Events are listed by city, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges.

Activities and Fun

Holiday on Ice ‘In Concert’ t'ntil Stiii 30 Mar. 1pm. 4.30pm tk 7.30pm.

£14 £34 i£" £131Sli(‘('.l:innieston Quay 0570 040 4000 Skating estrayagan/a with sounds and mm es from all wet the world w ith light shows and protections.

Mum’s the Word Sat 39 a Stiii 30 Mar. 11am 5pm. £4.50 «£3351; child free with a paying adult/concessttin. The Tall Slitp at (ilasgow Harbour. 100 Stobcross Road. 333 3513. Make your mum something special 11] this crafts workshop to rustle tip a bunch of flowers or a personallsed cat'd.

Pottery Workshops Sat 2‘) Mar a Sat 5 Apr. noon 6pm. £5. l’irewoi'ks Sttidio. 35a Dalhotisie Street. 333 3738. Children's workshops for ages 4-pltis. Paint pots or haye a go on the potter's wheel.

Back to School Sttn 30 Mar. 3 3pm. £1.50. Scotland Street School Mtiseum. Mtiseuin of iiducation. 335 Scotland Street. 387 0500. Join teacher Miss Baxter tor a 1i\ trig history class set in Victorian times. Arriy e 15 minutes early to dress tip in period costume before seeing props such as a genuine gas mask and the dreaded bell.


5 Club United Wed 3 & Thu 3 Apr. 7.30pm. £33.50 £35. SiiCC. 1’innieston ()uay, 0870 040 4000. Catchy pop tunes from the S Clubbers and their tnini \ersiotts. S(‘1uthiniors.

Fame Academy Fri 4 Apr. £22.50. Sli(‘(‘. Finnieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. The twelye finalists of the lieeb‘s worthy answer to l’u/ntttrs perform karaoke classics and self-penned tunes.

Theatre and Dance

Tom Thumb Sat 3‘) Mar. 3pm.

£3.50 £4. Scottish Mask and Ptippet Theatre Centre. 8 10 Balcarres Ayentie. Kely indale. 339 6185. Ages 5-pltis. Collaborators Theatre Company and its puppets tells the story of the little boy in a big bad world tising puppetry. shadow theatre. music and storytelling set within a magically transforming set.

Utter Nonsense Sat 31) Mar a Sat 5 Apr. 3pm. £3 £5. The Slattd. 333 Woodlands Road. 0871) 601) 6055. Blueboat Theatre returns with more fantastical childsplay front Tuin Tttni Tinker and tales of Dougie the Dangerous Duck. Horace the Handsome Slug and Super Super Secret Story. with its usual concoction of puppets. animation. music. film and storytelling.

H fa .r:

Great Expectations the Musical Wed 3 Sat 5 Apr. 3 30pm. Sat 3 30pm tk

_ 5UP”). {1111‘361 Mitchell Theatre. (‘ (iranyille Street. 0845 331) 3501 Pied Piper Productions presents the Scottish musical Premiere of Dicken's classic tale o1 Uri‘han boy. Pip

Quangle Wangle in 4 ts Sat 5 Apr. 11am. £3.50 (itlmorehtll(i13.91'nisersity Ayenue. 330 5533. Vice Stories Theatre tor (‘hildren takes you on an e\hilar.ttmg escursion into the \y ild and wonderful poems Ht ladysard Lear. See Photo ('aptton. Little Princess Goldtree Sat 5 Apr. 3pm. £4 t£3.50i. Scottish Mask and Puppet 'l‘heatt‘e Centre. 8 10 Balcarres Ayenue. Kely indale. 339 6185. Yugen Puppets tells the Scottish yerston of Show li'lutt' tismg cars ed wooden gloye puppets w llll music throughout.

Romeo and Juliet Wed 9 Sat 12 Apr. 7.30pm; Thu Sat 3.30pm tk 7.30pm. £8 t£5i; family ticket £31. ('iti/ens' Theatre.

1 1‘) (itirhals Street. 43‘) (M33. Shakespeare's classic loye story especially adapted for a young audience by Scottish Youth Theatre. See Prey ieys.


Lord Kelvin: A Life in Science 1'ntil Wed 3| Dec. l5ree. Hunterian Museum. t'niyersity Ayentie. 330 4331. An exhibition of the scientitic instruments. tnyentions and patents tised by (ilasgow ‘s famous professor of physics. William 'l‘homson.

Activities and Fun

Explore Egypt Trail Sat 2:) Mai”.

3.15 3.45pm. l‘ree. Royal Mtisetim. 3 Chambers Street. 347 4319. l-‘or ages 5 11. Come and dise0\ er what life is as like for a child in Ancient ligypt and make a protectiye amulet using hieroglyphs. EYCP Kids Charity Event Sat 39 Mar. 1 1am 3pm. l‘ree. ()mni. (ireenside Place. 07791 335347. Children from all oyer are my ited to come down to ()mni and make a mark. scribble or drawing on the huge rolls of paper. The day also features lots of fun actiyities and dressed-up actors w ill ensure eyeryone is haying a laugh. The Medieval Archer Sat 29 Mar.

1 Iain. noon. 3pm & 3pm. £81£3 £61. lidinburgh Castle. Royal Mile. 335 9846. l.i\ ing History Scotland tells the story of the cross and bow with demonstrations and presentations about clothes. sayings and techniques.

Silkpainting Workshops Sat 2‘) Mar & Sat 5 Apr. 34pm (it 4.30—6.30pm. £7. 16 ('assels Lane. 1.eith. 553 3139. Sarah- Ann Askew runs relaxed weekly workshops in the an of silkpainling. first session for ages 6- l 1 years. second for ages 13-plus. Booking essential.

The Art Cart Sun 30 Mar. 3~4pm. l-‘ree. Royal Museum. 3 Chambers Street. 347 4319. The Royal Museum and Museum of Scotland base a new roving

WEE STORIES’ latest Technicolor adventu ' taking you into the l v.

, of nonsense w’ I ,. poems ,of E z 1-”! I] f I Ouan ’9 y -' I’ ' 29 : T— I,

. musoiisccoaik


Citizens‘ Theatre. Glasgow. Wed 9—Sat 12 Apr; Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. Thu 1 8. Fri 2 May

They were only 13 years old. Too young for most teachers to admit into English lessons. but Shakespeare understood the hearts and groins of young kids: ‘0, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?‘ The play of dizzying first-love, gang warfare, revenge and murder has all the components that make adolescent years so intense, exhilarating and dreadful.

OK, so not everyone dies in a botched elopement or kills his girlfriend’s brother - but the passion is there. West Side Story and more recently Baz Luhrmann’s psychedelic screen version both capture the teen spirit that pulses through the script. And that is why it is completely natural that Scottish Youth Theatre is staging a

production with actors between the ages of 15 and 22.

‘The energy and exhilaration that young actors can bring to the text really engages the young audience,’ says director Mary McCluskey. ‘They have worked together to create a production that makes it relevant to today's younger audiences. Young people nowadays hang about in mixed

gangs so we’ve done a bit of gender-bending within the casting. Mercutio’s

got a kind of Ms Dynamite type song, but', she assures, ‘all the beautiful

speeches are still there.‘

Phew. Because without those lines (Romeo: ‘It was the Iark, the herald of

the mom, No nightingale: look, love, what envious streaks Do lace the severing clouds in yonder east. Night's candles are burnt out, and jocund day Stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops. I must be gone and live, or stay and die.'), well, what would be the point? (Ruth Hedges)

Art Cart with free art materials to use. Tying in with the focus on the Ancient ligyptian (iallery there will be a chance for mask-making.

Doodles and Tales Sun 30 Mar.

3pm. Free. National (iallery of Scotland. the Mound. 634 6300. Storytelling using the gallery's collection as a springboard into the imagination. TUCtlSlllg especially on (ireek myths and Scottish stories. Feeling inspired'.’ Drawing materials are ayailable afterwards to draw and tell your own story between 3 and 4pm.

Scottish Claymores Open Day Sun 30 Mar. lpnt. l-"ree. Hampden Park. Letherby Driye. 333 3800. Come and meet the 3003 Claymores squad at their annual ineet-the-l‘ans day. As well as meeting the players you can cheer with the cheerleaders. haye photos taken and take part in competitions throughout the day. Craters Makers Tue 1 Apr—Wed 31 Mar 3004. £3.60 (£1.85): family ticket £6. Royal ()bseryatory Visitor Centre. Blackford Hill. 668 8404. Find out all about comets. asteroids and meteors in the ()bseryatory ‘s spring titne exhibition with interactiye fun and facts.

Hogwarts Heaven Mon 7 Apr. 1.30pm. £3. North [Edinburgh Arts Centre. 15a Penny well Court. 315 3151. Creative fun on a Harry Potter theme for 5 to 8-year olds.

Slytherin Slime! Thu 10 Apr. 1.30pm. £3. North Edinburgh Ans Centre. l5a Pennyw ell Court. 315 3151. Sliiney workshop for 58-year olds on a Harry Potter theme.

Theatre and Dance

Beauty and the Beast Thu 37 Mar—Thu 10 Apr mot Suni. 7.30pm; Wed 3; Sat 3.30pm a 7.30pm. £9.50—£34. Play house. 18~33 (ireenside Place. 0870 6063333. This enchanting story of a girl and an ugly beast comes to life with Disney \ award-winning mUsical. Happy Gang in a Fairytale Forest Sat 39 Mar. 11am & 3.30pm. £6.50 I£4.5(h; £33 for four. Brunton Theatre. Lady well Way. MUsselburgh. 665 3340.

The Happy (iang are back with more magic treats. Prince ('harining‘s been tending the forest for years btit he's become a bit sellish in his old age stealing the magic dttst for himself. Who can sate it‘.’ Come and see

Ouangle Wangle Sat 39 Mar. 3pm. £3; family ticket £10. Nonh iidinburgh Arts Centre. 15a Pennywell Court. 315 3151. See (ilasgow and Photo Caption.

The Stones Mon 31 Mar. 7.30pm. £3. North iidinbtirgh Arts Centre. l5a

Penny w ell Court. 315 3151. For ages 13- plus. Travelling Light Theatre Company presents The Stones. a true story by Tom l.ycos and Stefo Nantsou. circling around the death of a young man with tense. high energy action.

The Happy Prince Sat 5. Mon 7 at.- Tue 8 Apr. times yary. £3; family ticket £11). North Edinburgh Arts Centre. 15a Penny-w ell Court. 315 3151. Adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic story about a bronze statue who befriends a passing swallow The Matchgirls Wed 9—Sat 13 Apr. 7.30pm; Sat 3.30pm 8; 7.30pm. £5.50 (£4.50). St Bride's Centre. 10 ()rwell Terrace. 346 1405. l’orth Children's Theatre presents this musical set in 1880s London following the true life story of the matchgirls and their struggle to improve working conditions in the factories. Exhibition

The Golden Ages of Toys L'ntil Sat 7 Jun. Free. Museum of Childhood. 43 High Street. 539 4143. Share the magic of Meccano. Hornby trainsets. teddy bears and the wonderful array of toys that came to life between 1890 and 1930.

Books The Magic Paintbrush and Other Stories Sat 29 Mar. 3pm. £5 (£3501.

Netherbow Arts Centre. 4345 High Street.

556 9579. Julia Donaldson. author of best- selling children's books The (irufluln and Room (III the Bnmm acts out her stories

including her latest. The .Wllg'ft' Paintbrush.

with the help of her husband Malcolm and you?

27 Mar—‘10 Am 2003 THE LIST 91