The new Carling Academy‘s main competition - so we are told - is the Barrowland, seeing as both venues are now attracting live gigs of a certain size to Glasgow. But, as it‘s also playing host to some large-scale club nights, what of its impact on the city‘s late-night scene? And, more to the point, how does it feel to have your club christening the place?

‘We were in the market for something new,‘ says Simon Foy, Beat 106’s don of the dancefloor and one of the men behind Inside Out. ‘The Arches wanted us to move our Freefall night to the second Saturday of every month, which wasn‘t possible, because we’d sorted out guests. The Academy was being built, and we just thought it was the perfect opportunity to get involved with the only serioust credible big club to come to Glasgow since the Arches.‘

The result is the first of a series of irregular nights under the Inside Out moniker at the Academy and Foy is very excited about it. ‘We've got big plans for upcoming dates, but we‘ve already set ourselves a bit of a benchmark with this one,‘ he says explaining that


DJ Tiesto: no 1 DJ in the world?

the original Inside Out will continue at its spiritual home in the Arches every month while the Freefall name has been upgraded for use on special occasions only.

Appearing at the Academy alongside Foy and fellow Inside Out residents Alan Belshaw and Fraser Latta will be respected trancehead Guy Ornadel and legend-of- the-genre DJ Tiesto. ‘He’s the one everyone’s really getting hyped up about,‘ says Foy. ‘Or, at least, they‘re looking forward to seeing him play more than they’re looking forward to me . . .‘

Aside from enthusing about the Dutchman, who’s played everywhere from Gatecrasher to Amnesia and recently came in at no 1 in DJ Magazine‘s DJ poll, Foy can‘t wait to get behind the decks at Scotland’s latest venue. ‘The Arches has a pretty amazing atmosphere,’ he says, ‘but the Academy could give it a run for its money. It‘s a different sort of place, like an old theatre where you can see the DJ from anywhere in the building. The first time I went in it put a grin on my face just to imagine playing there.‘

As Foy points out, though, whether or not this is a gestating superclub will only become clear when you‘re out there soaking it up for yourself.

(David Pollock)

_ —. I Neil Templar represents Dogma

12 ms LIST 27 Mar— 10 Apr 200:;

DOGMA V UGLY FUNK Studio 24, Edinburgh, Fri 4 Apr

The electronic revrval contrnues. and rt's not IUSI trashrly glarrrorous electro that's gettrng the contemporary makeover. As Dogma and many other srmrlarly-therrred clubs on the scene are provrng. drrty great techno rs hack on the agenda.

The men from Ugly Funk (who guest at thrs month's Dogma) have therr own term for rt. though. as the outfits Mark

Hawkrns explarns: ‘Jerome [HIII ol Ugly

Funk. who wrll be DJrng] corned the term “wonky techno" when he made rt

a sectron rn hrs record shop rn London.

That haSrcally includes lots of hass- heavy stuff Irke Nen Landstrumm. Satrvae and yOur Scandinavran Stuff

thrngs Irke that.'

Along wrth Dognwa regulars Irke Nerl Templar and Nomad on the rr‘arn floor. and Hills deck-warming slot. Hawkins erI also he keeprng the Funk end up Wrth a Irve set of hrs own ‘I'm hased rn Nottrrrgham where the Club s.arted and everyone else has gone down to London.‘ he says. ‘so I'rr‘ a hrt less Involved wrth rt than I used to he. But I've heen dorng rny Ira/e set rn places lrke Germany and Australea for the last srx months and rt's gone down really well. so when Jerorr‘e gave me the (:all. l was well up for It. It's easy for n‘e. I can Just pack rr‘y gear rn a cOuple of suitcases and l'rr‘ offl' The DIY techno ethrc rn lull lloxr. then, no more than you WOuId expect. rDavrd Pollock

Word Up

The latest club news

COLOURS IS THE FIRST Scottish club to sign up to the World DJ Fund 2003. At Colours Edinburgh‘s 19 April date - with hot young bucks James Zabiela, Phil ‘Moon Face‘ Thompson and Circulation (live) all DJs will be requested to donate their fees and a percentage of the door will go to the fund which supports Nordoff- Robbins Music Therapy. Other Colours news: the full line-up for Coloursfest, 25 May, Braehead Arena, has been confirmed, and new additions include Futureshock, Mr C, Dave Angel, Lexicon Avenue, Cassius, Lee Burridge and Mint Royale. For full details of all five arenas check

Captain Alan Joy

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IF YOU FANCY TAKING A wee trip for your clubbing delights, Perth’s Rhumba Club hits the grand-old age of 12 on Friday 11 April. Based at the Ice Factory (01738 630011) its no-holds- barred love of hard house has seen it through the years and with a birthday line-up including Sander Klienenberg and Steve Lawler, here‘s to the next 12. AI AN JOY ANI) BRIAN Dempster are [)Izlltr‘rrm; to captar‘. another tr'p ahearrl the good slur, Mrrrgrn' Ion Lear/l "w,- Mard 0‘ the Forth, [(lr'murgr‘, r)". If May Irekets tor f're treat t'.;, w'll he Irmrted so get rrr the“: earl; as they are on sare Iror" the clutr rlsel‘ non.

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