‘) l'ntyerxity Ayenue. 330 5522 Promised Land: Thu 27 Sat 2‘) Mar. 7.30pm. £612.35“). (ilaxgoyy -ba\etl theatre company l’llSli Bar to ()pen prexentx a ehallenging new work that prtihcx the lil\l(ir} ot liuropean tnteryentron tn the Mttldle liaxt.

At your Cervix Tue 1 Thu 3 Apr. Rpm U) £8. Mothers l'nleashed takes you on a comic Journey through pregnaney. ehildbrrth and parenthood.

Cuangle Wangle in 4 d.- Sat 5 Apr. See Kids listing»


297 Bath Street. 2-“) l l l I. Ill. \\‘(’. \VAI Mack and Mabel Tue l Sat 5 Apr. 7,3(lpm (Sat mat 2.30pm). L'lll U4. The l.yrte ('lub returns to the King‘x \tage with the tender arid atttuxing tale of the bitter- meet loy‘e ai‘l'air betyyeen .\laek Sennett and tlte lteroirte ol‘ lilS ttttn lCS. Mabel Normand.

Hello Dolly Mon 7 Sat l2 Apr. 7.30pm (Sat rrtat 2.30pm). £6 £17. New York. iii the late Nth century. and a union ed matchmaker makex a play. or rather a muxteal. tor a well lteeled grain tnerehant. lixtrayagant \ets. epie tttltxtettl numbers make this fun viewing eourtexy ot The Apollo Players.


() (irany‘ille Street. 0845 Ht) 350]. Ill. 'l'l‘. WC. WA]

The Wiz l'ntil Thu 27 Mar. 7.30pm. Follow the yellow briek road itt tlte company of the pupils of Storm Stage School.

Great Expectations the Musical Wed 2 Sat 5 Apr. See Kids ltSlitth.

PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. 887 [010. Ill. WC. WA] Oscar and the Deep Sea Pearl Sat

2‘) Mar. See Kids listing»

Word for Word Tue l Apr. 7.30pm. 9.7

(£3.50). Magnetic North presentx the

listings Theatre

harrourng \tory ot a “01mm on her deathbed. and the man ehat‘getl u ttlt reeordrng her ltte tale\. in a play by .l\\tlrtl- \Hliiililg \yrtter l.tntla .\lel.ean See rexteu The Little Lost Dragon Sat 5 .»\pr

See Kttlx ltxttttgx.

working with young people Seeking axylum tn the area l'xtng tttmement. muxte and the \pokett mud to look at [K‘tiplC'\ leelttlgS til belonging. \tk'lt‘l}. asylum \eekerx and retugeex

Glasgow Dance


2‘)" Batlt Street. 24“ l l l I Hi. \\'(‘. \\'.-\] Madame Butterfly t not Sat 2*) Mar. ".Rtlprn t\\'etl tk Sat mat 2 illpmt

Lb £22. l'.\ell lltoxe utth only the xkrmprext knowledge ot opera may be tatttrlrar \yrth l’ueetnt‘S tragte loy e \tot‘y betyyeen phrlander'tng .-\tnet' \atlttt' l’mkerton ttlitl tll-lttletl Japanexe \tt'ett (‘to-(‘to San. ller'e. \trr‘tltern Ballet pr'exentx l)a\id .\'t\on\ \peetaeulat' ballet wt to the mlth ot l’ueetnr'x elaxxte opera.


Abbey (.l()\L'~ 837 Illlll.

Derry Boat 'l‘ue H tk \VL'tl ‘) .-\pr ".Ktlprtt. £7t£351lt Very popular eometly based on the (iltng'Uu l)onegal eonneetton performed by l.tttle John .\'ee.

Country and Irish ‘t‘htt to Sat t3 .-\pr, 7.30pm. £7 (USN) Little John Nee pertorrnx this xenttmental look at ll‘l\lt eountry lite in a \tory baxed on lotttttt} l)ul'l'y. a l'arrrterk \on with a head tttll oi childhood tantaxiex.

Eider-:2 .

Wit Stellar Ournes present Margaret Edson's‘ tl‘.‘-'tiltl y'un'rtntt play about a cold aeaderrrtt: suffering from oyartan can-oer. Alexandra Mathre its stunning in the central role. See review Adam Smith firearm. Katya/tn, It; .28 Mar. then tour/rig.

Dancing at Lughnasa Brian Frtel's modern repertory classrt: of memory and desire in 30:; Ireland t8 shown to good advantage by the enserrrble (torrrpany at Dundee Rep. An auspicious start for new artistic director Dornrnrt; lllll. See


()8 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). ll’. \\'('. WA. \\'.»\:\l

Woody Allen Double Bill t'ttttl Sat 2‘) Mar. 7.30pm. £5 £3 t£25ll Ht. (int! and Heath are [\Hr \hort plti}\ trom the pen ol' eomie and lilmnraker Woody Allen.

Character Flaws Wed 9 Sat I2 Apr 7.30pm. £8 (Hi from 5-18 2558. Liquid 'l‘heatre ('ompany pertorrnx Jaye Walker'x neyy blaek eomedy about SIX t'riendx \yltt) debate the reality til lltett‘


282 Hope Street. 33: noon |tt. \\‘('. \\'.-\l

Swan Lake .\lon 3| .\lar' Sat 5 .v\pr 7.15pm; 'l'hu l..‘~()pm t& 7.15pm; Sat 2.l5pm tk 7.l5pm. £35“ £32. The\ran National Ballet (‘ompany trom Riga pr'exentx this beautitul maxterpteee about the doomed lm e of Prince Steglrted tor the beautiful ()tlette \y ho iy tranxtorntetl into a man by a wieketl yoreerer. t'eaturing 'l‘ehatkox yky '\

l‘y ' l; t' g '. ,. l U mm m‘ Mm revrew. Dundee Rep. urrtr/ Sat 0 TMMWAY Edinburgh Drama AW

25 Albert l)r'i\e. (ii-HS 330 350]. [l’. 'li'l‘. \\'(’. \VAI

Into the New l'ntil Hi 28 Mar. 'l‘hu 7pm; liri (rpm. Ur (Hi. Seyenteen next “'0ka by linal year RSAMI) \tudentx are showcased here.

If Only . . . tvltehe| l‘rer'rhlay's; biographical piece about hrs working Class mother rs sensmvely directed by Muriel Retrtanes. and features a stunning performance by Eileen MCCallttttt. See revrew. Roya/ Lyceum, Edinburgh, untr/ Sat 72 Apr.


Lady \y ell Way. Muxxelbur‘glr. (m5 22-10. ll’. ll. 'l"l'. \\'('. \VAI

Tally’s Blood l‘rt 2\' tk Sat 2‘) Mar. 7.30pm. 9.") (£5). Borderline arid the Byre 'l‘lteatre prexent thiS lilllei‘x“ eel Seotlislt- ltaliart l()\ e \tory l‘olloyy ing the ill-tatetl loye ai'lair between a young Italian girl arid her Scottish boyfriend. See review Happy Gang in a Fairytale FOI‘CST Sat 2‘) Matt See Kltl\ liSllttgx.


(r3 'l'rongate. 552 4267.

Breathing the Same Air Thu

27 Sat 2‘) Mar. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2pm). £3 (£2). littxl (ilttxgtm Youth 'l‘heatt’e ix

This grid includes theatre and

Thursday 3

Friday 4

Arches Festival

l Areth Festival l 1 See ('ometly Bash ; Bash :

More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Saturday 5 gratified. " y

My Son the l‘tlilhtillt'r

dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres.

Sunday a Monday 7 mesday a ' Wednesday 9 ' Thursday 10 H -- in i V i Bra/il/Ltiok at Me 1 see (‘rty l.tle . i

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tité’t:h¢htt.i&“”§ "ne't'sht‘c‘tt‘tt’hL-twé iht'tsitlrit‘tiylf" T“ " 'a‘t'tgtit‘tiitlyiti;caityi‘ftzitgtttearthyontyEuitghtcntmyhntyi cm Stafls GilmorehiliCiZ '- Mack and intact Mack and Mabel tttet'tnit‘t‘t‘tty‘ct" - i ' “titer-topoity ' ' itctiuotitty . 'ttcttt‘mat,’ i V Hctttttxttty- Klngls

(ireat lixtwetattonx (ireat l',\l\\l.illliil\ (iiCJl lzxpeetattom . . l Th

- - - - t y - y Paisley Arts

xee r-htt . See Ja/I . entrant-t t-tttyyy t‘hattaet r the flamshom "Kai. Lake $194.; at. Swanlgltc g I i"'sc'..-”t't;;;ta“t§op 'saaat‘a'pop' - SecCttlefc E Wfloyal ‘iiamway Sec Comedy Scc Comedy Scc Jazz. Scc Classical - Sec C lamical ' See (‘ldssieal Me and my (mt .\h- and my (itrl Mt- .ma my (itrl Me and my (itrl Brunton Wait until Dark l Watt until Dark Wait until Dark - - Smgin' in the Rain Singtn' tn the Rain Smgtn' tn the Ram st-t-t‘ i d Seeflaxxttal . 2‘ . Festlval Th III

tit hialfi . DiteheS-StTi: u r r Bord - Mum's the Word Mum's the Word Mum'x the Word . 5

Beauty and the rat-.m- Beauty and tire new Heattl) and the neat . Beauty and the tit-ta Beauty and the tit-ta Beauty and the tit-ta. Beauty and the tit-ta. Playhouse 2

lMMtr-otttyi. a W “ii-()nly-i. .7 tt'ontyid. 7 it ' ‘trontyr. .. i 7 H— i U tronty . it‘ottty li'()nly. “oval Lyceum a

St Bride’s I:

l5 Seconds _ .. _

in your Dreams 1 Traverse 2

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