Refined streetwear for the select few

T-shirts depicting Willie Miller as Che Guevara, and the mullet of Partick Thistle’s Scott Paterson, have probably been Aberdeen's biggest contributions to fashion in recent years. Casseus Cartel’s new spring/summer range, however, easily tops the above to become the most notable fashion export of the granite city - selling as far as Japan, and very soon New York.

Now into its third season, Casseus Cartel is the baby of three Aberdonians - Jamie Erridge, Scott Forrest and Richard Hyland - who met via a common love of drinking and music. They established the label in response to mass designer clothing and branded sportswear. The trio shun current trends and tones, describing their clothes as ‘non-fashion‘. As Scott Forrest explains: ‘People walk down the street with their big Calvin Klein branded jumpers - armies of them - then you get all your neds in their jumped-up sportswear. We’re trying to create something a bit different.‘

The new spring/summer collection offers sweatshirts and T-shirts with striking punky graphics, alongside smart, stylish shirts, trousers, light jackets, and ‘pre-fucked up jeans’. Being based in Aberdeen also helps them to produce fresh ideas. ‘Living outside London provides us with cheaper rents, cleaner air and hills to roam in,’ says Forrest. “Furthermore it distances us from the whole blinkered fashion scene and ass- licking that exists in London.‘

Meanwhile, ladies can look forward to next year, when the trio plan to launch a range of women’s wear. (Carolyn Aiken) I Casseus Cartel If; stocked by Tr'rl)a/'./1.'rrkr. V/l/SO/l Street. (Slasuozzz 07-17 5:32 7078.

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Retail with a heart and soul

Museums and galleries have cottoned o" to the fact the, “axe tr, offer something more to \xisito's 'l‘ then-1a, of retail. F-orrr‘ at the Lighthouse produces unrivalled designs for .riter'ors. the Nationa' Mtist>iiir‘s; SCl! first rate rein/elem, Now. it you pick your up The Royal Mile to the Hui) \,es. past the cashrr‘er'e scarves. shortlread and tartan papenxremht shops a h.dde" snopping gel" is (l‘.‘.’£li'. at;

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En. Saunders hags ifron‘ 2‘30 Brightly coloured and captivating“. designed. these handy shoppers are actualli, made frorn recycied plastic carrier hags. Fancy. Beneath those are Spacetorni 9!; ss cuhes and papeme-ghts ifron‘ 5‘50?) when are tiny love tokens Further down you'l? find Eduilihnu'r‘s nox'elt'», watewng cans 13512.99. Al! those fron‘ one stand and an illustration of the range of products on offer.

In addition. the shop sells greetings cards. hooks. (iutldi‘, toys. hand-illanipulated puppets. bags. scarres. accessories and part, decorations. Granted. there are hints of tackintosh. rr‘a<:aroo"s and guide books lurking here and there. but the overall effect is

still far removed from the t0urist tat than its address 'r‘idh‘. suggest. Tickets for the Edinburgh lnternatonal Festwa

go on sale at the Hub from Sat 2 Apr. so that's

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Spend. spend. spend. . .

I GREAT NEWS FOR European law was introduced at the end of March that affects the Sale of Goods Act. Where once the consumer had to prove that products were faulty at the time of sale, the onus is now on retailers to prove that items were not faulty at that point. That means that the consumer has greater power to seek repair, replacement or partial/full refund on goods that were faulty at purchase. This doesn’t apply to wear and tear of goods, and there are time limits in place, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. For more information on the new law, visit www.tradingstandard

I THE GLASGOW Alil Fair returns to George Square from lhti l()~Sun ‘23 Apr. lhe eighth annual lair brings together the work of :30 galleries across the city. the UK and Europe. Prices for artwork ranges wrr‘lely and it's a good chance to pick up an original piece. For more information call 0141 1353 1937. and see prevrew in Art.

I PALM-TOP technology is never ending. Last issue we came over all geekish at the mere sight of the nVoy e100 from Pogo. Now it's the

turn of the keyboard. Gadget website www.iwantoneofthose .com has introduced the world's first wireless PDA keyboard. According to the gadget know- alls, when it comes to typing, the palm-held computers are ‘about as much use as a bicycle to a dog’. The wire-free design is pocket-sized, runs on


a single AAA battery and connects to your palm-top by way of infra-red beams. Smashing. Furthermore it folds in two and effectively transforms your palm-held into a pocket PC. If you want to be smart about it, that is. I sci ll lisii

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I TORRENTE IS SET to launch a new perfume mid-May. The eau de toilette

fragrance will be available in major department stores and it's described as a ‘sensual, warm, audacious‘ scent. Light, fresh top- tones make it perfect for summer - it’s just a shame that the bottle wouldn't look out of place on your great aunt's dresser.

I THE PASSPORT cosmetics hrand WI” launch in Scotland this month Already well established in london, the makeup range Will be stocked in selected Debenhams (including East Kilbride). Products include translucent lip colOurs. eye shadows and bronzer. Each item is packed in a funky transparent sachet. reflecting its dynamic image. Go to wwwpassponcosmeti cscom for more information.

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