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2-for-1 tickets for The Lighthouse

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L; it“ e. A. i. A, :3: {7; . 2: WIN Diesel clothes, 2% CD5 and cases of WKD Diesel U-Musit; s searching for the most interesting and innovative music being 33 produced by unsigned bands and [)th Ill 3 garages and bedrooms across the L; country ll you want to hear DJ Yoda -- ‘D one of the prey/mus Diesel-U Music g Winners or some of the best entries (0 from this year's competition. then come along and see the cream of the Crop. The Diesel-U-MUSiC 2003 UK tour. sponsored COMMON'PLACE by WKD, Visits the Sub Club in Glasgow Btiildings and Spaces that on Thursday 10 April. Be one of the first came“ US T L 100 through the door and you'll also The Lighthouse 1"" l8 OLJ receive a free bottle of WKD Silver. Until Wednesday 1 1 June t . . , We're givrng away five cases of WKD $7.3 (€1.50) SlIVC'. five DIOSCl-U-MUSIC T-shirts and CD; so to be in '.".’ltli a chance of Scotland's Centre for Architecture. wnmmg Jim mu US; Design and the City I 1 Mitchell Lane ' ' 'ARCHIT‘ECTURE Which winning DJ will appear on the Glasgow Diesel-U-Music tour? (31 3NU Tel: 01111 221 636? http: awry-r.'.'.rkd.co.uk www.thelighthouseeo.uk . Terms & Conditions: ertotiiriesmhelightltouseeo.uk '~ SCOTTISH EXKCUTM t"*f'ti"fs" '; :, l'"""'—‘-_"-—-——_—-"'-——---—--—_---_—1 : for : . Buildings and Spaces that Connect Us my , ' The Lighthouse ‘i ' Mitrt'uli Lane I I : Until Wednesday 11 June $133522 : I £3 (£1 .50) www.thelighthOtise eouk fir : This voucher entitles you to purchase : 1 two tickets for the price of one. I l l : Tam & “Mm: : Turn to page 86 in Art for your chance to I This voucher entitles you to purchase two tickets of ecual value I Win tiCKets to the FaShion, GIamOUf and | fer entry to The Lighthouse for the price ol one until Wednesday a . . . . ' attestsemsastgsze I Ce'ebr't'es exh'b‘mns at “‘9 1....________’__‘___‘___‘___________; National Galleries p

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