The party starts here. When the Scottish Clayn‘Ores line up to play their first match of the NFL Europe League you can be assured that this will be a spoiting event like no other. The ra/zniata/x. glitz and glamour of Anterica's nun‘ber one

sporting export is unrixalled: ‘00" much more than ‘tust a gan‘e'.

pure entertainment and the experience is so

Just think: three hours of solid partying before the match has eyen started. And. like all things An‘erican. it‘s big. When the Clayniores take on Germany '2; American football giants. Berln Thunder. Han‘pdei‘. will lay on a party spread of high energy entertainment. There are Dds. an inflatable interactive theniepark re- enacting pitch fever. top name acts. llf'0\.'.'OTI<S and the usual antics froni Shuggie and Hamish. the team n‘ascots. Of course. who could forget the day '1‘21111 attraction for some: the tartan-clad cheerleaders shakin' some ass twell. c'n‘on.

it Just wouldn‘t be (ITICKCI wiIhOut theini.

This year is more important than ever for the Claymores as the final. the WOrld Bowl XI. is touching down or: home ground on Saturday M June. With your support. they could be on that pitch. Europe's answer to Super Bowl last took place on Scots soil in 1990 when the Claymores won the title (for the first. and sadly. last tinie‘i. sending 39.000 fans at Murrayfield into complete frenzy. All gOing well. they intend on reliving that moment this year. With a rigorOiis training camp in Florida behind them and the return of field star Scott Couper from retirement. hopes run high. iSusannah McMickingl

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication. Sports listings are subject to change, so please check in advance. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.


Basketball: Scottish Rocks v Leicester Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. 561 1140. 7.30pm. £7 (£5): lainil} ticket £20. Scotland's national basketball squad are still suspended in the mid nether regions of the BB1. table. but \ocal support in these final home matches could see them finish in a wry respectable position.


Horse-racing: Musselburgh Races Musselburgh Racecourse. I.inklie1d Road.

Musselburgh. fi(i5 2S5”. 2.20pm. £10 £15

i£5; under lfis l'reei. Hat racing.

Saturday 29


Basketball: RAF Scottish Cup Finals Ke|\in Hall International Si‘ttl’h Arena. 1445 Argyle Street. 357 2525. Illainr-Spm. £5 i£3l. National basketball cup finals featuring men's and women's competitions at senior. 1'18 and l' In In els. Football: Scotland v Iceland Hampden Park. The National Stadium. Letherb} Drixe. 6166000. 3pm. £S~£20 t£-ll. Iiuro 2004 qualifier. The pressure is on for Berti Vogts' in his first competitne match in front of the home tans.


Rugby: Scotland v Spain Meadowbank Spons Centre. 13‘) London Road. 661 5351. Noon. £5 l£3: under 16s t‘reei. Women's Si\ Nations Championship rugby match.

Rugby: Scotland v Italy

.\Iurra_\ lield Stadium. Ri\ersdale (’rescent. 340 SINK). 3pm. £211£50 l£|0 £251. With a “in against \Villt'x under their belts. Scotland can afford a little more confidence in their last Si\ Nations game.


Basketball: RAF Scottish Cup Finals Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena. 14-15 Arg} 1e Street. 357 2525. 11am 5.30pm. £5 (£3). See Sat 2‘). American football: Scottish Claymores Open Day llzlmptlcn Park. The National Stadium. 1.etherh} 1)ri\e. 222 3800. 1pm. Free. The 2003 ('1a} mores squad turn out for their annual meet the fans day.


Ice hockey: SNL Capitals .\lurra_\lie1d Ice Rink. Ri\ersda|e (’rescent. 337 (i933. (ipm. £9 t£5l. Scottish National League ice hockey match \\ ith Upptixliion to be continued.

Wednesday 2


Basketball: Scottish Rocks v Brighton Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. 561 1140. 7.30pm.£7l£511liililll§ ticket £20. The Rocks play their second- last home game of the BBI. campaign.


Rugby: Glasgow Rugby v Edinburgh Rugby Hughenden. 32 Hughenden Road. 35.3 3-168. 7.30pm. £12 i£blz family £25. The Bank ot‘ Scotland Pro Rugh} (‘up gets back into bu~iness after the international action.


Football: Rangers v Partick Thistle Ihro\ Stadium. litlillhliln “the. The Sl’l. IUUk\ \c‘i [0120101116 “111‘ so .-\le\ .\IcI.eish can't attord to drop any points


Fencing: Five Nations Fencing International Match \Vest\\ood llL'aIlll (.Illl‘. I‘CIIC\ College. l'..t\l l'c‘llc‘\ .-\\ emie. 0.30am. Free. Teams ti'om Scotland. Iingland. Wales. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland compete in this one-da} Senior (i\\ international e\ent.

Snooker: Regal Scottish Roin Highland ('entre. Ingliston. 4‘3 205(i 10am. 2pm ck "pm. £3 £50i£1.50 £25i. See photo caption.

Football: Hearts v Dundee United 'I‘}necast1e Stadium. (iorgie Road. 200 "201. 3pm. £14 £1o i£10i. The ‘I‘angerincs tra\ cl to '1‘} necastle hoping to amid relegation from the SI’1..

Outside the cities

Kilmarnock v Hibernian Rugh} l’ark. Rugby Road. Kilmarnock. 01503 5251134. 3pm. £17t£|0i. SI’I.l'oot1\a|1 match.

Livingston v Aberdeen \Vc‘xl I.ot1iian ('ourier Stadium. Alderstoiie Road. I.i\ ingxton. 0150(i 417000. 3pm. £lhc. SI’I. football match.


Charity Abseil I-‘iiinieston ('rane. h} SI{(‘('. Aliseil dimn the 1'50 I'innieston ('rane in aid ol' Ronald McDonald House. The charity is looking Iot' \olunteers l'rom all m er Scotland to raise a minimum of £145 in sponsorship. and anyone interested in taking part \IlUUItI call 01-11 2010653.

Cycling: Go Bike Meeting BL'II\ Bridge. ('ongress Road. 07932 460003. 10am. A scenic and re1a\ing 20—mi1e

C} CIC ride in the foothills of the ('ampsies in this monthly c)c|e meeting. American football: Scottish Claymores v Berlin Thunder Hampden Park. The National Stadium. Letherh} 1)ri\e. 0500 353535. 3pm.

£5 £105. The (‘laymorex kick start their 2003 N131. Iiurope campaign with a match against (ierman) ‘\ American football giants. See pre\ie\\. Basketball: Scottish Rocks v Leicester Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. 561 11-10. 5pm. £7 i£5l: family ticket £20. Scotland's onl} pro basketball team play their final home ('hampionship game of the season.


Snooker: Regal Scottish Royal Highland ('entre. lllgII\I()11.-IT.3 2056. 10am. 2pm ck 7pm. £3 £50t£1.50 £25i. See Sat 5.

listings Sport

SNOOKER LOOPY The underdogs triumphed at last year's tOurnament in Aberdeen, Ronnie O'Sulliyan. Mark Williams. John Higgins and Ken Dohert, were all knocked Out in early rounds. while Stephen Lee took h0n‘e the silverware and a fat cheque. Lee W111 return to defend his title in this ranking competition but as the tOurnan‘ent has moved south to Edinburgh. COLlld the home crowd bolster local heroes Stephen Hendry. John Higgins and Alan McManus’? The tOurnament WII' be broadcast on Sky Sports from 7 Apr.

I Rega/ Scottish. Royal High/and Centre. Ingliston. Edinburgh, 0731 473 2056. Sat 5-Sun 73 Apr. session times vary. £34250 (£7.50—E25i.


Snooker: Regal Scottish Ro_\al Highland ('enti'e. Illgllslnll. >123 2115f» 2pm (\ "pm. £3 £50i£150 £25l. See Sat 5.

Tuesday 8


Snooker: Regal Scottish Royal Highland ('eiitre. Ingliston. 4‘3 20%. 2pm ck 7pm. £3 £50 i£1.50 £251. See Sat

Wednesday 9


Snooker: Regal Scottish Royal Highland ('entre. Ingliston.-173 205(i. 2pm ck "pm. £3 £50 l£|.50 £25i. See Sat

Glas ow

Football: Celtic v Boavista (‘cliic Park. Kerrydale Street. I’arkhead. 551 3053. I'IiI‘A cup semi-final match.


Snooker: Regal Scottish Royal Iliglilaiid ('entre. Ingliston. 473 205(i. 2pm ck 7pm. £3 £501£1.50 £25i. See Sat 5. Horse-racing: Musselburgh Races \ltisselhurgh Racecourse. I.inklie1d Road. Musselburgh. 005 2135‘). 2.20pm. £10 £15 l£5; under Ins l’reei. See Thu 27.


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