Art listings

Collective Gallery continued

Billy McCall Sat 5 Apr Sun I I May. New work in the project room from Billy McCall.


4t Dundas Street. 557 456‘). Mon l‘ri l0.30ant--5.30pm; Sat l0.30am 5pm. Jenny Tufts lintil Wed 2 Apr. \‘ibrant floral watercolours by Jenny Tufts. James l-larrigan, Paul Webster and Tony Gillespie Sat 5 Apr wed 7 May. New paintings by James Harrigan. Paul Webster and Tony (iillespie incltidiiig landscapes and seascapes. NEW SHOW.


Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Sat l0am~5pnt; Sun noon 5pm.

The Jorig Schellmann Collection of Joseph Beuys Multiples t'ntit summer. A selection of the National (ialleries' recently acquired collection of Beuy's' multiples.


l | (iay'fteld Square. 558 7| 10. Wed Sat

1 lilill-(tplll.

Soft Sun Down lfntil Sat 2‘) Mar. A group show of work by Hanneliiie Visnes. Sally ()sborn. lilten ('antor arid Lucy Skaer. Visnes shows new drawings on paper: ('anton‘s drawing explore the sensual and erotic; ()sborn shows a series of watercolours on tissue paper and Skaer presents drawings created during her residency in Amsterdam. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


8 Ady'ocate's Close. 225 ()27l. [)aily

l l.30aiti--5.30pni (closed Wed).

The New Wave of Primitivism l)om is art arts project established in 1996 by a group of international artists working

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emblemafi i' uneasy mm tw . afij

in Scotland. With a constantly changing exhibition of artworks. the gallery houses sculpture. stained glass and paintings by artists who practise primitiye art.


(ia l)undas Street. 558 9363. Mon l-‘rt l0ani 6pm; Sat 10am 2pm. Edinburgh Spring Exhibition l'ntit Sat 2‘) Mar. (ilusgow 's liwan Mtiiidy l‘ine Art present art exhibition of paintings.


20a l)undas Street. 557 5002. Mott liri tttaiii 5pm; Sat 10am Ipni.

The Edge of Scotland: Biddy Nicholson l'ntil Tue I Apr. New landscape paintings.

Mixed Show Sat 5 Tue 22 Apr. A mixed show of tiguratiye landscapes and seascapes.


23 l”nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat

10am 6pm.

Fragments lfiiiit Sat 2‘) Mar. A portfolio of prints by ('altini (‘oly in with text by poet Toni Leonard as part of the ().\.\f(lll series which further explores issues of nationalism arid identity. Interactions Sat 5 Apr Thu 2‘) May. A portfolio of lithographs by tw elye artists published and created at liditiburgh Printniakers. The artists which include Anne Bey'an. Bob ('ro/ier. Kate l)ownie. Hendrik Jonas. Brent Millar. l)ay id Shearer and Jill Tyson have also submitted a piece of work from their tistial practice. be it sculpture or paittting. NEW SHOW.


XS Lothian Road. 228 2688. Daily

10am st0pnt.

Scottish Urban and Rural Landscapes t7nttt Sat 29 Mar. A photographic exhibition by first year students of Media and ('oniiitunications at

on t-RUttMARKET GALLERY | i t r»: 4" it ’sits‘tH ititNBthQt-t EHttDF T Ol3t 225 2383 F O|3| 220 3|3O

Artists Ta'L .sitti lnka Essenhigh 1 Saturday 5 April 2pm.

EXlthttif‘tt p, ib|:c.‘itioii now available {l2

88 THE LIST 27 Mar-10 Apr 2003

lidinbtirgh‘s Queen .Margaret l'niyerstty (’ollege.

From Blue Stockings to Blue Jeans: Scientific Women in History Sun 30 Mar Hi 25 Apr .»\n exhibition looking at the women who haye contributed to science. technology. maths and medicine.


‘) West Port. 22| 0237. Daily noon ~rpm, Birds without Wings t'niit Sun o Apr. American artist l’ogo explores the interpretation of language through a series of hanging sculptural works. Typology l'ntil Stiii o .-\pr. .-\ collection of photographic prints by Marrtanne Straw from the Robert Meyers School in Oslo. Norway, Fiona Scroggie Mott 7 :\pr Wed 7 May. Work by lidinbtirgh-based artist/designer featuring harrowing yet beautiful ghost-like faces with suspicious glances and hidden inner tttoliyes.


Viewing on Wed tk Sat by appointment call 556 l053. l‘or tnore info:

w w w.frictioiigallery.coni or email info("

James Norton: Distant Wait l'ntil Sat 2‘) Mar. l‘rictioii (Battery is a new space which proyides a platfortit for new artists w itlt an open ctiratorial approaclt. lts inaugural exhibition features a collection of paintings and a short film by James Norton which explores the relationship between the indiy'idual and the landscape. [AST CHANCE IO SEE


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Moit Sat

l laiii 5.30pm; Stiii noon 5pm.

0 lnka Essenhigh Sat 5 Apr Sat 24 May. ('arttxm—estitie ligtiratiye paintings by New York based artist liika lissenhigh influenced by Italian Renaissance iconography. Japanese l'kiyo-e prints aitd contemporary ttty‘lhologic‘s. lissenltiglt says of her work: ‘My paintings have straightforward raw energy in them. and that's what comes across as being cartoony and not line arty. Those abstract qualities are in there. btit without pretension." See prey'iew. NEW SHOW.

Artist’s Talk Stiii (t Apr. 2pm. New York based artist lnka lissenhigh talks about her work.

Art for Networks t'niit Sat 2‘) Mar. (iypsy communities. ice-cream \‘Ctttlors, the web and postal services are among the projects highlighted in this group show curated by Simon Pope which focuses on artists who explore networks in their work.


46a Raeburn Place. 315 2603. Mon Sat l0am»5.30pm.

Spring/Summer Collection t‘nttt Wed 30 Apr. A new spring/summer collection ofjewellery by British and international designers.

Chinese Style l'ntil Wed 30 Apr. Traditional (‘hinese furniture and Buddhas.


Gallery and Shop. 77 l)undas Street. 556 315‘). Mon~l5ri t0am bpm; Sat l0ani~5pnt.

Wild Along the Edge t'niit Wed to Apr. A solo show of new Scottish landscapes by Suzanne Borland.


22a l)undas Street. 556 2181. Mon—Fri I lain—bpni; Sat |0.30am—5pni.

Art from Ukraine l'ntil Sat 5 Apr. From still life to rural and industrial landscapes. Hanoy‘er Fine Arts' annual exhibition of paintings from the L'kraine featuring the late (irygoriy Shysbko. liy'geniy' Volobuey'. l’etro Magro. Panas Tytenko and ()lena Yakoyenko.


('astlehill. Royal Mile. 4‘3 2000 Itatls " 30am lttpiii Linda Green: Textiles l ttltl Sun Iii .-\pr Delicate tapestries by l tiida (iieeii inspired by her recent tiayels


(x (’arltoit Terrace. 55b ~1J~1l lttaiii 5pm

0 Garry Fabian Miller l'niit Sat 2o :\[‘t (iarry labian Miller's optically niesitieri/ing photographic works are created without the use of a cameia oi tilni Instead he works with direct light. using techniques pioneered in the l‘ttli century by William Henry l-ox Talbot ltt his second exhibition. Millet will be showing his most recent creations including (iii/«fur Storms .iiid [lit/nine

lttt‘ Sat

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE l3 Randolph (‘tesceiiL 225 5 Nib Mon l-ri 9.30am b.30piii; Sat lltam I ‘yltpm French Contemporary Theatre l’iitil Mon 3| Mar .-\ dociiiiieiitaiy poster exhibition oit met ‘0 playwrights from the past 20 years of contemporary l-tench theatre

Au Coeur des Imaginaires du Monde l'ntil Wed ‘0 .-\pi l’liotogiaphei bittrtC-2Sttellc l<tth111 thtxllnttdll\ indigenous twrtorniiiig .iits lioiti all oyet the world iii this exhibition of 20 photographs.

ITALIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE S2 Nicolson Street. bob 22 32 Mon l'tt |0am lpitt S 2 5pm.

Stanze Veneziane l'nitt Mott U Mar (her 40 photographs by Kiko 'l‘riyellato documenting Venetian palaces and residencies.


(to (’itniberland Street. 558 ‘)S72. Mon l'ri lttam (ipni; Sat |0atn ~lpllt.

Peter Blake - Alphabet t‘niit Sat 3‘) Mar. A series of 26 screcttprtnts one for each letter of the alphabet printed tit 10‘)! by Peter Blake. a prominent figure iit Britain's conteinixirary art scene since the 50s.

Robyn Denny Sat 5 Apr Sat 10 May. Selected screeiiprints by Robyn Denny


()5 The Shore. Math. 553 5255. Tue l-ri llant 5pm; Sat I laiti 4pm

A Discerning Eye l'niil Sat 3‘) Mar. A mixed exhibition of paintings featuring works by Joyce Borland. (ieorge Birrell. [)ayy Brow n. l’eter Nardini and Deborah l’hillips.

Davy Brown and George Birrell Stiii 6 Sat l‘) Apr. New paintings. Peter Goodtellow Stiii () Sat l‘) Apr. A small solo show of watercolottrs by Peter (ioodfcllow.

Andrew Hill Stiii (i Sat I‘) Apr. ('eramics.


Henry l)uncan House. I20 (teorge Street. 558 1200. Daily l0ani ()pttt.

A Wealth of Vision l'ntil Thu 3 Apr. Digital and photographic work by young people from West liife tMotini. (ilasgow (Right Track t. Alness (Pathway to Inclusion) and (ialashiels (Borders Prtiduction l7niti. inspired by the l,toyds TSB Scotland Year of Photography exhibitions at the National (ialleries of Scodand.


X7 Broughton Street. 558 X778. Wed Sat noon rfipttt; Sun noon 4pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of work by 20th century artists including works by Pat l)outhwaite. l)ay'id llosie. Steyen Hood and (ieoff Roper.


Marchtnont (iallery'. Marchniont Campus. ()l Marchntont Road. 455 5203. Mon Fri 9am—5pm.

Collaborations t'nttt Sat 5 Apr. A series of photographs conceiy ed by the