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A few sen‘: d yers=ons crop up WII?‘ the eastwn influenced ‘Nohody's listening”, the Aphex lite 'Sessron' and the Hf s synthcore 'l‘lreakrng the llahrt' ()tl‘.(:r\.vrse it's husiness as usual in the l l’ can‘t): Slipknot filtered through the Backstreet Boys. (Ilean. crisp and instar‘tiy attractive. However. it rnakes one vital rnrstake: rnetal should never he inoffensive. ll lenry Northrnore



War Child Hope (l ondon) .0

As the freguency of War Child's efforts increase (this is third

'llflfllelllg 1995's gr'mndh'eamx; He,er the duality cf the music with”) decreases. wth the thematic ’er between the songs only helping to rnake this all the more cr;ngewortl‘.y

New ()rder's cornhall cover 0‘ J:rnrny Cliff's 'Vretnarn' is only the hr; of the rerun iceberg: we've got Rowan Keatrng. George Michael and Aynl l ayrgne laying siege to a few classics too.

lhe Charlatans try hard With their frothy if predrctahle take on Curtis Mayfreld's ‘We Gotta have Peace and this leaves only Beth Orton. 'lorn McRae and Billy Bragg to hnng any sense of dignity to the proceedings. War Child's principled intentror s should be celebrated. hut

Maw H:;t,e"rsu'


KENNY GARRETT Standard of Language ‘i’.’a"ie~ O...

N a 1' ‘F

rbx‘: ‘{~r‘:n» ~0

:Jorr‘.rr‘.a'):: ’2‘ 'fat language

(iarrett sets aside the poopier d restinns of some of the rrwatenal on his last <:ou;:le of d s r”. fayrx.’ of a full hlooded ia// attack. powered by the high energy rhythrn team of l); ss rnaestro ()harnett Moffatt and drurnrner Chris Dave. who is egually at home wrth JE]// and hip hop ll nc Harland takes over his seat on the title track)

lhe saxonhonisf's own playing is often incendiary and always inventive. while pianist Vernell Brow", adds his own creative direction to a powerful rnusrcal rnrx. (Kenny Mathieson.



Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) New Singe 7tf ADM


London.“ London. .- Southampton. Liverpool. Derby. Ipswich. Leicester. Edinburgh 5 Newcastlr Manchester. " Sheffield. Wolverhampton.

'. Cambndg~:.

Fin-tin! Cardiff. "‘ ' "w u Plymouth, Pavilion _> Brighton. Dome V London. Hammersmrrh Apolk

house classics

Ill“ "

The Cardigans My Favourite Game (Rollo's Mix) Todd Terry Jumpin’ (Rhythm Masters Thumpin' Mix)

Josh Wink Higher State Of Consciousness (Dex & Jonsey's Higher Stated Mix) Da Hool Meet Her At The Love Parade (Nalin & Kane Mix)

Karen Ramirez Looking For Love (Dave‘s Found You Mix)

David Morales presents The Face Needin' U (Original Mistake)

Voices Of Life The Word Is Love (Say The Word) (Silk's Anthem Of Life) Daddy's Favourite I Feel Good Things For You (Alan Braxe Mix 1)

Byron Stingly Get Up Everybody (Parade Mix) Wildchild Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix)

Todd Terry Something's Going On (Tee's Remix) Barry White Love Is The Icon (Roger's Midnite Luv Mix)

Unmixed CD & Triple Vinyl Released 14.04.03


10-24 Apr 2003 THE LIST 105