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Welt. welcome to the gamrnu equivalent. [)evrl may (In was; a glorious surprise. creating; tantastrt‘ wor<l~ot mouth and no small amount of critical acclaim. Now. what seems like only a few weeks later comes the sequel. and like Book of Shadows. looks like nothrng but a cheap cash-in

There are no graphrcal improvements. the combat system rs exactly the same and even the rntroductron of a new playable character cannot convrnce that thrs rs anything but a poor relative. desperater trying to clutch onto the exhaust pipe of its predecessors bandwagon Let's fOrget rt. shall we? Devr/ may Cry and rts fans deserve so much more than thrs. (larn Davidson)

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Sequel greed: it's a terrible thing. Think The Godfather Part 3, Speed 2, or the prospect of sitting through the next four Harry Potter movies the word ‘disappointment’ doesn‘t even come close.

Those in the know have always been aware that Manhunter, Michael Mann's version of Thomas Harris' book Red Dragon, was not only one of the great moody thrillers of the late 805, but far superior to Jonathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs. which in its turn was better than its hysterical sequel Hannibal. Franchises, however, have their own in-built contracts, which in turn gives actors and novelists the chance to sell their wares twice (or more) over.

And so we have the Lambs prequel. Edward Norton takes the role of Will Graham (originally played by Will Peterson) and Hollywood hack Brett Ratner directs. Most importantly, there’s a really camp (Welsh) dragon here in the form of Anthony Hopkins. playing (unconvincingly) a younger Lecter.

Lecter is helping Graham create a psychological profile of the Tooth Fairy (Ralph Fiennes). a serial killer who likes to place mirrors in the eyes of his victims. But does Lecter, hidden deep in his Victorian style cell, have an ulterior motive? It‘s all very watchable, occasionally a bit scary and has some great support performances. But what Mann turned into a chamber piece of tone and mood limps out here as little more than a gothic platform game. (Paul Dale)

I Ava/lame on VHS and DVD renrar thrOrrg/r Una/8'88 from Thu 77 Apr.

108 THE LIST 70—24 Apr 2033


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