .-\rteta. IS. 30021 Jenniter .-\ni,xton. John (‘ Reill). 'I’iin Blake .\'elxon. 03111111. .-\nixton hreakx ;t\\;t} ti'oin her xate image ax ‘that

Rook} actrexx [mm In: le h} making .1 film \Hlli director .-\rteta and xciihe \like White. 11 ho lirxt made then mark 111th the man ellouxl} edg} (71111 L and H14. I Here the) caxt .-\nixtoii ax doud} xuperniarket girl Juxtine I.axt. a prom queen \xho'x on1 her crow 11 and \xhoxe painter huhh} l’hil 1Re1II_\1 xpendx more time “till liix hext tiiend Buhha 1.\'elxoni than he \ltK‘x 11 itli her Her chance lot .1 great excape coiiiex iii the xhape ot Holden «Jake (I}I|1‘11li.1.1I-_ the Salttiger-ohxexxed checkout ho) \xho tallx tor her With lexx tocnx on her image. .-\nixton gix ex a \ulnerahle and accoinplixhed pertoriiiaiice :\nd though The (iota/([111 lackx the anaichtc ciierg) ot (711111 and [flu I. it 1x iie\ei‘tlielexx indie tiliniiiaking at itx hext Mu (11111111 Int/Ili/nu'e/i.

GOOdFOuaS 1 IM 0.... 1.\Iartiii Scot'xexc. [-5. l‘NIM Roliet'l l)C \tt'o. Ra} l.ioll;i. Joe l’exci. l.ortaiiie Ilraco. l’.111l Sonino I-ISiiiiii [.111t11111I11)x lleii1_\ Hill. .1 real-lite mutimu, \xith De Niro ax Iiix mentor in crime, And \ihile the hulletx. tixtx and caning knnex ll). Scorxexe hringx 11x hack to that unamidahle quextion glamoroux and lucratn e to I1\e Ililx 11a). but can an)one reall) In e mth the conxequencex',‘ Winner of BAI’I'A .mardx t'or hext tiltn. director and xcreenpla}. and .1 Bext Supporting Actor ()xcar tor Joe I’exci. .S'Ic'r (‘uitury [ck/nilmrg'li.

O Goatanza or Libbiano 1 1:41 1P;qu Bem'enuti. Ital). 21xx11<12111111..-\ Itith- centur) 'l‘uxcan peaxant \xoinan. practixed 111 the art of healing. ix accuxed ot' \\ itchcratt alter arouxing the xuxpicionx of church authoritiex, Arrexled. t‘aIxel) acctixed and xuhjected to prolonged torture. xhe xtopx proclaiming her innocence and acceptx the xtatux ax “itch. (il‘lfi (i/meun; I'ilni/ioim'. lit/urinu‘elr

Harry Potter and the Chamber 01 Secrets tl’(ii O... t('hrix ('oluriihux. l'S/I'K. 2002) Daniel Radcliffe. Kenneth Branagh. Robbie Coltrane. 1011111111. It‘x the ho} -\\ i/ard'x xecond )ear at Hogwartx School ot Witchcraft and \Vi/ardr} 11 here CVil torcex have releaxed a \1cioux xerpent into the corridorx. Who‘x to hIame'.’ Ix it IIarr} 'x erIil pupil Draco Hallo). the loveahle giant lIagrid (Robbie (‘oltranei or a in) sterioux former pupil “ho eoniniunicatex through the pagex ot' a magical diar} 1’ Whom er it ix. the) 're petrit‘ying the pupilx and xetting Iooxe an arm} of xcurr}ing xpiderx. Once again t'aitht'ul to the original 11m el. thix Iiliii 1.x darker than the lirxt and getx more tinickl} into the meat of the \tor}. And \\ ith the xame lantaxtic caxt ot‘ Britixh character actorx. it'x another xure-lire hit. Selected l't‘lt‘UH’.

Heiar tl’(ii tllandan lpekci. 'l‘urke). 2001 1 120111111. After 11 tIiiexxilig the iitaxxacrc ot her guardianx during a police raid on their Ixtanhul apartment. a Kurdiin orphan girl


.xtrikex up a relationship \\ ith her neighbour.

a retried and \er)' cantankeroux old judge. ((24. (i/usgrm.

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