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The pagan fire festival has sparked an unholy row

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Festrval blames councrl for cancelled Calton Hrll rrtual. Words: Ruth Hedges and Lisa Kudmw am

lttflk‘lltllltrll!(?l(:f§ll‘.£tllltlf}t)(?(?ll<i;l!lti(f|l(?(l31830;”fltlt: lrarrcetor llottr‘.‘ar‘.a,_ hat ’he‘. .-.;>'r'f‘;rr't"”:rw:. '. wur r f'r-- to costar rnan to a ‘t;ahotaorrro' h\ l drnhuroh ()rty (Iounm. t;aj. tef;lr‘.;r‘ ‘or'ar <:<>r"rr‘lrrrrt\,.' rndependent comedy ()ltlélllITEOlf} lhe :: tats rncurred rn Slétgllttt the exert: haze l3+-';rttt)rtE;_ .'.'.'rrr‘,h haze 'h the trawl tweer‘. ‘attie 'r r' 'w» t called Hap/N ['ll(/Ill_()f;, rrsen drarr‘atrcall‘, and the Beltane l rre Secret, has; l>lart‘ 3d the ear':er tt‘rt; ,ear l're Hwtarre l "t: f‘w r-f. "a': :wur‘ "a "r; .'..‘.'~ whrch rnvolvef; three councrl tor retussrnd to proxrde an‘, krnd ot tandrno. artt; ;1e‘.(:i(>prrtertt «’>t‘rr:r-r f"r‘<).'.'rrl<t a r- r:"""r""la‘,' ': f rrrter'twrnrno SIOH‘ES and the mung; costs; are attrrltuted not only to the rllrtreat;"‘d rxrrr‘lter (Learwni'or (lardo.'.'nre. lrirtr-ther the, "at: llt“."rf :r,»~r .r ten characters. Paltrow of textural doert; peamng; at l-i.()(7(} hut alf;o to the r"; t;:;:‘.e liliffhii'lilttllfll‘.Ii)(l'f;(i1;f§f; .'.‘rtl\ lrrdrr .4; 11,|_,'.'l(‘rl|r\'f, 7" r~::}. .zt-rr- plays; a woman rnesmng r'rtse rn prrce for lltSll'rttg] the event. " he cosh; hare awaited] t;a :l startr‘a to .£>()l\ more l)l(>"‘.f1:".(_; tr>r it” rig-Ts; t‘r.'. trrr‘ 15 ahout wrth a lather and Helen Moore, charr at the Beltane l rre Socrett. 'lt‘at's; ‘r:eer‘ :‘rut'xgr-d .rr earl, \lartuar‘, ".'.e ant ‘.'t1f»extra'irilrrta'. wttr” 'rr;.'" hrs; son whrle Kudrow't; largely ahout ut; rrteetr'rg; the l)ttl)rl(‘ heath and safety, 'rlerrre". (lord’s), :lr'erttor o‘ rttr tare anrr' .emrrm r'nrfw“ ; a then- character rs; herno redurrerrrents; and also the :;.te clean Hp cotsts. out It's; arao alxxr :tra 'r‘a at::;ut our putrlrc :;a°’r:‘., '(tr11>"l{t"(l th .a' wrx hlackrnarled over the the use of huhlrc lrahrlrt‘, :nsurance." atmat ~01." true ot tl‘e rzri:.' 3a rr Moore. ‘lhr: extrawr'v'ur", f" H; hahy She gave up for last year those coats; :re S‘I/Tllilll. llllf; gear the quote .'.'at; about thrt; etter .'.'as; The. had at r‘:; trrr‘e U"‘Ll.‘r'.t"’} The" man adoptron 20 years; $31300. Srnrrlarly the fSlt)‘.‘.’£ll'(llll(_) Irrs;er';rrr<:e pren‘rurrr has; pl.r>!'<: :;afef, :lepartrr‘e'tf. E3: The letter .wau He: t" r-r'r 'rw prevrously . . . UNKLE rr‘ultrplred. lhrs; has; a lot to do ‘.'.'rtn the post tt Septerr‘her (‘1)l‘zférrl‘f; ll<:'l)ert (lotrttf; cue-rt alleglrxl to ham r‘arr 'wr, "I are plannrng to clrrrtate whrch hat; rrrade rrmurerts nerwous; anor.t ar“,tr‘.rng; 1m,- pwizrte 'r;_.t .-.r~.<;rr .24; fslltmt: to the r,r;!~':r:. the ’:'r‘.-t-‘ showcase another hatch

rnvolvrno naked trarrre. for a voluntary noh %;:.r)e':r~.:<.-rrder‘t fSélir’l' "l ham a'. on far» r:.~':r of top guest musrcranss

‘It! " t profrt rrrakrng ()rgtartrt;(tlr()rt. Beltane would S 5;;1';»\r:r1 to the on a new alhum due out have heen hard premed to meet total coats; 7.20; days atte' t'w letter arr .r’tl}. Mar/r,- later thrs; year. Frontrrran

that would pr‘ohal)lv haxe rrszen fr'orr‘ auteur-d a li'l’lli‘: liar "' t'w: James Lavelle hopes

’t I'k h t S‘t~1,t)()() to $16,000. I e w a dexrarorn'wrrt (:t't'rrtw trzr- : twer‘ to welcome ex—Stone

- VI. Moore helrevet; that the councrl refused to f'r. ‘r .'.;r:; T’w: tr‘a‘. u'w- r: ."a: "fit! .r '. Roses lads Ian help on polrtrcal grounds; Bet ()ouncrllor b t, "’;'r‘ 'rterl;-':rt ( v'. ,r .'.n'r'r‘jr .'.=T." Brown artd Mani IHIO Steve Car'downre. exectrtrxe rr‘ernher tor a 5‘ tr ‘. "l‘ "',t‘.’r '~ 5 -':><'.'r""-':5 "‘ r°_. the fold Wlllt further

culture amd lerzzure. tlenres; thr:;, r:..'. :arr't T'v\ t" ,:::, 'r celeh muses; to he

’Certarnh there was; no polrtr<:ai hras; agamst the Belt; ne.‘ 're r"r‘ .r“ r:;.' 'rat; heen ut‘at: 4.- '.:, «Leak ‘3 Her: ,r-r‘ ’2’ .°_°.‘,. r, .‘_ announced. . . The last

Sttrtl. ‘lhere were concerns that there were some a:;r:e<tts; rt the (lar;ltt.-.r‘.re :ltt'fl "-5: .-.a:; t;ar;,r.€,e: 'r ‘;";l mfg: t'e person you'd expect to fesstrvar that had to he curtarled. And ouhlrc aa‘etx rt; e" paramount lit-drum " rt-gtarrrrru; ller'rrer‘. O: .fts; te:'~.":; the :rrf‘, :r:.'-'-rr,./"‘er‘.°, frontlng an ArrrerrCan

rntpor‘tance. So desprte the fact th; I we thrnk :t':; a t'arttast t: H“ :‘e' 1:; :ieasw J'klt‘l) the He’taW:,' "e um "r lure? at datrng game realrty

lestrxal. we have a dut‘, to ensure that partzc'har‘ts; of the tet;tr‘.;r told rr‘r: that the porrtr: "a:l 'rr: 'wtgerirw'“) f't "r.- ‘ent .a Show IS Monica

are adequately covered rlt terrt‘s; at tsaleh.’ N; ft‘t- derratr: ::rrf,':r.»: 1., raar: -:.~’:'r ""r: ‘r'w, Lewinsky. But there But lhrt; rsssue IS a ll‘lll'K\ one. Helen Moore rs ce'txrr‘riet: that tar t::" 'rérii .):> not It .-.r:u!<: he a art-at are" ~2- 7" «raw: she r8 hostrng Mr

there rs prejudrce agarnst therr‘ among; the courtcrl. ‘It‘:; ,ust .e". re the em rrf ar‘ z;~‘.(:'tt rm: tome-sand: ‘rw rm " ".'.ar’t', Persona/My rn whrch men Clear that the\, don't llkO -.'.hat Beltane rs ahout] SN? sard, "They arx: e'trw, eafl" ,ear. ‘l'1'1r,etr‘at .'.o': ’1 "Wit-3" rely 0” the" W“

fart to see rts authmtroty. as a testrwal ot the people. tor the ;:r:;;‘.r:::;,<:'r The Bré'tar‘e fr, see .‘.";r‘. r»:- ':« W.- guessed rt. personalrtres people rn the :sarrre wat that all these arr‘axrrrg; festr‘.als; areernl hex: .earf 3a :1 Car'rr,~.-.'n:e r‘ a (5:; rt ,‘ 'er: l'frf 'l‘ .'.e to get the lacy 0f their the world lrlxe the Rro carrtrxal Or the Venrce car‘' he r: The tarre out .-.-t‘r1t"e'r “"ar‘r:a 71 "I t , 0‘ dreams. We may see it

She contrnued: ‘These are all testnars that hate local peeple ESOLTLllrlltl a drar‘t tr‘err rd l‘e :ttrrte ."a: f4 9 ‘_ T'V‘t over here NQXI year. ll

tak'ng “an Ed'rthursrlt CC'U'W: ‘3!“ SPWW llllltll'OitS at thousands: To find out rr‘cre about Be‘far‘e wart .'.,r»’: fa'V" .' ,2 I' "fa/f we‘re really. really lucky. of pounds to hrrng rn. adnrrttedl‘, arr‘axrng. per‘tcrrr‘ers trarr‘ t'te _l'thil“‘3ttTlL)," t7, rare: at E;’i'r{jr’:<-‘{Mrrftlll‘t

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