Barrowand, Glasgow, Fri 11 Apr

“There‘s a record label that has affected my life so deeply that I love it second only to my girlfriend,‘ says Daryl Palumbo. singer and chief philosopher in Glassjaw. He is an true enthusiast: on the phone from Steve Lamaq‘s radio studio in London - where the band are about to record a session - he exudes vitality when happily detailing his passions for Mo' Wax (the aforementioned record label), Bathing Ape clothes, manga comics and of course, music.

Such unpretentious sincerity and passion are qualities so often scorned by today’s rock gods - an honours degree in cynicism is normally a prerequisite. Well, take your post-postmodern, ironic trousers and parade them around in front of your skinny-tie sporting pals at the exhibition opening, cos I’ll take enthusiasm any day thanks.

From Long Island, the five-piece radiate the same feral excitement that has attracted millions away from the superclub dancelfoors and back to the moshpit over the last few years and while the premiership of rock acts - Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit et al - will release the albums that make or break them as credible big players over 2003, Glassjaw snuck out a long player last year of such singular quality that it beat them all to the punch.

Worship and Tribute is a many-backed beast, endowed simultaneously with vitriol, weight and crushing beauty. Most succinctly defined as Morrissey fronting Fugazi, the music evokes the disciplined aesthetics of At the Drive-In (had they ever considered commiting a chorus to tape in their brief tenure as the finest band on the planet)

/ ' r ‘Ivlngcy'

but tempered by prime Mike Patton, the man who made Faith No More such a joy to behold.

You may think all this cap-in-hand worthiness would get cloying after a while but in truth, it makes a refreshing change. We have no shortage of tortured artists - so many, in fact, that we should really be torturing more of them ourselves but Palumbo has seen this UK tour postponed twice already as he has been hospitalised suffering from the chronic bowel condition Crohn's


All you need is love... and guitars

disease, a complaint that can leave sufferers literally bleeding to death. Unabashed and back to full pelt, the Glassjaw motorcade rolls into town and Palumbo certainly doesn't take it for granted. ‘I know everyone says it but I‘m the luckiest fucking kid in the world to be doing what I do, expressing my thoughts and feelings in a band. and I know it.‘ He laughs to himself, as if not being able to believe his luck. Make Glassjaw your new rock gods. They’ll love you for it. (Mark Robertson)


Queen's Hall, Edinburgh Thu 17-Sun 20 Apr

Water babies Swap

As part of the linked April events llll(l(‘,‘l Edinburgh counCil’s Ceilidh Culture banner. four of the most interesting and popular Scandinavian bands are taking the trip. as the Easter weekend is titled. Across the North Sea.

A fifth great band. Swap. are here too. bringing their original Swedish British fusion of fiddles (Carina Normansson and Ola Backstroml. the guitar of Ian Carr and accordion of Karen Tweed. The latter are both from the north of England and perform in bands like the POOZIGS and the John McCusker Band. but are new heading for new lives as reSidents of Sweden.

'lan's been over there for quite a while now.‘ says Tweed. ‘and I'm ab0ut to move to pm my bOerlele in Upsalla. Life is so

different. there are fewer people. and a lot of music. There. the tradition is thriVing and growing, and there's much more openness to new ideas and ways of playing. And. of course Swap play giiite a lot tl‘ere ' The band tours England later the year, and heads off for .Japan n the autumn to promote their latest album Mosquito Hunter. a mix of dense instrarnenta! harmony, fascinating rhythms and vocals on a bed of Nordic double-stopped fiddle strings.

'I don't know if it's becoming the "new Irish" music'. says Karen. "but Scandinavian music is becoming very popular. Before. it was a ‘.‘/(}|l-K(?Dt secret. but young people where I teach ta degree course in traditional music at Newcastle want to know all about it. OtlllC a few of them are gOing over in their summer holidays. to learn the music. And there is much more played on British radio now. on programmes like Late Junction'

And of the bands coming to Edinburgh? 'I think JPP are one of the best bands ever. Lush arrangements. and a fantastic high standard of musicianship. Vasen are a powerhouse of a band. very interesting, with the straight hardangm fiddle against sax and percussion.

And Varttina ~ the girls are great performers. great singers. It's a populist band approach but it's very well thOtight Out - they're cracking' (Norman Chalmers.

()l’l HA


Brunton Theatre. Musselburgh. Tue 15 Apr, Magnum Theatre, Irvine. Tue 22 Apr

Proving for the past 95) years that shall is not u'ii, lltaltlllltli but I a" also l".’tl'i' for terrific opera. Scottish Opera-Go Hound celebrates its {tlllll.‘:t‘,.’t", .'.‘l'.l‘ .: nus. production of Eugene Onegrn. ()tliei grand opera classics tackled ',.e' fin: ,e.:". have been Tosca. Carrner.‘ and i‘rfadarna Butterfly: All. llr‘.t’,‘ This latest (1" are presented fulli,’ staged in vemons that are specrall‘, ’;()’lfL‘}i‘.'i:(l fur a iiarvifii' of young professional singers and piano accoiiiiiaiiiii‘e'it. and to ft (animal. 1' whatever space local venues the !engtli and Liegidt'i of Scotland hai‘ offer 'l'fi practicality and art wcrkzrig togetnei', sa‘,s director John l a [Soiicnardie'e ‘0.” set shrinks and expands as iegiiired. put .'.'e".'e g,et fr; idllVfll‘ tlw: xxa-f.’ scene will i.-.tork in a shall space.’

Opening in Miisselbuigl‘ and closing 'n ()l\,"letia'ik. the ()“tfi’fl” “iii tales il‘ places as far apart as l ochinvei and llawir:k. i’ortree and Kl'rfl’alt’l, 'liw; teeziiig from day one says Boiichardiere. ‘is that there is no l1’)llll ll‘ preterirl'itg tra’. firm. is a inain house shonaa' No extravagant l)£il|l()()ll‘ scene l;t:'ll;il;‘,, cut l"-e Scottiai OperaGo Hound ‘.'(:l'f3l()'l gives the opportur‘it, to 'ook at l’Lllfllk’).‘;r,". iron? popular opera in a different way. 'Audiences lose sori‘e flllllQ‘. f",ll‘ a tY‘iil" no .me show'. says Boucliardiere. “like huge aiiiotints of changing f3tj(}l‘-(}f; things tl‘at we can't afford or fit.' ln compensation. ll()‘.'.’(:‘.’(2f. there is much to gain. 'We reall, focus on the story. so the actual SI()F‘,’-l(3||lll() is much clearer and you're left with something that is more detailed. precise and energetic."

The benefit of the na'. anal cornpani, l)(}l‘lll(l the flex pie scenes is ii‘assi'.e. and. says Bouchardiere. ‘Scottisn Opera-Go-Round has met prestige in the D'OlC'fSSl’Il‘. But yOu don't need the glitz anti glamour of a big iriipressw budding. Opera's not difficult as long as you can get people through the door.. iCarol Main,

.14 i" A; Tchaikovsky get a round

9-1 #1: .’/,’,'-. THE LIST 43