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AIM Liquid Room, Edinburgh. Wed 12 Mar 0...

Eclectic dance types are buzzing over Aim, the project headed up by Barrow-ln-Furness‘ Andy Turner, but - with ten other punters shoring up the sound on stage - it's hard to see what exactly there is to stop him going down the road of jazz-funk muso tedium.

It may have been a very real danger, were it not for the rabble- rousing skills of singer Niko and MC Spikey T. Spikey’s a bouncy


enough bloke as it is (although Aim’s take on hip hop is more style-bar glossy than ghetto-authentic), but Niko's an infectious presence, keeping the dance going even when she’s not on the mic and finally being rewarded with a pop at

her own ‘You’re My Favourite Music‘.

Although proceedings are more laid-back at the start. Aim eventually claimed a deserved place at the classier end of the Saturday night market with tunes like ‘Journey to the End of the Night' and ‘Slow Dive'. At this rate, folk'll be calling them the new Groove Armada before long. (David Pollock)


Thee Underworld@Bannermans. Edinburgh, Thu 6 Mar 0....

‘A hundred words?" How to describe

. anv hand in so few words? Emo'? No. Emotive? Certainly. Lyrics which evoke flashes of past loves. of days long gone: 'Sepia tone screen kisses ,All of this for show'. Hardcore? Make no mistake. Won Mississippi rock.



Formidahly aggressive one moment. a chorus to kill for the next. twm vocals that scarcer need mics in Bannermans' small cellar. Visceral? lntense'? ‘lireehand Circles” has the rage of early Wire; ‘Avoid Cameras' unexpectedly shudders into walt/ pace halfway through. Diverse? Even 500 words wouldn't capture the soul of Won Mississippi. In short. best experience them for yourself. Go hear. Now. (Stuart McHuqh)

Ticketsanmmfirom: mm “M


THROWING MUSES QMU. Glasgow. Sun 23 Mar 0..

'l'NSltdSUQC"auxin. 1‘5".l.. .i 'eat. '<:.<:‘. triu' St‘r‘fitril Kr six" l-lw's" quanta. and .'.r: al' saintlered em rirt" .'.iri(l(‘n.'.' no! arr left nut A: 'rqht. so Throan Muses ne'er'i". ' y'. qrrl at al!, as Hersh the sandsnrter 3.11:: ()l)‘.li‘rtlt3l‘, someone who, '.'.a:; ‘a"‘ air ‘.'.lill the concepts o‘ i§tll".lt".“. a'tgi tunefulness.

Still. this first proper lt:(f(‘l“.t"l‘frt‘,l‘ :9 the hand since 19:36 with Hersh

l ()l K PUNK

JONATHAN RICHMAN Liquid Rooms. Edinburgh. Tue 18 Mar .0...

While l oi; Reed was -‘l:>u.".(1t?'.l‘g; around in he late 705; and ears. E3113; t‘.-.r.i::»'x_; «nous and ripping; fne heart out .t‘ true". musical genre he t’iouqltt i'. f.t to 'xr‘ufl'i. 'iis quirk; amat ‘Llllfil‘ p'oteqee Jonathan Richman was er‘thrall'rwg; international campus audiences; arount the .‘rorld ‘.'.’llll his off heat (lllll(l‘f3 ahout

the mundanities of US suhurhia. And now, 2i;

Still in love(r)

(Alli i‘ftlrii /' 'il'Wiiiil'liii"? "'J“.

post-Something About Dirt/3,, pre war and ne oaks; as “("9" at; 1 2m . in. goatee is greyinq how, out there can he latte dorm: that tn-s .it: mix: 3.

somehow holds the keg. to eternal youth.

There's no messmg about. Ricnman (Z()lll(‘:?3 o". ~.-.ith his muzt taiente: drummer keyboardist, l)(?l(§llf$$l()l‘l8l and the; get straruht don-.n to it ll‘v ':'a:;:;i:‘:, 'My Love is a Flower That is \‘i’aitinq to Bloom'. 'Pahro Picasso and ‘(i'itve'ix i' merge wrth newer numbers. some sung in Italian. Spanisn and l rent“ :r:«>..r:trr::; where his folIoWinq borders on the homicidal. lle dances. tit? lauqits and that amazing veice plessedly melts our fetid. diseased hearts. Paul Dale

Tickets W: Mary M


I Henry Rollins l’a\ illion. (ilaxgim. ll Apr.

I Glassjaw Burro“ land. (ilaxgon. ll Apr.

I Public Enemy ('arling Acadcm}. (il;i\gim. l-l Apr.

I The Buzzcocks ()Nll'. (ilaxgim. l5 Apr.

I Stephen Malkmus QMt'. (ilaxgim, lb Apr.

I Aqualung Liquid Room. Edinburgh. lfi Apr: QMl'. (ilaxgim. l7 Apr.

I Kelly Rowland (lute Auditorium. (ilaxgou. 3” Apr. I Tom Jones Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgim. 33 Apr.

I The Dead Kennedys Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 33 Apr; (iaragc. (ilaxgim. 34 Apr. (‘.-\f\'(‘El.LEl).

I Laura Cantrell Quccn'x Hall. Edinburgh. 33 Apr.

I The Handsome Family chl'rcu Ecrr)‘. (ilasgim. 33 Apr. I The Sisters of Mercy Barre“ land. (ilasgim. 34 Apr. I Melanie C ('arling

.-\cadcm). (ilaxgou. 35 Apr.


to Glasgow

44 THE LIST '37 Mar—10 Apr 2003

I Lou Donaldson and Mathew Herbert 'l‘ranm a). (ilaxgim. 35 Apr; Liquid Room. 36 Apr.

I Marlena Shaw Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 35 Apr;

chl'rcu Ecrr). (ilaxgim. 37 Apr.

I The Wildhearts and Amen Barron land. (ilmgou. 35 Apr.

I The Vines Barron land. (ilthgim. 36 Apr.

I The Folk Implosion ('(‘A. (ilaxgim. 36 Apr; \‘cnuc. Edinburgh. 37 Apr.

I Laurie Anderson Trauma). (ilaxgim. 36 Apr.

I Grace Jones and Sly 8. Robbie (‘orn Exchangc. 36 Apr: Barrim land. (ilaxgim. 37 Apr.

I Beck l'xhcr Hall. Edinburgh.

3‘) Apr. I Fat Tour lcat Mad

Caddies Barron land. (ilaxgmx.

3‘) Apr.

I Death in Vegas

Barron land. (ilaxgim. 30 Apr. I The Coral Barron land. 3

K .1 4.


I All About Eve Liquid Room. (ilaxgou, 3 Ma).

I Calexico (il'l'. Glasgow. 3 Ma}.

I Darius (‘lydc Auditorium. (ilaxgim. 3 & 3 Ma)". Playhouse. Edinburgh. 4 Ha}. I Lamb QMI'. (ilasgou, 4 Ma).

* Smog (‘niiicr 'l‘hcuirc. (ilaxgou. 4 May; V'cnuc. Edinburgh. (1 May.

I Electric Six Liquid Room. Edinburgh. (i Ma}; ()Ml'. (ilaxgim‘. 7 Ma).

* The Damned (‘arling Acadcm}. (ilasgim, (3 Ma}; Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 9 Ma}.

I Evan Dando (il'l'. (ilaxgim, 7 Ma}.

I Less than Jake Barrimland. Edinburgh. 7 Ma}. I The Delgados Liquid Room. Edinburgh. ll Ha).

I Moloko (‘arling Acadcm}. (ilasgim. ll May.

I Cooper Temple

Clause ()Ml'. (iluxgim, l3 Ma):

I Erasure l’l;t}lii)ll\c. Edinburgh lo Ma).

I Stephen Malkmus QMl'. (ilaxgou. lb Ma}.

I The Dirty Three King Tut's. (ilaxgou. lb Ma}.

I The Dandy Warhols (‘arling .»\cadcm_\. (ilihgtfik, I7 Ma}.

I Queens of the Stone Age Burro“ land. (ilaxgim. IX S()Ll) ()l'l ck 1‘) Ma).

I Mogwai ()uccn‘s llall. Edinburgh. l‘) Ma}.

. Radiohead (itlrll Exchange. Edinburgh. 3] .\la_\ S()Ll) ()l‘T.

I Fingathing Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 3| Ma).

I Monsters of Rock SE(’('. (ilasgou, 33 Ma}.

I Busted ('l_\dc Auditorium. (ilaxgim. 35 Ma).

I Less than Jake Barrimland. (ilaxgou. 37 Ma). S()Ll) ()l'T

I Goldfrapp ()Ml'.

(ilaxgim. 3\’ Ma}.

I Fishbone (iai‘agi'. (ilaxgmi. 3‘) Ma}.

* Marilyn Manson liraclicad Arcna. (ilasgim. 3 Jun.

* Deftones lirachcad Arena. (ilaxgim. 3 Jun.

I Shirley Bassey SH '( '. (ilzixgim, 7 Jill].

I Joe Jackson ()uccn'x Hall. ll) Jun.

I Jimmy Cliff Liquid Room. Edinburgh. l7 Jun S()l.l) ()l'l I Bon Jovi lbrux Stadium. (ilaxgim. 33 Jun.

I Deep Purple and Lynryd Skynyrd Sl;('('. (ilasgou. 35 Jun.

I Yes l’la_\ huuxc. Edinburgh. (i

Jul. I T in the Park Balado, I3 (& L“ JUL

I Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and PJ Harvey (ilaxgim (irccn. 34 Aug.

I Dixie Chicks ('l}dc

Auitorium. (ilaxgim. l3 Sup.