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Outside the Cities

Activities and Fun

Jammin’ l‘ri 2S Mar. 2 3.30pm. £1. Howden l’ark (‘eiitre. flow den.

l.r\ mgxton. 01506 433634 .-\ funky dance claxx for agex l0 16 year oldx coy errng eyerything from breaking to hip hop.

Animal Ouiz Sun 30 .\lar. 2 3pm. liree. (‘alderglen (‘ountry l’ark. Strathayen Road. liaxt Kilbrrde.01355 236644 Are you ax cley er ax a cat or ax dopey ax a dingbat'.’ (’ome arid text otrt your animal know ledge in thrx xpecral qui/.

Easter Eggcitement Sat 5 Sun 2" .-\pr‘. 10am 5pm. £3 (£2i. Almond Valley Heritage ('eritre. Mrllfield. l.I\itlgxtUll. 01506 414057. llurtt for hidden eggx and enjoy a range of actryitiex like making liaxter bonnetx and enjoying the new arriyalx on the farm.

Falls of Clyde Watch Group Sat 5 Apr. 10am 1pm. l‘ree to memberx of the Scottixh Wildlife 'l'r’uxt. l‘tillx of ('Iyde Nature Rexerye. Wildlife ('entre. New Lanark. 01555 665262. Agex t' 14. Monthly children'x watch group featuring a \ariety of fun actiy itiex and gamex xuch ax pond-dipping. mini- beaxtx and woodland w alkx. Hooking exxential.

Easter Dance School .\lon 7 Hi I I .-\pr. 10am 1pm. £10 for week.

How (lL'n l’ark ('entre. llow den.

l.i\ irigxtori. 0l506 433634. Advance booking required. Agex l0 l6. Kultyer Dance Theatre iioxtx a w eek-lorig dance workxhop w here the emphaxix ix on xtr'eet \ibcx. liquid moyex and attitttde. The claxx eridx with a performance on Friday at lprii.


Absolut Britney, Steps Club 7, Absolut Kylie \Ved 1) Apr”. 7pm. £6.50 (£5.50). Albert Hallx. Dumbarton Road. Stirling. 0| 786 473544. Tribute to the chart-topping pop xtarx.

Theatre and Dance

Moontel Six Thu 27- Sat 3‘) Mar. 7.30pm. £3. MacRobert. l'niy'erxity of Stirling. Stirling. 01786 466666. MacRobert Youth Theatre prexentx a contemporary kind of lil'ul‘t' New llin'ltl w here a group of genetically altered teenx haye been purxued into hiding by the rexidentx of .\loonxtead lixtatex in a w itch hunt.

The Stones l'iitil Sat 2‘) .\lar. timex \ary. £3. MacRobert. l'riiyerxity of Stirling. Stirling. 01786 466666. See lidinburgh.

Telling Tales Sat 5 Apr. l lam.

£1 £l.50 (£1 1. Dundee Rep. 'l'ay Square. Dundee. ()l 382 22.3530. \lL‘llthel'x of the Dundee Rep company tell talex old and new to kidx aged 5 S.

Ouangle Wangle 'l'ue .S' .-\pr. 2pm. £4. l’alaee 'l‘heatre. 9 (irL‘L‘n Street. Kilmarnock. 01563 554000. See (ilaxgow and Photo ('aption.

The Singing Kettle: Medieval Madness Wed 0 Sun 1.3 .-\pr. timex \ary. £9 (£7); family ticket £25. Adam Smith ’l'heatre. Bennochy Road. Kirkcaldy. 01592 412029. A lioxt of new xorigx and crazy caperx ax we join tlte Kettlerx in bygone timex.

Happy Gang in a Fairytale Forest 'l‘hu 10.-\pr. l lam ix 2.30pm. £6 (£41: fantin ticket £18 (£121.

How den l’ark ('entre. How den.

l.i\ ingxton. 01506 433634. See lidinburgh.


A Land of Shadows t'niil Sun 27 Jul. Free. ('hatelherault (‘ountry l’ark. (‘arlixle Road. Hamilton. 01608 426213. lrixpired by JRR 'l‘olkien'x Lord of the Ririgx. a faxcinating e\hibitiou for all agex featuring a Hobbit xittiitg roont and a chance to journey through The (Him! Book.

92 THE LIST '2.~ Mar—1C7 Am 203.3

The Puppet Animation Festival is now in its 20th year and with nearly 250 performances, reaching wider audiences than ever before. We asked director Simon Hart for one of this year’s highlights: ‘L’Intrus (‘The lntruder’) I think will be very interesting. It's presented by a leading French company. It’s a lovely story about a little bear who hibernates and wakes up to find that a factory's been built over the top of his den. As part of the festival we’re always looking to develop our international contacts so that Scottish puppeteers see the best of European puppetry.’ And here is The List's guide to what’s on in your neck of the woods.

The Little Lost Dragon Sat 12 Apr. 11am. £3. (iilriiorehi11(il2. ‘) l'niyerxity .»\\ entre. 3305522. .-\gex

4 f). Kerixpeckle l’uppetx pi'exentx the tale of an adyenturoux young dragon who bray ex winter in Dragonland iii a feaxt of glitter. muxie and colour.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier .\lon 14 Apr. 1 larii. £3. (iilmor'ehilKi l 2. 9 l'niyerxity .'\\'enue. 330 5522. .-\gex 3 S. The xtory of unrequited line between a tin xoldier and a paper ballerina ix performed by Banyan 'l'heatre ('ompany. Cinderella 'f‘iie I5 Apr. | lam. £3. (iiltnorehilKi 1 2. ‘) l'niyerxity Ayenue. 330 5522. Agex 5-plux. The traditional fairytale ix giy en a modern tw ixt by the wonderfully enchanting Shoria Reppe who conjurex characterx from thin air. Little Princess Goldtree Wed 16 Apr. 1 lam. £2 (£1 ). l‘errihill l’ayilion. Neilyaig Driye. Rutherglen. 634 3158. Yugen puppeix tellx the Scottixh \ei'xion of Show ll'lirre irxing cary ed wooden glme puppeix with muxic throughout.

Oscar and the Deep Sea Pearl Wed 16 Apr. 1 lam. £3. (iilrnorehill(il2. () l'niyerxity :\\ emre. 330 5522. .-\gex 4 9. Mottxettile l’tippetx introdticex guitar-play irig. bixcuit xtealing mouxe ()xcar. who muxt oy erpower the eyil emperor. (iriixklyter.

The Paper Bag Princess Wed 16 Apr. 3pm. £2 (£1 1. l’oxxilpark Millennium ('entr‘e. 25 Ardoch Street. 572 0046. l’er'foriiianee by PM la'x Puppetx. l’rincexx lili/abeth ix beautiful and rich and about to marry l’rince Ronald . . . until a dragon dextroy x her caxtle. burnx all her clothex and carriex off her prince? How ey er lili/abeth ix no ordinary princexx. She ix off to get Ronald back.

Aladdin Thu 17 Apr. llam. £3. (iilmorehill(i12.‘) l'rii\erxity Ayenue. 330 5522. Agex 5—10. The magic. my'xtery and

my xticixm of the Arabian Nightx are brought to life by Jack ()'l.antern‘x traditional puppetry. Willie the Wicked Wolf Thu 17 Apr. 3pm. £2 (£1 1. Bellahouxton

l.erxure ('entr'e. 31 llcllahotixton l)i‘r\e. ~32“ 545—3. :\:_‘C\ 4-Plux \lL‘L‘l \Vflllt‘. lllL' liittttit'l‘lixc .tlltl rock'n'roll loytltg wolf who planx to eat l.ittle Red Riding Hood and her granny in ()y er the 'l‘op'x take on thix claxxic fairytale.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table 'l‘iie S .-\pr. 1 lam & 2pm. £4 (£3i. (iafeway 'l‘heatre. lallti Row. l.eith Walk. 31“ 303‘). .'\gex 5v pltix. l.ittle .-\ngel l’uppet 'l'heatre I'L‘lell\ tlte may (\1 the great lir'rtixh king. trxmg loton ('eltic iiiiager'y. xymbolixm and magic.

The Spookmaster - Scary Stories for Children \Ved U .\pt'.

I lam S 2pm. £4 (£3i. (iafeyyay l'heatre. lilm Row. l.eith\\’a1k. 31“ 303‘). .-\gex S plirx. Animated puppeix. film and muxic combine in Blueboat‘x concoction of xpooky xtoriex.

The Snow Goose fit I l :\pr‘. 2pm. £31famr|y ticket £10. North lidinburgh .‘\rtx ('entre. 15a l’eniiy well ('ourt. 315 2151. The l’uppet l.ab pr'exerit their \er‘xion ol the tender tale of a deepening bond between a man. a young girl and a gooxe unfolding under the xhadow of Dunkirk. The Steadfast Tin Soldier hi 1 1 .r\pr. llam & 2pm. £4 (£31. (iateway 'l'heatre. film Row. l.eith \Valk. 317 393U.See (iilmoreliilll2. (iltlxgoyy. Fiddlesticks Sat 12 Apr. 1 larii & 2pm. £4 (£31. (iateway 'l‘hcatre. lilm Row. l.eith \Valk. 317 393‘). Agex 5-plux. Join (iar'lic 'l‘heatre ('oriipany in a quext to find the beautiful Violinka.

L’lntrus (The Intruder) Tue 15 Apr. 1 lam tk 2pm. £4 (£3). (iateway 'l‘heatre. lilm Row. l.eith Walk. 317 393‘). :\gex S- pliix. 'l'he xtory of an uprooted bear ix told by l-"rench puppetry company 'l‘heatre l)u l5o/ trxing itx miniature theatre.

The Little Lost Dragon Wed 16 Apr. 1 lam tk 2pm. £4 (£3i. (iateway 'l‘heatre. lilm Row. l.eith Walk. 31-7 393‘). See (iilntot'chill l 2. (iltixgow. Jack Thu 17 Apr. 1 lam «k 2pm. £4 (£31. (iateway 'l’heatre. lilm Row. l.eith \Valk. 3l7 393‘). Agex 5-plux. Story bo\ 'l‘heatre tellx the tale of Jack. xoine magic beam and what liirkx at the top of the xtalk.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier Thu 17 Apr. 2pm. £3; family ticket £10. North lidinburgh .-\rtx (‘entre. 15a l’enny well (\ittt't. .5 l 5 2 l 5 l. See (iilrttorehill l 2. (ilaxgow. Anansi the Spider 1-‘ri IS’ Apr. 2pm. £4 (£3). Netherhow .-\rtx ('entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 957‘). Jack ()'l.aritern puppetx bringx you the tale of Africa‘x fayourite folk hero told with xhadow puppeix attd enchanting xtorytelling with a chance to make your own later in the day. See \Vorkxhopx. The Magic of the Mummy 1-‘ri 18 Apr. 2pm. £3; family ticket £10. North lidinburgh Artx Centre. 15a

Penny well ('ourt. 315 2151. .-\gex 3 S.

(‘lydebuilt l’tippet lilieatre iixex iod and

xhadow puppetx to tell the xtory of the fiixt mummy. ()xiiix TI The Boy Who Flew TOO High Sat l" \pr. ll.fltl £4 (£31 \etlierbow \rtx (critic. 43 45 High Street. 5.2“ "2“) \gt‘\ 5‘ plux l-oldirig l’uppet lheatie piexeritx itx learuxexiiue cautionary tale Oscar and the Deep Sea Pearl \lon 2| \pr. 1 lam (K 2pm £4 3i \etheibow \rtx (‘eutitn 43 45 High Street. 556 “55" See (iilriiotehill l 2. (ilaxgow

Oscar and the Deep Sea Pearl Sat 2‘1 Mar. l|‘111(\ 3pm. £4 (£2 50' l’arxley .\rtx (‘eritre New Street. l’.iixle_\. SS" 1010 See (iilmorehilll2. (ilaxgow Cinderella Hut 3 \pi. 10 30am t\ 1.30pm £4 (£2 5(ii. family ticket £12 f£~.5lll. llowderi l’ar'k (‘eritria Howderi. liyingxfoti. 01506 4 3 3634 See (iilmorehtlll2. (ilaxgow

The Little Lost Dragon Sat 5 .-\pr. 1pm tk 3pm. £4 (£2.50i. l’arxley .'\r‘tx ('L‘litl‘t‘. New Street.

l’aixley. SS" Hill), See (iiliriorehilll2. (ilaxgow.

The Ugly Duckling Wed (1 Apr. 2.30 3.20pm, £4 £5. liyre 'l'heatre. Abbey Street. St Andrewx. 01334 475000. :\gex 3 " 'l‘abletop puppetry and xtorytelling combine in (‘lydeburlt l’uppet 'l'lit‘.itit“x reworking of Hanx ('hr'ixtiaii .'\riderxori\ Clitwlc.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Hut [0 .\pr. 1 lam tk 2pm. £2.50. SlacRobei't. l'riiyerxrty of Stirling. Stirling. 01736 466666. See (iateway 'l‘heatre. ladinbiu‘gh.


Shadow Puppetry Workshop Wed 16 :\pr. 2pm. £3. Kilniardrniiy .'\l'1\ ('entre. 50 Kilmardinny .-\\eriue. liearxden. U31 50S3. x\gex 6 ‘l. (‘harrieleon l’uppetx xtagex .i workxhop m the art of xhadow puppetry

Shadow Puppetry Workshop wed ‘) .-\pr. 2pm. £tbc. (iilrrier'ton (’omrriuriity ('entr‘e. 4 Drum Street. 664 2325. Agex

6 9. See (ilaxgow.

Rod and Hand Puppetry Workshop Thu 10 .-\pr'. 2pm. £tbc. .\loredun ('ommumty (‘entre. 5 Sloreduri Park Place. 664 2S23. ('hauieleori l’uppetx leadx a workxhop in the art of rod and hand puppetry.

Shadow Puppetry Workshop in Ix .-\pr. 2pm. £4 (£3 1. Netherbow Artx ('eritre. 4.3 45 High Street. .556 9.5“). .-\gex 6 9. l‘ollowing on from the morning‘x performance of .llumyr the .llueri Slut/('1'. Jack ()‘l.antern 'lheatr‘e xtagex it workxhop in the art of xhadow puppetry.

Puppet Making Workshop Sat 1‘) .-\pr. 2pm. £4 (£3i. Netherbow .-\rtx (wire. 4.3 45 High Street. 556 957"). Agex " 12. Following on from the ‘3‘”r””li~'" Ik'rforriiance of Hip lint ll'liu l'lf’H 'Itm Hie/i. Folding l’uppet 'l‘heatre xtagex a workxhop in the art of puppetry.