HOT WATER Re: Hot Hot Heat (463)

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Sam Simmons

KIDDING AROUND Re: Mum’s the word (463) a . i'...;r tw'iai". ii sb'i‘t: of I rtrrrimniix's re‘fet: s"<;ps_ I "an: sly-tr a (Wall (real or .'.'e'i treha'mtl flitlltl'izli ; "rt é'll‘ only to [Wasted ’3, art testy: fhen‘. ll'i_-.'e‘.er. l'.t: a;sr; seen far too 'i‘aiij. .rfi:lif:<::t>rr".etl litt'e brats r..r‘iti't(_; around 3': rwng as the“ parents prestiri‘ab‘g. do: fria’. fi‘e .21)de shall ‘all at therr itit

!‘.'.r>t.‘Itl he first to condemn it”)(leiiai‘,1(‘(LI‘NIHEILIIIII iarents i"ust arso realise that. (3 children shocd be free to express t"ert‘t;el‘.et;. the, ll‘llESI .irso he ta;rg"t consideration ‘::r others. llien again. so f‘ltiillitt the'r parents.

A t'rean of time who is usuallg. rrr‘paned ".213; told we t‘ll nuriterous occisro is of people ttittzng or ri‘a‘ning ail- ttm audible complaints about he: v.'.e|l I)t?It£i‘.t?(I guide dog lie'r‘g .n .‘ot't'ee shops '.'.:th her. ‘.'.'ould that people were so .'.‘Ilillt) to cari‘plair‘ about the :nriim‘eiahle ba;i|\, berated (“‘iitlteit arlo'.'.'ed to 'un rzot and sixirl the atteinoohs of myself and thousands of othersl Jonathan Robert Muirhead


Re: Mum‘s the word (463) Jan Mc‘laggar't. Good point '.'.elr ii‘ade, Mi. apologies for suggesting you had gmen up certain rights. That 6.1153100 mach.

Martha Sim-art. hon-.exm. \ou 'r‘isseri Z'ie point. M5. gripe is r‘ot with children. l'xe been looking after the: for 18 i, ears and loxe the little bastards. haze e\.en taken them iIIiO

2 THE LIST .‘ ' .'.'.a' fat"


React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 62 3.10

or email

offer,- ""r,' ".3’ '. .“Wr’ .'f)rf;r‘ :a'e'ts a'v: ,a'-'-'s l‘linC' ;,r’,'t;le"‘s tli A 'liiit: stLafra a.'.air;ness ices a org

B. 1hr.- .'.a,. it‘a'i-xs ‘cr 'i‘ehtior‘rr‘g n‘xy Y‘Etll‘é: Ne tiri‘es :n t,<;ur’ setter. thunn' sorneone has a lzttie crusl‘

Are ,ou the Ivlartha Ste‘.'.'art. US daytime IV t'anwly s'nox'.’ presenter and I‘.(}lY‘(:.’l‘£II’x(3l rr‘err:hantIrsing-n‘agnate .'.'ho ‘.'.'as recently sued ‘cr fraud and insider trading?

Sandy Nelson

SCHOOL’S OUT Pupils' anti-war protest Tony Blair can easily ignore a llt}'.'.'f; reporter sayrng 'people all over the '.'.'or!d protested today but he cannot ignore tens of thousands of children walking straight out of school past pleading teachers x'ritliout permission and marching to a protest.

Anti-war protesters in France .2; one thing. but angry teenagers all over the UK clashing wrth police. smashing through barricades and blocking off all the roads cannot be ignored. For us, it's ‘.’l(2I()l‘,/ or death.

Tony Blair thinks that teenagers are not Interested in politics and accused Tommy Sheridan of manipulating school children who are not interested in politics to miss school. Being 1:3 ny'selt I would disagree with Tony Blair as it appears he has never been 1:3 in his lite tor is most likely too old to rememberi.

The day of the protest at the

Mound in Edinburgh the police.

unable to stop children. decided to block everyone off and began getting yrolent. Two 't‘ll‘tlIOS later we had smashed through their 30-ll‘8lt-SIFOIIQ barricade and my iFIC‘IIfI had to punch one who had raised his police baton. Polrc , were seen pulling girls" hair and knocking people to the ground. even picking fights with IOUIIIEIIISIS.

After. we all broke through their barricade rl was fifth to get thrOughi. EYOWOHC

r - : .r'. ‘9»..- :.~;.en in; ~ 1" I’M v and The act“ -' .ef: ";r'ied to s afte' (ix 5/} w it: ai" tr‘cse f'nertdt, tnctectc's cf‘the an pczice eat there you rearr, (IltI a good ,oi; of losing a fight against l‘.l‘(,‘ st: tool children.

A rattle rr‘essage fron‘ me. ion): ‘You're too old. Let go. It's cuer.’ This isn't the IBOUs a'iyiiiore.

‘G’ (aged 15)

‘."'(I (3/7 781/

Ah, 'G'. If only you '.'.’ererr't so young. the Sci could have

b 30/7 you s. Actual/y. i were a.’ the protest as well and it's orth adding how r(~)riiarl<a.‘)/y good natured both the police and the protesters were.



1 am wrrtrng to you in order to highlight the plight of the long finch. As some of your older readers may recall, the springtime was once the season rn wnrch these beautiful


Adverts versus health

healthy Paul O’Donohue Via email

r'eriion in the top.

Does rt get up anyone's nose that we have all the ‘eat healthy etc ads from the Scottish EXOCLrtrye? What a waste of honey. particularly wrth n‘y grievance: where can you buy trurt on the streets of City centre Glasgow?

People Wlih limited income are not going to go to M88 to buy 12 grapes for 50p Or a peeled apple and all that nonsense. Rather than spending money wrth SMG. can we have barra boys in the pedestrian preCrncts to sell are a granny Smith?

Oh. and I'd also like a case of Sol. because I'm not that

That's JOOC} enough reason for us, Paul. A case of So/ is heading your way. Perhaps yOu coo/d drink rt With a shoe (

t ":5 ;.<:t)..atet: "ear , rue". we“ in the t;f;t;lt‘.

". ar‘d T"-er ttflflt‘n‘I brawn ;;.t.n‘age and brgnt to; -t.‘ cc ia' .'.a:3‘.'1.I, a sight ‘...‘ I.‘(‘rll<)itI. especially (tiftt.l‘33(?'..!11".I(‘, 'itentron their ceautrtur scng and predorr‘rnaten then atn‘rty to *.'.hrstle sori‘e ol t"t2 .'.or (if; greatest U‘Gk cents at ra'itior".

I'agitialq. The ".a.i"t:e.':; 27' these popular garzieit birds has suffered dranniticallg, .l‘ recent years wrtl: tlie i‘trodt.ctron of chen‘ical based insecticdes. firework displays and the rise til IOX numbers. There are thought to be around 70 to 8t) nesting pairs left in southern Scotland, which is abnorrr‘al due to the fact that ftart don't normally lay eggs.

Help attract these once ")‘.(:(I birds back to yOur garden by building nesting boxes high out of the way of trains. worms and insects.

Mr Ferry Stockbrrdge Edinburgh




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