e\plosion iii Nagasaki came to be planted iii the (ilasgms Botanic (iardeiis.

Other events

Charity Abseil l‘innieston ('rane. b} Sl'.('(’. 201 0(i53.:\hsei1doun the 1'5tt 1-iiinieston (‘rane in aid of Ronald McDonald House. The charit} is looking for \olunteers troni all o\ er Scotland to raise a iiiiiiiiiitiiii of £145 in sponsorship. .-\ii}oiie interested in taking part should call 0141 201 no.5?

Simple Minds Convention Renlress l-err}. ('lsde Place. 2S7 5511.

llam midnight. £20. ('onsentioii in honour ol these golden oldies. including \ ideo shou. charit) auction. memorabilia and much much more. See pres ieis. Watch the Birdie l.in\\ood Sport (‘entre. 1.in\\ood. SS4 3704. 2pm. liree. Join the rangers tor a spot ol bird tsatching on the circular route around l.lll\\tititl (‘oinnitinits Woodland. The walk is ill take ox er an hour so dress for the \\ eather and \\ rap up “arm and

\s aterprt iol.

Chinese-English Corner Brasserie Metro. 3 ('I'Css“ ell Lane. 552 232‘)

2.30 4.30pm. l‘ree. Practise )(illl‘ Mandarin ('hiiiese and linglish at this lriendl) meeting lor both residents and

\ istlot's to the cit}.

Other events

Green Drinks Blacklriars. 30 Bell Street. 552 5924. b.30pni. liree. ll sou are interested in green issues or uork iii an associated industr}. head doun to Blacklriars tor a chat with some like- minded people.

Tuesday 8 Talks Magnificent Medals lltiiiterian Miisetiiii. l'nisersit) .-\\'eiiue. 3304221. 12.45pm. Free. A ten minute talk b} 1)onal Bateson.

Wednesday 9


RAW: Real Art Weekend \‘arious (ialleries, ()‘)01 022 0300. Times and prices \ar}. Part til (ilasgois Art Fair. Run ollers the this s ol exhibitions. events and openings taking place in some ol (ilasgou 's most exciting \ isual arts Venues. This _\ear. a lree btis has been laid on and “ill trasel in loop around all the \enues which include the Arches. (‘(‘.’\. (ilasgtm School ol Art. (ilasgou Sculpture Studios and Trauma).


RAW: Real Art Weekend \‘ariotis (ialleries. 000] 022 0300. Times and prices \ar). See Wed 9.

Other events

Glasgow Art Fair (ieorge Square. 553 l‘)37. ll).3();llll—t‘iplll. £4 H.250: under 10s lreei. National art lair celebrates its eighth sear as it \llti\\C1lSCS a range ol work in all media to \ iess and bu).

\\ \\ \\ .glasgtm artlaircoin

Magnus Magnusson Theatre Ro)al. 282 Hope Street. 332 ‘)000. lpiii. £4.50 (£3i. Broadcaster and lace ol .lltisreriiiiiid. Magnus Magnusson KBl-I. still be quiz/ed h} his daughter Anna Magnusson and ansuering questions on his lite and career. Orchids for Beginners (ilasgtm Botanic (iardens. 730 Great Western Road. 334 2422. 2pm. ill—«£3. 1)a\ id Meii/ies. resident orchid e\pert. leads this popular esent \shich acts as a taster lor the weekend ()rchid l-‘air.

Friends of Botanic Gardens Talks (il‘asgtm Botanic Gardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. 7.30pm. £2. lllll‘lilltl) an Plants are the topic for this talk.



Gaming, Cadell and mechanical ballet

I Glasgow Science Centre Situated on the site of the 1988 Garden Festival. Glasgow's 5275m visitor attraction is a mine of information on science and technology (pictured). Fun interactive exhibits are spread over four floors. while the awesome IMAX cinema shows selected films on a 8011 by Sort screen. Look out for the gaming night every Thursday where gamers are invited to compete. or spectate. in a variety of games over an Xbox network. Prizes are awarded for single players and teams. depending on the game. Check out Kids listings for details of the Science Festival frivolities on offer as well as film listings for full IMAX details. 50 Pacific Quay, 4.20 5000. Daily 70am—6pm. £6.50 ($24.50).

I Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove This fine example of late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collection of work by such names as Rembrandt. Botticelli. Whistler and Cadell plus numerous historical artefacts and animal displays. See Art listings for full exhibition listings. Argy/e Street, 287 2699. Mon— Thu & Sat loam-5pm; Fri 8 Sun 77am—5pm. Free.

I Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery An altogether alternative way to while away your weekend. This strange wee attraction hosts an hour- long mechanical ballet performed by Eduard Bersudsky's kinetic scwptures made from sorap metal and tiny wooden figures. with the performance telling magical stories of human life, follies and death. Workshops for groups and private performances can be made available by arrangement. 2nd Floor 74 King Street, 552 7080. Sat 8 Sun 2—5pm. £3 (£2; under 163 free).

nburgh life

Events are listed by date then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to edinburghOlist.co.uk, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Anna Millar.

Book events

Voddies and Verses North 1idinhurgh :‘srts ('entre. 15a Penn} \s ell ('otirt. 315 2151. .\n cseniiig ot poems and prose h} \\ riters lroiii the North lidinbtirgh area and 111\ Ned guests


Scottish Lives Nether-ho“ .\rts Centre. 43 45 High Street. 55b 05"). 2pm. liree. Donald Smith leads this 1000\le C sct'lcs till talks liiiiklllg‘ at the LlL‘\L‘1tiplllL‘lll ol biograph} and autobiograph} in Scotland.

Blood Scotland National (iallers ot Modern Art. T5 liclltil'd Road. (L24 02”“ (ipiii. 1‘ree. This ness series of iiionthl} talks introduces coiiteniporar} art to a lie“ audience.

Legal Interventions Quaker Meeting Hotise. 7 Victoria Terrace. 225 4325. (i-.7.45pni. Free. The l-'i'eedoiii ot lnlorniatioii iScotlaiidi .-\ct is ill radicaII) change the culture ol secrec} among public authorities h} gi\ ing tis radical ness rights to access inlorniation. Btit is it really as radical as it seenis'.’

After Hours National (ialler) ol Scotland. the Motiiid. 024 6200. (s 7pm. Free. The (ialler) 's doors sta} open just that little hit later tor a programme ol talks. music. readings and. ol course. art.

Other events

British Red Cross Fashion Show Dynamic liaith. Hol}rood Road. 550 7’8le. £30 t£l0i. 7.30pm. The 1)} iiamic liaith exhibition pro\ides a fabulous setting lor the Red ('ross Fashion Show in aid ol the (‘hild Adsocac) and Rehabilitation programme in Sierra Leone. This luii and lunky event is compered b} leading Scottish businessuonian Michelle Moiie and promises an eclectic mix ol _\oung designers and high street lasliion. .-\ dance party in the biosphere lolloits the fashion Slit)“ with (‘raig Smith from Audio l)elti\e manning the decks isee (‘lubs listings for more inlorinationi. ()h and esents kick oll \\ ith an ever so civilised champagne reception \\ hat better excuse do toti people need‘.’ ('heck out

scottishesentsta redcross.org.tik tor more information.

The Jacobite Clansman lidinhurgh Castle. Ro) a1 Mile. 225 9846. l lam. noon. 2pm it 3pm. £8 1L2 £(ii. Meet the Jacobite clansniaii \\ ho has arris ed in Edinburgh to sign tip for the arm} ol Bonnie Prince Charlie. And \shile )oii're there check otit the castle itsell \sith attractions including James [\"s lamous cannon. Mons Meg. the ()ne ()‘clock (iun with its oun exhibition. lots ol militar} silverware and. of course. the Stone ol Destiny. used to crmin Scottish kings since time began.

Friday 28 Talks A Taste for Titian National (ialler) til Scotland. the Mound. 624 (i200. 12.45pm. Free. Peter Humlre). professor of line art at St Andrexss L'nixersit} gis es a talk at this popular galler) space.

ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATION Go along and make your stand against warfare in this massive anti-war demo. The march leaves Waterloo Place, near the UN Consulate at 2pm on Saturday 29 March.


Other e\ents The Jacobite Clansman l tllltl‘tllg'll (listle. Rosal \lile. 225 ‘lS-lti llaiii.

noon. 2pm \\ 3pm Lb it- it“ See lliti

PBFA Book Fair »\sseiiibl_\ Rooms. 54 (ieoige Street. 220 4 34‘) \ooii ‘piii t'l ll‘lL‘t‘l Biossse and bus from the man) second-hand .iiid aiitittuaiian books on tillcl

Saturday 29

Other ei. ents

Scottish Breeds Dog Show Rosal Highland (‘entie liigliston. 335 fi200 (time along and leaiii that little bit more abotit man's best friend \\1111 all ot the best breed competitions and doggs displa} s on

NPL Life Enhancement Course Bruntstield Hotel. 22‘) I 3‘13

‘).30.ini o 30pm {115 lllls l\\i\ das course introduces participants to core altitudes and skills ot modelling etlecti\e patterns ol behax iour coiiiiiitiiiicatnin and thinking lot moie information and a booking lorni contact

iiioi‘agtfl stiaightdoss iitheline lsiiet co tik PBFA Book Fair .-\\\t‘llll‘l} Rooms. 54 (icorge Street. 220 434‘) 10am 5pm :1 il5reei. See in 2S

Spring Flower Show Rosal Htilatlic (iaideii i(‘aledonian Halli. 1ii\eileitli Ross. 552 "1‘1. llaiii 5pm {1,50il'ieei Held at the garden lor the totirth )cat' running. the 2003 Spring 15lo\s er Shim is a chance to celebrate the achieieiiients ot os er till amateur gardeners

Festival of Learning l.eitli Academy 4” Acadclll} l’at'k. l)(ill(i. \titin 4pm l.eit1i .-\cadeiii_\ hosts this ttiii testisal \sitli art eshibits. \\til‘k\llti[‘\. meditation. language cates and much. iiiticli more

Book events

Shore Poets 'l'lie ('anons' (iall. 2‘3 (’anongate. 55o 44S]. 7.45pm £2 ill i Richard Price. (‘hristine l)e l.tica and lrlan Merchant and music lroni Arthur 'l‘iniperle} on the lotsland pipes

Other events

NPL Life Enhancement Course Bruntslield Hotel. ‘).30atti (i30pni. £115. See Sat 2‘).

Spring Flower Show Roin Botanic (iarden i('aledonian Halli. ln\etleitli Ross. 552 71"]. 11am 5pm. £1.50 il'reei. See Sat 2‘).

Alpine Trough Demonstrations Rosal Botanic (iarden. linerleith Rim. 552 "171. .\'ooii 3pm. l-'ree. Demonstration at the Plant Sales ('eiitre on planting alpine troughs \sith c\pcrt adsice on the general care ol alpine plants,

Other events

Monday Lizard Tra\ crse Theatre. ('ambridge Street. 228 I404 ts‘pm. tree. The Traierse celebrates its 40 )ears at the top \iith these ltiii talks as the). prot ide this monthl} platform tor Scottish plasu rights pro\iding a llll\ ol satire. short pla_\s and ties music. See Theatre listings for lull details of Traxerse theatre Slit)“ s.

Book events

The Tuesday Turtle Netherhou Arts Centre. 43—45 High Street. 556 957‘).

" 9pm. £3 donation. Are _\ou interested in shaping and making stories for oral telling. \iith themes including lamil} and personal stories. stories ol place and the natural environment. and an} other subjects ol general interest to the group'.’ Donald Smith hosts this inlormal storytelling session u. here storytellers new and established share stories and feedback

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