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Tunnbck’s tea arty

As the elections loom, politicians have to adjust to an electorate that cares. war-as; Jason Hall

y girlfriend's got a story about .lack .\lc('onnell. It is in the mn—up

to a general election in the early 90s and she's partaking of'

'l’unnock's Tea (‘akes with a friend in a shared student house. It's a

warm day. so the front door is ajar. .lack. campaigning for Labour. lets himself

in and times right into the kitchen unannounced. uninyited and -- I can assure you quite unwelcome. lle reaches towards the table: ‘You won‘t mind il' l have a 'l‘unnock's Tea (‘akc‘." he smarms as a precursor to his pitch. ‘Actually'. yes I do.' says tny significant other as a precursor to sending him packing on his way with his tail between his legs and his paws notably 'l'unnockless.

l‘tlsl forward to last year and those pesky politicians are still trying to get their hands on our goodies in the shape of our valuable \‘UICs. With turnouts at the polling stations dropping exponentially. they're racking their brains trying to think of new ways to get us interested in politics. Remember how they openly discussed ways of drawing us in. by putting polling stations in supermarkets or letting us \‘ote online‘.’ Then

they finally cracktgd it. They dildthel one thing guarantcet to in atne our po itica passions. They started a war. Oh. they got our interest all right. But I don't think 90.000 people war, It’s marching through (ilas‘L‘ow' in )l'tllL‘sl is L uite

~ ~ ~ l l aboutour

what they had in mind. . You know what the real killer is'.’ Before VOICE, our the talk tttrned to war. they tliought we didn't . ~ vote, our

care. They thought the reason there was such

a low turn ottt at elections was because we were too uninterested. disengaged or just too

easily distracted to bother about what was going on in the world. But the fact is we were just disenfranchised. .\'o party spoke for us. so who was there to vote f'or‘.’ This is as true today as it was back then. ()1in more so. .-\ million people march on London. 90.000 in (ilasgow‘. eyery' opinion poll in Britain says that the people don't want war. yet those w ho we elected to speak for its decided to ignore us. With the Scottish parliamentary elections just around the corner. Jack .\lc(‘onnell is right about one thing. This is not about the war. But what he's failed to acknowledge is that it is about our yoicc. our \otc. our democratic system and the part we all play in it. With campaigning about to start in earnest. my guess is that those same politicians who once showed concem at our lack of interest may not be quite so keen to get us down to the polling stations now they know our votes may go against them. ls there anyone lel‘t worth yoting for"? Sure there is. Do they stand a chance ot‘ winning‘.’ .\'ot important. You're not filling out a betting slip and this isn't about picking a winner. It's a polling card. Make sure you use it. That‘s no 'l'unnock's Tea (‘ake you‘re holding there.



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