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Rug designs by Edinburgh College of Art students: see the Nomad's Tent

Scottish artist/poet laii Hatiiilton Findlay and reinterpreted and recontexttialised by fellow Scottish photographer Robin Gillanders. Hamilton Findlay 's work is influenced by his interest in French revolutionary thought. all things maritime and the relationship between nature and culture.


Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266i. Mons-Sat

l0aiii 5pm; Stiii noon—5pm. ('afe. Warhol to Koons: International Contemporary Art from a Private Collection t'ntil Stiii 8 Jtiii. Free. An exhibition of works on long-term loan including Andy Warhol. lid Rtischa. Jeff Koons. Bill V'iola atid Gilbert and George. Earl Haig L'ntil Sun 1 Jun. Free. To celebrate the artist‘s 85th birthday. an exhibition of paintings by liarl Haig featuring landscapes iii oil and watercolour inspired by his home in the Scottish Borders. liarl llaig sery'ed iii the Royal Scots Greys during World War ll. spending the final years of the war interned in the infamous (‘oldit/ prison camp before studying at (‘amberw'ell School of Art in London.

Blood Scotland Thu 27 Mar. 6pm. A new series of monthly talks introducing contemjmrary an to a new audience. Recent Gifts, Bequests and Loans to the Gallery of Modern Art Mon 7 Apr. 12.45pm. Patrick lilliot talks about the gifts. bequests and loans that haye been giy'en to the gallery.


The Mound. ()24 6200 trecorded information 332 2266). Mon- Sat l0am—5pm; Sun noon-5pm.

The Print in Italy 1550-1620 t’ntil Stiii 27 Apr. lingray'ings. etchings and woodcuts produced iii Italy during the period l550 to I620 on loan from the British Maseum‘s collection. Artists include Fleming (‘omelis (‘ort

(c l 533-78 t. Federico Barocci

tl535— lol2l. the brothers Agostino

t l557— |602t and (‘arracci and Francesco Villamena t l565—l624).

A Tale of “no Titians L‘ntil Fri 28 Mar. Titiaii's Diana and ('allisio. one the National Gallery of Scotland's best loved paintings goes on display together with an anonymous early copy on loan from the National Trust. The copy is thought to have been painted in the l630s when the original hung in the priyate apartments of King Philip IV of Spain.

A Taste for Titian Fri 28 Mar. l2.45pm. Peter Humfrey. professor of fine art at St Andrews University giyes a talk. Gainsborough’s Beautiful Mrs Graham Fri 4 Apr—Sun 22 Jun. £3 0.2). A fascinating exhibition devoted to the National Gallery of Scotland's world- famous portrait of The Honourable 3er Graham by Thomas Gainsborough

tl727- XS). (mated by lltigli Belsey. curator of Gainsborough House iii Stidbtiry. the exhibition explores the personal. social and historical context of the picture in depth and features a selection of great portraits by Gainsborough. Reynolds. Lawrence and Van Dyck. NEV.’ Sl i0‘»‘»’

After Hours Thu 27 Mar. 6 7pm it Thu l0 Apr. 5.30pm. The Gallery's doors stay open just that little bit later for a programme of talks. music. readings and of course. an.


George IV Bridge. 226 453l. Mon Sat 10am 5pm; Stiii 2 5pm.

Theatres Du Monde t'niil Wed 30 Apr. An exhibition of photographs by Marie-Noelle Robert documenting the Maison des (‘ultures dti Monde's Festixal de l'lniaginaire.


Queen Street. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266!. Mon Sat

10am 75pm; Stiii noon 5pm. ('afe. Navigating Stevenson: Digital Artworks by Sara Gadd l'ntil Sun I I May. Free. Nine large-scale digital art works by Sara Gadd marks the first computer-generated exhibition at the National Galleries of Scotland. tfsing the latest technology. Gadd has created a series of yirtual spaces which recreates the celebrated author Robert Louis Stevenson's journeys to the South Sea Islands in ISXS.

Robert Louis Stevenson l'ntil Sun I 1 May. Free. An accompanying small exhibition of paintings. drawings. prints and sculpture celebrating the life of the renowned author. Robert Louis Stevenson. Mad, Bad and Dangerous: The Cult of Lord Byron tintil Mon 26 May. Free. Organised by the National Portrait Gallery in London. this exhibition reinterprets the continuing fascination for the Romantic poet Lord Byron t 1788-1824). Featuring ox er 100 works including paintings. sculptures arid miniatures. letters and literary matiUscripts. the show explores how Byron’s literary fame atid social notoriety were fuelled by the many representations of the poet. See reyiew'. Portrait Miniatures from the Daphne Foskett Collection t'ntil Stiii l5 Jun. The third iii a series of annual exhibitions exploring the world of the miniature painted portrait featuring the collection of Daphne Foskett currently on long-time loan. Byron from the Sidelines Wed 2 Apr. l2.45pm. John and Virginia Murray gix'e a talk.

After Hours Thu 3 Apr. 5.30pm. The Gallery‘s doors stay open just that little bit later for a progratiime of talks. mUsic. readings atid of course. an.


14 New Street. 558 "604 Mon Sat Haiti 6 30pm. t'ntil late on Bongo ('ltib nights

Body Conditioning that the t .~\pr. ;\ yitleo installation by Kerri Soineryille examining self-esteem


2| St Leonard‘s l.ane. N12 lttl2 Mon Sal l0am 5pm; Stiii noon 4pm.

The Rug Design Competition t’ntil Stiii 6 Apr. An exhibition of winning designs created by third and fourth year textile design students at lidinbtirgh ('ollege ot Art. lit the competition. organised by lltc Nomads 'l‘ent. students were asked to stibiiitt rtig designs based on four themes: Red Fort. the Blue Mosque. the Thar Desert and the Steppes. Fifteen of the best entries haye been made tip as either kiliiiis or pile rugs.


|.eith. For more infortiiatioti call 556 7076 or w w w .djinnidittocotik

Djinniditto - The Other Slide Sat 2‘) Mar Sat 5 Apt. lidinburgh art

collectiy e l)_jinniditto‘s project The ()Illt'l‘ Slit/e comes to a close after circulating around lidinbtirgh yenties featuring the work ofoyer l00 contemporary artists projected onto screens. LAST CHANCE TO SEE


75 7‘) (timberland Street. 557 I020. Mon Fri loam 6pm; Sat l0ani 4pm. Simon Laurie t'ntil Wed 2 Apr. Semi- abstract paintings.

Bryony Burn t'ntil Wed 2 Apr. Ceramics.

Diane Rendle t'niil Wed 2 Apr. Figuratiye paintings featuring beach scenes in Kan/ibar.

Jenniter Wall t'ntil Wed 2 Apr. New jewellery.

People Places Time Faces Sat

5 Wed 23 Apr. Recent figtiratiy e paintings combining landscape and figures by (ieoffrey Roper. NEW Sl lOW. Catalogue Sat 5 Wed 23 Apr. Recent paintings by Jofiii R. Brown.

Nick Hubbard Sat 5 Wed 23 Apr. Jewellery.

Carlos Versluys Sat 5 Wed 23 Apr. New ceramics.


l7 1‘) Barclay Place. 477 2933. Tue Sat llam 6pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including reproduction an Van Gogh. l)ali. Monet. Kandinsky. Miro originals and work by tip-and-coiiiing local artists.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY tWASl’St Patriothall Studios. off 48 Hamilton Place. 225 128‘).

6V9: Paintings and Projections Fri 28 Mar Thu 3 Apr. ’l‘ue Stiii

noon 5pm. Paintings and stained glass wall projections by adtilts with learning disabilities who attend the Garxald ('entre. NEVt’ SHOW.

Nelvefootsix Sat 5 Wed 9 Apr. Noochptti. Drawings and sculpture by ten students and four lecturers from lidiiibtirgh’s Telford ('ollege.


25 Marchmoiit Crescent. 22‘) 2063.

Mon Fri ‘)am— 5.30pm: Sat l0am~2pm. Mixed Exhibition A photographic gallery atid framing workshop featuring a range of framed mounted images with space for local photographers to show their work.


6 Baxters Place. Leith Walk. 524 006|. The Drag Queens t'niil Mon 31 Mar. l)ocuiiientary and portrait photographer Norman Mchth looks at the preparations for a gathering on World Aids Day as part of his study on life in the Scottish capital.

listings Art


34 Bread Street For more information call 556 "076 or w w w djinnithttoco tik Djinniditto - The Other Slide t'ntil

Sat 2‘) Mar See them l‘ertiiinal entiy


Palace of llolyrtmdhouse. 0207 3122233. Daily ‘).30aiii 4 30pm

Leonardo da Vinci: The Divine and the Grotesque that suit _‘~o Mar 14 112 Bi; faintly ticket L'l0. tinder 5s free Designed by Benjamin 'l‘indall Architects. the Um Queen's Gallery hosts the largest exhibition deyoted Io l.eoll;tl'do da \llltct ey er held in Scotland. Drawn from the Royal (‘ollection. which holds the world's finest group of Da Vinci drawings. the exhibition features 73 works which explore the Renaissance artist's lifelong obsession with the human form. From his attempts to define perfect proportion to his distortion of the human face to explore its comic potential. the exhibition includes studies for his Itiasterplcce I'hi' lust Supper. sell portraits and designs for festiyal costumes. t/‘Sl (Ill/\Ntl l0 Sl t


('lerk Street. 068 20]”. Mon Sat

l0ani 5.30pm.

Emily Grey t'ntil Sat 2‘) Mar. Recent works by [S oil painter liiiiily Grey whose works are inspired by landscape and architecture.


46 l)undas Street. 556 222‘s“. Thu Fri ll.30am 5pm; Sat ll.30aiii 4pm. Ugo Baracco t‘niil Wed 2 Apr. Aqtiatints.

David Sinclair l'ntil Wed 2 Apr. Oil paintings.


l5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 7545. Mon Fri ‘)am 5pm; Sat l0am 4pm. Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards 2002 that Fri l8 Apr. An exhibition of the winning and coiiitiicnded entries to the lidinbtirgh Architectural Association Awards 2002. Winners include Benjamin 'l'indall Architects for the Queen's Gallery. llolyrood. Zoo Architects for North lidinbtirgh Arts (‘entre aiid RMJM for the l‘alkii'k Wheel.


2 Roxburgh Place. 07‘)4l 382775. l)aily llam 7pm.

War: A Response By 50 Artists Sat 5 Stiii l3 Apr. listablished artists from lidiiiburgh ('ollege of Art respond to the threat of armed conflict in this mixed media exhibition. NEW SHOW

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lny'crleith llottse. lny'erleith Row, 552 7l7l.

John Hutton Balfour’s Botanical Teaching Diagrams (1840-1879) Sat 5 Apr Stiti 25 May tlnyerleith House). Special display of some extraordinary l‘)th century botanical teaching diagrams from the RBGli's archiy'es. Part of the Edinburgh Internalimml Science Festival. Images from the Garden 5 [hit] Stiti 6 Apr tlixhibition llulll. Botanical art. photography and craft works by students attending the RBGli adult education classes. taking inspiration from the Garden.

ROYAL FINE ART COMMISSION BakehoUse (’lose. l46 (‘anongate. 556 66‘)‘). Tue—Sun l lam~4pm.

Wood in Contemporary Austrian Architecture: Carinthia lintil Thu l7 Apr. Organised by the Karntens HaUs der Architekur. an exhibition illustrating 3.5 recent building projects which inyolye the extensiye and purposeful Use of wood. The buildings range from simple garden pay ilioiis to public high-rise buildings.

27 Mantra Apr 2203 THE LIST 89