Nightmares on Wax have never been quite as dark as their name suggests, and last year‘s melodic and entertaining Mind Elevation is a case in point. From the irresistible funk of ‘Date with Destiny' to the cheerful nostalgia of recent single "/05 805’, it's a record infused with the optimism of early summer. Now mainman George Evelyn is keen to get back into the live arena. “We can‘t wait to get back out there,’ he says. ‘lt's been four months [since the last tour] and we're got that glint in our eyes again.‘

The current live set-up features an eight-piece band, including singers Chyna B and Sara Garvey. Support, meanwhile, comes from excellent hip hop funk act J-Walk. Since the new songs had their last live outing in the autumn, Evelyn has been mixing old tracks, writing new ones and planning his installment in the popular Another Late Night series. And he insists creating a chill-out record is far from his mind. ‘l've never attached myself to a trend,‘ he says, ‘We got called trip hop at first so I’ve got used to it. I think of myself as being Nightmares on Wax. You’ve got to do your own thing, to be self- indulgent, believe in what you do and

"II-7'1 l‘ I,

see where that takes you. And people like it if they like it.’

Evelyn was known for some years as a man partial to a spot of the herb, and while he claims to have cut down substantially, he’s happy to discuss his role in the High Times Cannabis Cup. ‘There were faxes flying about and they were talking about sending a load of stuff over through a mule,‘ he explains. ‘My agent was, like: “We can't be doing this," so I ended up

Still the smoker‘s delight

only getting involved in the semi- finals. It‘s a strange idea - how can you tell which spliff is best when you‘re still mashed off the last one? But the judges actually smoke it over a series of months and make notes and work it out like that. I ended up DJing at the event with the guys from De La Soul and there’s all these fucked people just looking at you like you're the weirdest thing they‘ve ever seen.’ (James Smart)


Can’t-Dance Chris Holy Casablancas. I love thrs garage rock movement!

Trendy Tim That :5 so January! Drd yOu not know that everyone rs gettrng down on the dancetloor to funk-tilled punk these days?

C-DC Beats and modern punk together? Never . . .

1T Au contraire my out-ofdate mate; Take big-hatred. NY four-prece the Rapture. a perfect combrnatron of throbblng bass. deranged vocals and mm beats. Therr first two releases. One and “House of JeaI0us Lovers'. were snapped up by more lovers and underground dance tans alrke. and therr first LP House of Jealous Lovers rs out In June and set to be one of the releases of the year.

C-DC But where drd thrs lot come from? Probably just the usual one Srngle. Vrnes-esque hype . . .

11' Wrong agarn! They formed rn 1998 from the ashes of Gary Numan Iovrng electro-rockers the CalculatOrs. then relocated to New York where they Irved under the erlramsburg brrdge In a graftrtr encrusted van. Homeless. Into PIL and early Cure. they started Irstenrng to No Wavers Irke the Contortrons and Gang of Four. In other words they've been pertectrng lhelr spasms of unruly drsco rock for years.

C-DC Ok. I get rt. 80 they spend hours creatrng tracks for vrnyl Iunkres to play In Clubs to the tashronrsta camouflage crew? TT Nope. The Rapture are as devastatrng Irve as they are on record. People are already harlrng then‘. as the best Irve band of 2003 wrth tense and drSJomted performances; a hystencal mess of FugazI gurtars. saxophOnes. cowbells. headbands and a much talked about Gary Glrtter cover.

C-DC SOundS terntyzng, but thrnk Irke rt . (Camrlla Prat

I The Rapture p/ay Opt/mo. Sub Club. G/asgow, Sun 6 Apr.


42 THE LIST 2? Mar—IO Apr 2003


B SCOTTISH ENSEMBLE Marryat Hall. Dundee, Thu 10 Apr; Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow Fri 11 Apr; Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 12 Apr

The moment had to come. After a record ten years. .: BT's trtle No longer hanging on the telephone spensorsl‘rp IS reachrng Its close :‘or the BT 81:02:53". Ewe-'11; e I" celebration of the foal mote" senes to." .."<:e' the group takes; to the road in a sweater taVOurrte guest solosts John \.'/a‘la<;e o" tamper av: ;: Rahman on pl'dl‘O. Tne tour aso rl‘éI'KE; ,ears. W: group for their art strc mector. '.w:;'l"I5;'. C 969/}. wanted to make thrs p'ogranwr‘e a r'ea r:e-::-':;'a°..<."f 8"" explains. ‘Ten years :5; a or: o‘ a '.‘./£i°.(:"53"(:f2, s'; 1': a rea ,. nrce tune to look IDZICK‘.‘.’EI" ls a"<: fo"‘.'.'a"::ssf I" '."e after categony Is the premrere :>‘ a sorry" 55; 5;" t"e distlngurshed Russza". Ruooz‘ Bars'ta. "at; '.","e<;°_";;'.e': Ravei's F major Sir/mg Quartet (i33t;(3’3.£‘x ‘0' W.- e ‘I've always hat: t'ie ‘ee "g; t"::t '.".<: Ra.e O..:r".‘ef '2 work IDC'ediKN‘, '.'.’(3I|' says Gut-ft, 'I ‘e'. a :2“. r ,. . there was a 0:9 hOIC rr‘ t"e '(El;(3".f:%'(3 i care '3, ImpreSSIOmstrc muse ‘o' sf'rrg ense'vz, e. ‘.'.e is..:;:;es;1e’: '. to Barshar ar‘o the let: "e agg'ee'L' Baréra. now Iwes I.” S‘s/.tze'iand. s; we:- -<":; as; a" 6"."2‘1"_T;-’;’ ' partrc-urar tne must: 0‘ S"<>stakt;'. C" a'”: "(we '."-’ ' ' to grve a Sr‘O’t talk pro to Er: {,r':"7,"' .' .,_ 'We're recordrng t.' says (33.. (r. and. '3; :;e "?,"~’;_<;f. Ike never be In {reader 3‘ a Turnrng to t'te past. 2"‘e E"Sse"‘:; e l; commrsson. Jo'in Tears ::"' - _, was a pzece Create/.1 fo' saw; (3’... '1. ‘z:":: .-f: :, gag/1 ' a lot. but "of so 'r‘...o" r‘ Scot a"<:. It's a (,1 3‘ a ’25: ' And the Shostako'. InCredrbIe rorhp. Tne soc are ‘a'itast '; a”: '."€‘:‘."; when the party rear, Gets at; Cart: Ma"

T'ie BI '\a"‘-z-,



1 The music is innocent Aw: m . A t"‘.r'.:~ar: new travel

' [T' .22-1 N.I.I. \‘n:

a :.:'7::,'. H ‘t‘e'

'wx.) f'x-z :I: "um t'w a c..:;;t°.. ":.: '\ 11v: .I'K) drug; iv AW: 'f’w: v. \ "Ex" 'l U ‘i y :1 (I "ll"{}' ' K' '. '

agtarm trut- mar f" Int; Pa'ar‘o-rl.‘ I.«'Ia.t;t-. (3a 1‘. .2 :‘o'tczrle'i’xa I «:33; '2 .: er in» Irma" (:a" '<:‘.'(:"t:e'at-:: at) t'w: ’II'lrf. 2 They‘re a one-man band I et':; :;e'. ft‘::; Silkl'il'l'. M..’f;-".':’)Illl‘. stroplted off. Darlrl, (3's been '(l!f;:l‘.t;."153l\’r(l.:;<;H.)l)("1[)t? Naya 0' made the ~.'.r'\<;?e c.‘ 'fif’rf/r ."./.l.'*:,‘r);'.’ o" W; ()*.'.'l‘.. I"(: r: l’li; agarns! a Snead ()‘(thlr‘or {guest spot are astronovr::<:a:. and In I) hasn't been usrnn sa'rrpless, Presumably; inert. We'll have a ukulen‘; and a (truth on Mrs; hack watt: a strut; on ;?

he's; roped Daddy (3 hack .u" for a

other .'.’If;i:.

Show {Hal's been gettrrto lure Vex/mus; on. Its; Aliill)f;(li§£:'- leg

3 There‘s a root on the Academy Remember the Attack"; IIIP slot a ION years hack“? Urban paranora doesn't (to net: mtz‘. Sunday a‘te'rtrxy‘. sunsnznef Far better re the dark. .-.'nere you can almost chew the ganIa reek. Except you wen", because there':i he sec-only on the door. Oi')'>./rousl,.

4 They don‘t want to be called Massive again No war In Iraq. Cionrng rs pad oer/:5. so stop :t. Along wrath Prrn‘al Scream, Masswe Attack are the txggest hand 4‘ Brrtarrt to actually he ‘52:,”r'lfl sortteti'wg genuinely Constructwe. Expect .‘r; x .vtt‘n pet tror‘s; at fine

5 They‘re an Albarn-free zone Look at lvlasswe Attacks esteevr‘efl Irst of collaborators: Lr/ Fraser. Tracey Thorn, Ho'ar;e Arr/J“ . Snead O'Connor. Tricky . fi-D rnrght agree w'toletrea’tediy mth ham Or‘. the Important sssuer 'Irke war an' s out tl'tere's no place for a chrrpy. cheeky eockney geezer on the Attacks apocalyptc bong/On. Saying that. though, does anyone knrm the number of Graham axons manager?

I Mass/we Attack p/ay the Car/mg Academy. Glasgow. Tue 8 8

Wed 9 Apr.