SERVANTS 8801, Thu 10 Apr. 9pm .00

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Thrnk t/r?::tarrs Dot-,rrstrrrs \.'.'rth protanrt‘. and a collecton o‘ Ctr/lg ()n stereotypes rrirtrudrnr; handsome ()rrrsl‘ rake under r>utler. dour Srtottlsh hut‘er and large hoson‘ed nurserr‘ard andyou".e Erot the measure of how trred the thrnr; feels. .Joe , osolorr‘ nrutters hrs way through the role of dastardh tootrnan George Cosmo wrth a Mr Tenet ot rrr‘.pr:;h rtlrarrr‘. hut the wee

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has as f"r,t.:;t fr" ..r‘r;xr,r:’:‘_e<: Wee/e "'t". ".*"‘ A ar‘ Pa'1r,'.“e 31 j j,:;,'.-,'.‘. Scottish. Fri 11 Apr. 8.30pm 00

i" Kr‘rise, Arms. "e. ate': tLt:T.'.’t:er‘ 'r‘assw: '2' r‘rt"’:i sessrurts at We Garry n and taprrr'tr; mt the tale at \Jrlt‘ [)rxrm, a .'.”l"r<l‘.<) Cress northern tezrrit‘er out at hrs derrtr‘. .‘rr"orir;st ft‘e rr‘aril‘rr‘atrorrs (it flte

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students that r:an‘e out of tie state tunded 'rzgrher (?(lll(l{lllf)ll syste'r l)£il(:<l rnto rr‘srgrrrlrcarree next to ()shorne's / ()(Dn Hack r'} Anger. r>1rt .t dd oerzorr‘e a tax'ourzte arr‘rurgst dtrns and shoot, 'r‘etlur lords,

ans ‘.’(}lf;r()'1 stars a .'.roetu|l3.' 'hzs<:ast Step're" Torr‘pkrnson as .Jrrr‘ and rs adapted hy Maureen l rprr‘an's husoand .Jaek Hosenthal 'Lon lon's Hurrnngr, It trres to rernx’est some of the darker Maelrravellrar‘. tones of the hook that were lost rn the srlly hut (?".]()‘,’£Tl)l(} 195/ Ian (Iarrhrr:hael trlrr‘. versron, out tarls spectacularIy. Boredom and a cute 130:; nostalgra exentuarly srr‘other every'thrnr;

despite stroer support tror‘.‘ Helen M<ZCt()r\,’. Roher't Hardy and Penelope erton.

rPaul Dale.

Lucky Jim, unfortunate viewer

GREASE MONKEYS BBC3. Tue 15 Apr, 10.30pm 00

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~"."a""<:;. f'saxearl, ’Z(Z(;(;(,‘(l;ll .'.r'." rlrsrmssv." r.':.;;'a""“es 51'”! orr‘erles ‘t for Terrestrial fee. sun! .ltnat Ike BBC (l'mre f'ter‘

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{lungs like plot. r‘arvatrxe.

arttrnd or a bor't t'rrs oreakr‘ertk f;l‘.;ll"t1:(?f; of a show rs based around a dysfunctro'raY Asran talt‘rl\,' and then ‘iirt‘rl‘, husness, (Brand Trunk Garage. Thelrrst erusode features an (Exp‘otlrng (tar. a talk 'Tt; dog}. a ghost. a rrtutrlateo (:or rse ar‘d :oads of drug; takrrro. drrnk:r‘.r; and E;‘.‘.’(?a'rr‘.g;. You'd thrnk that would he lur‘. or even lunny, ‘.‘./(>uidn't you? Think agrarn. A serres of .iI (:onrterved slapstrr:k set preees and not rr‘.t;(tlr nrore. Crease r'ylonkevs 's unrnsprred. unrrrrpressrve and trnrnragrnatwe televrsrorr. ‘Doug .Johnstorrel


Any TVdo(1unrentan, worth rts (:ha!k s'nould ask and. rdeally. answer one key question. The Real John (ME/woe wonders ‘.-.rhether Superhr‘at's ratings were a natural extensron ot hrs (tonrpetrtrve mm or rt he usen rt as a tool to underrnrne the contrdmree and concentratron of hrs hapless opponents. And the conclusron’? Well. not too sure. really.

And so. thrs latest In a

new: "on

Scottish. Wed 16 Apr. 9pm 0000

A fruity tale with an actually credible Friel

As fruits go. watermelons are wet. insipid and generally uninspiring. Which. until now. was pretty much how I viewed Anna Friel. Like a British Winona Ryder, the predictability of her acting style has meant it's failed to pack a punch since those scandalous Brookside days. Yet, unlike the eponymous starter, Watermelon leaves you pleasantly satisfied. and it‘s thanks largely to Ms Friel and her surprisingly credible Dublin accent.

Feisty young graduate. Claire, heads for London and a glamourous job in publishing, her wearisome boyfriend Adam (Ciaran McMenamin) in tow. But her ability to out-lie Pinocchio soon gets Claire in trouble, sending her back home to mum and dad. via another man’s bed and a maternity ward.

Based on the novel by Marian Keyes. Watermelon treats young motherhood far more realistically than that other Friel vehicle, Mad Cows. Struggling to adjust to lone parenthood. Claire continues to party hard, offering to mix her sister a White Russian with breast milk. while two- week-old Kate looks on from her cot. But somehow, despite Claire's recklessness, drunkenness and aversion to honesty, Friel keeps us firmly

on side.

We want new love, James (Jamie Draven) to forgive. forget and follow her to Dublin; Adam to accept his responsibility for Kate; and mum and dad (Brenda Fricker and Sean McGinley - both born to the roles) to stand by her. What we don‘t want is another romantic comedy that ends in a mad dash to the airport. Ah well, three out of four ain‘t bad. (Kelly Apter)

.’(?l‘, Tom; .rne ot The Real '.r'./h< )exers

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veal grrr‘rhrek the repeated sno‘.‘.:"g; mt 'Mrfnrow' '(thrltlltrrtltl nickname. The T-tuntr having his or‘ (:our". tantrums. Exhrlaratrnd rr» YOU. the verbal yrolenee soon litrtizl'tlt: parodres of his greatest hits, ‘You Cannot Be Serious‘ ar‘d 'err‘re the Prts ot the Earth. Mar" Strll. there :s certarrtl,’ a volley of entertaining trthrts. Dunno a partr(:u|arly vroient rag- loss rn Stockholm. the king of Sweden was

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In A ;a Mt tr W-“r’

THE MAN WHO SAVED CHILDREN Channel 4. Thu 17 Apr. 9pm 00.

.r‘e ‘rst slot at a trul- {lar‘ Geo/(Iran Urrrlr;-/‘/.’o'/d series tells the rernarkalrle strw, of Thomas Loran, a middle aged. retrred

shrptluzlder who airrxost “.rrtqlt? handediy kwk

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rytrlrgrrq t, r’lw'xr ‘I " up'errrerrt l I; r.etmrr-

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[r‘flltltl' ‘f‘l Kll ’; ‘, irttr";‘.‘ ll ‘or 7/ ,ear', 'r¢'ri;r;r,f;"r) ;,r;r'rr mar/1'.

to build aw i wu' ’ler; Hunt/rial ' treeast errrl at l Irr‘rrlrr'r. art”: ‘1'} ,r‘. rurpse‘,’r‘atwrrrl'l'It" retires that attend ?l e "arnta'

[he Him who

Lr/H/ {girl/«Herr rgrre'. t,r:,r',r‘.rl Corarvr‘, fr“?! Iteatlr tr, she-w The treated trrstrf/ Mt arr r.‘.trtrltrrltr

that was

TPI‘: (“I/Art}!

rower: to .t‘. “.0”: rr,’ Charade that well/{red ltllrtl’ll' .l‘. lllt: lc'tTl': liztl r.e."tur/ llr1forturrately. the prorlrarr‘rr‘r: rr Zlktrt'. seerr more :nteresterl -r the slrrrhtl/ arrrrrrey per/rd re erraatrr errt'. of .‘/(:(:[)Ill() rr others and enrldren rrr plus tours and pr,- r‘ats t :arr the contrrtlutrons of an astute til man of historrans arzd prographers ll’aul Dale;

.ll-t Arr .7 " V THE LIST 109