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Thursday 17 continued

I International Ceilidh Collective The Hub. (axtleliill. Ro}al Mile. 4'3 3000. 7.30pm £3.50 t£6.501. Sltixic ti'oin Brian .\1c.-\lpine and Bob 'l'urner'x ('eihdh (‘ollectne

I Out of the Bedroom Wawrle} liar. St .\lar}'x Street. 557 1050. ‘)pm midnight l-ree See Thu 10,

Friday 18

Glasgow I Christy Moore liarioxxlandx Spin. 0870 ‘)(l 3.3 444 See 31011 14,


0 varnina oat-em llall. ('lei'k Street. 663 301‘). lell. £13 t£101.lhe llelxinki» baxed nine-piece eiixemble adapt xongx and chantx ol Karelian and other l'innixh ctiltui'ex. \i ith radio-micx. cloxc. cle\cr harmon} \ocalx arid a reall} tight i'ootx/i‘ock band. llapp). ntto\icating lllllSte. I’rlI‘I (II xlt’l‘rtii I/tt‘ .VriI'I/t .Yt’tl.

I Seventh Annual Buffalo Mountain Easter Country and Western Festival Ro)al llighlatid ('entre. liiglixton. 335 6300. £50 lull

\\ cekend 10 £13 1301' dd} llekelxl. (‘onipere Bullan lluitter prexentx the top countr) bandx and competitionx. pltix line dance inxtruction. 'l‘rophiex to be

“on. Information \\\\.countr}le\ er/ htllltllticotlk. 01' 0135.3 7.33009.

I Leo McCann The Hub. (‘axtlehill Ro);tl .\li|e. 473 3000. 4pm. Free. '1‘} rone- born accoi‘dionixt plil}\ \\ itli Scotx/li'ixh band Malink}.

I Scottish Folk Directory Launch 'l‘he Ro}al ()ak. lnl'irinar} Street. 557 3‘)76. 7.30pm. liree. Launch ol the lie“ improved and on-line S151). lintr) b) ticket onl}. mailable l'i'oin lilackl'riai'x .\luxic. 01.31 557 30‘)0.

Saturday 1 9


I Lowland and Borders Pipers’ Society Competitions S1 Ann‘x (‘oiiimunit_\ ('entre. Sotith (Era) 'x ('loxe. ('ougate. 01835 833813. l‘rom 10am. £3. Main recital. 7.30pm. £6 (£5). (‘elebrating itx 30111 annixerxar}. the Sociel) litixlx a xpecial imitation recital competition ol bellotxx-bloun pipex. leaturiiig leading pla_\ei‘x like .v\llan .\lacl)onald and (Ear) Wext. and judged b} the audience.

0 JPP and Catriona MacDonald Queen'x llall. (‘lerk Street. 668 301‘). Spin. £10 (£81. liiiiland‘x top liddle group produce an nnprexxix e and unique \\ all 01 .xound \\ ith liddle harmon). baxx and harmonium. '1'he}‘re joined b} Illa/in‘ l'iddlex Shetland liddle xtar .\1acl)onald. Part of :lr'mu the North Sea.

I Seventh Annual Buffalo Mountain Easter Country and Western Festival Ro}a1 Highland ('entre. ltiglixlon. 3.3.5 (3300. £501,011 \teekend 10 £13 lor da} licketxt. See in IS.

I Birlin and Chantin 1)alr) llouxe. ()i'\\e|l Place. 467 71 18. 10am 11.30pm. Varioux pricex. .-\ da} ol' xong and dance “orkxhopx. lrotn lrixh xetdance to l-‘laiiienco. catering l'or all agex Willi breakdancing for kidx and a creche. ('eilidh dance from 7.30 1 1.30pm. For more inlormalion call 0131 343 1443.

I Anna Massie 'l'he Huh. ('axtlehill. Ro};i1 .\1ile. 473 3000. 4pm. Free. The BBC Young 'l‘raditional .\ltixieian ol the Year 3003 pla_\x riddle. guitar and mandolin.

I Ceilidh Dance St Bride‘x Centre. ()mell 'l‘errace. .346 1405. 7.30 1 1.30pm. £4-r£8 (£3). .\lu.xic from the Robert l5ixh Band.

I Malinky The lltib. (‘axtlehill Roxal Mile. 473 3000. 7.30pm. £8.501£6.50). Singer/xongxxriler Karine Pol“ art leadx lidinburgli-baxed Scotx/lrixh band.

I Concert/Ceilidh with the City of Edinburgh Pipes and Drums Thomax Morton llall. Ferr) Road. l.eith. 554 1408. 8pm. £8 t£6i. Songx from the

56 THE LIST 10—2-2 Apt zoos

l.othian (iaelic (lion. and a dance \\ ith tllttxlc 110111 the Belt} Sutillong (‘cilirlh Band 'licketx a\at1able lrom (‘oda “mm on the \lottnd. the \Vext [and Hotel. and at the door


I Seventh Annual Buffalo Mountain Easter Country and Western Festival Ro}al Highland ('entre. lnglixion. 3.35 6300. £50 lull

\\ eckeiid 10 £ l H 101‘ tl;t_\ ltekelxi See l'l'l IS.

I Shore Poets Present lhc (‘anonx‘ (iait. ('anongate. 556 44H 1.

3 5pm. £3. .\ celebration o1 Scotx language in l’oetr}. .\luxic and (itiixing “llll xonie o1 Scotland’x linext pcrlorinance poetx. \\ ith xiitgerx and muxicianx.

I Sarah McFadyen 't‘he Huh. (ittxllehlll. Rtt}ttl .\llle. 47.3 3000. 4pm. 1"ree. 'l'ratlitional Scottixh ttiiiex lrotn thix Ixoung ()rcadian liddlei‘.

0 vasen with Chris Stout ()ueeii‘x lla|1.(‘lerk Street. 668 301‘). Spin. £10 t£Si. (‘elebrated Six edixh baiid combining traditional Scandina\ian inxti'uinentx like the n_\ ckelharpa tke} ed liddlei \\ ith rock and tan xt_\ lex. The} 're joined b) Stotit. the Shetland liddlei/compoxer li'om Salxa (‘ellica and Fiddler'x Bid. l’ur! u/ .rlr nm the .Vut‘l/t .St'u.

I Bella McNab’s Dance Band Ceilidh The Hub. ('axtlehill. 1{o_\al .\lile. 473 3000. 3pm. £8.501£6.501. l‘iddle-drixen ceilidh hand \xith guitai‘ixt/callei' l)a\ e lirancix.

I The Listening Room The Blue Bla/er. Spittal Street. 33‘) 5030. 8pm. £3 xuggexted donation. See Sun 13.

I Donal Maguire Wee l'iolk (‘luh Ro)al ()ak. lnlirntar) Street. 557 3‘)76. 8.30pm. £3. See Thu 17.

I Gotan Project and Ouantic t'xher llall. l.othian Road. 338 1155. 8pm. £14 (£131. Winnerx o1 liext Next comer at Radio 3 World .\luxic Auardx. the (iotan l’rolcct (named alter the Buenox .v\irex xlang lor tangol are xe\en French and .-\rgentine muxicianx pioneering a xeai'ng l\\l\1 on claxxical tango. See pre\ ie“.

I Acoustic Underground (‘axile .'\l‘lll\ Bar. Johnxton 'l‘errace. 8.30pm. liree. See lite 1.5.

Wednesday 23


I Gotan Project and Ouantic 't‘he .-\i'chex. .-\i‘g)lc‘ Street. (N01 033 0300. 8pm. £13. See The 33 and pre\ tea.

I Ceilidh Dance Class and Traditional Singing Session St Andre“ ‘x Square. oil Salttnarket. St Andre“ ‘x Street. 548 6030. 7.30 ‘).30pm. £3.50. See Wed 16.


I Teada lidinburgh l‘olk Club. ('abaret Bar. the l’leaxance. 650 334‘). S’pm. £5 £6 t£4l. 1i\ceptional tour-piece lroin Sligo. Willi ()ixi'n .\1acl)iarmada tliddle/mc 1. John lilake illute/guitari \xith Sean .\lcli|\\ain tbou/ouki/lmnioi and 'l‘rixtan Roxenxtock tbodliran l.

I Laura Cantrell Queen'x llall. ('lerk Street. 668 301‘). 8pm. £13 t£l ll.

.\'axh\ ille-born xinger xong\\riter Laura (’antrell tourx her latext album When the erw Blur)!" :1 L'tllll. See pre\ ie\\.


I Andy Irvine (are Source. at St .-\litll'e\\\ in the Square. St .'\lltlre\\x Square. oll Saltmarket. 548 6030. 3pm. £6 t£4t. Solo gig for the unique lrixh xinger and mandolin playr. co-l‘ounder o1~ man) xeminal lrixh bandx. t'rom l’lan\1} to Patrick Street.


I Out of the Bedroom Wa\erle_\ Bar. St Mar) 'x Street. 557 1050. ‘)pin—midiiight. Free. See Thu l0.


& opera

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Ruth Hedges at, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges and Carol Main.

Thursday 10


I Dunedin Consort (ilaxgtm l'ni\erxit) Chapel. l'iiiwt'xit) :\\enue. 330 40‘)3. "pin. £3 £1 l. The Dunedin (‘onxort gi\ ex itx highl} acclaimed annual pertormance o1 Bach'x St .lluttlieu l’(l\\lt’ll “11h remarkable tenor Julian l’odger ax 1i\angelixt. :\ real muxt-xee the ('onxort are all outxtanding xoloixtx atid enxenible xiiigerx. and the “ork ix a dramatic inaxterpiece o1 unmatched emotional intenxit}, (31110131 333 34101orticketx. I Easter Concert RSMII). loo Renl’re“ Street. 333 5057. 7.30pm. £7 t£4i. 'l‘he 1.anarkxhire ()rchextra Societ) Yotitli Wind ()rcliextra perlornix a \ai'iet) o1 tunex. l‘rom lilton John'x 'I'lte [JUN King to Jatnex ('urnou ‘x Retuuinum'e.

I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Ro}al ('oncert Hall. 3 Sattchiehall Street. 353 3000. ",30pm.

£11 £133 t£5 £71, llan \'olko\ condtictx a beautilull) xelected programme ol tone poemx including l)ebuxx_\ 'x Lu .ller. Scriabin'x l.e [meme (l(' Ifetme and .\lexxiaeti'x I’uentex pour .lli xtitig h} xoprano Roxemar} Hard}.

I Paragon Ensemble 'l‘ron ’I‘heatre. 63 ’l‘rongate. 553 4367. Split. £3 i£5 1. Philip (ilttxx‘ l()()() xii/"plutuw on the Run] ix a multi-media inuxic/drama tnaxterpiece. lirxt perl'ormed in an airport hangar in (ienexa and xomethiiig of a legend e\ er xince. The minimalixt uork ix performed lixe to a lilm projection b) .\like Ne“ man. and conducted b) (iarr} Walker.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Queen'x llall. ('lerk Street. 668 301‘). 7.45pm. £6.50 £31. Andre“ Litton conductx the S(‘() from the ke)hoard. and ix joined b} the group‘x leader l\iolltil\1 Alexander Jatiic/eki and celebrated cellixt l'rxula Smith in an exciting perlormance ol' Beethm en'x Triple (.(Hlt't'l'lfl. ll'x a \xonderlul “ink. and ix complemented b) Britten'x Suite on line/tilt I'D/k 'I'unei and ’l‘chaikoi xk) 'x delightl'ul .llorurtiunu Suite.


I The National Children’s Orchestra of Scotland and Camerata Scotland Ro} at (‘oneeri Hall. 3 Sauclnehall Street. .353 3000. 7pm. £10 £18. Julian (‘1a}tott conductx Scotlaiid'x )oungext talent. here perl'orining Beethmen'x Roma/tee In! 3 m I" [or i'tn/itt um! (tl'('/l(‘\ll'(l. .\la\\ ‘x Summer Ihuu'ei and 'l‘chaikox xk} 'x .llurelu' Slate. The) are _|0111L‘tl b} thoxe approaching a prolexxional career. in the l'orm o1 ('ainerata Scotland. “hieh pla}x .\lo/art'x S) mphon} no 40 under the ubiquitoux baton ol' (iarr_\ Walker.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Baron) lla|1.(’axtle Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £6 £18. See Thu 10.

I Easter Concert RSAMI). too Renl'reu Street. 333 5057. 7.30pm. £7 l£4 ). 'l'he l.anarkxhire ()rchextra Societ} Youth Wind ()rchextra perl’ormx (ierxlmin'x Girl (711:) ()I'('/l(’\ll'(l. Wt)er h} Berlio/ and Howard Shore'x The Lord of the Rittex.

I BT Scottish Ensemble Royal Concert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 35.3 8000. 7.45pm. £10 £13 r£3 £‘)i.1i\citing nexx orchextration ol Ra\e1\ String Quartet in I" Ittujm' WI‘IIICII expeciall} tor the enxemble b_\ Rudolf Barxhai. The) 're joined b) [\Hl highl} acclaimed xoloixtx John Wallace itrumpeti and Sophia

Rahman tpianoi lUI' Shoxtakm ich‘x

(1 rm el‘lu no / tor l’umo. Ira/nth! unit Strmcx \xhich ix perl‘ormed together “10] .\lo/art'x [hiett'rmenn and hole innniiialixt John la\enei'x [tan or the trier-[x

I Waterfall of Time S1 Marx “x ('alhedt‘al. .31Nl(it' \Vextei‘ii Road. .337 3S63 «Spin £.\ i£oi (‘ollaboratixe muxicliwrl'ormance inxtallation. \lutertu/l or Illtlt'. bringing together the creatixe talenton the Scottixh 1'lute l‘i'io. \ixual .ii'tixt l:li/.ibetli ()gilx} and 'laiko drumniei Jon llirota llil\ proinixex to be an e\citing and inti'igumg rcllection on the ‘philoxopln o1 \\.itei” in the iinpoxing xpace ol the cathedral interior


I 22nd Edinburgh International Harp Festival Merchixton (‘axtle School. 3‘” (‘Ullllltlll Rttdtl. 478 S440 l'3l\e da}x ol harp muxic. including concertx. claxxex. \torkxhopx and ceilidhx ('heck out llx \xebxite lor lull programme detailx \\\\“.hRIFPlCSlH11l.\‘0.lll\

I Dunedin Consort (ire)1riai‘x Kirk. (ire_\lriarx Place. 66.\' 301‘). 7pm £3 £ll See Thu 10

I Carrol McLaughlin and The Whistlebinkies Merchixton (‘axile School. 3‘)4 (‘olintoti Road. 47S S446. 7.30 10pm. £101£7i ()pening concert ol the lidinburgh International llarp l‘extixal .\lc1.aughlin. a inaxterlul perlormei. prexcnlx a programme o1 \ ii'tttoxtc claxxical to xi/lling tall. and the acclaimed Whixtlebinkiex pla} Scottixh traditional inuxic old and new

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra l'xher llall. l.othian Road. 338 1155, 7.30pm. £‘).75 £33. .-\x part ol the xpecial l’rokolim xeaxon to commemorate the 50th annixerxai') o1 hix death. .-\le\ander l.a/are\ conduch RSNU in liix Seventh Sun/thorn. togethei “Illl Rexpighi'x celeht‘ated I'uuntuim at Rome and Mo/art’x l't'ulin (’muerlo rm 5 \Hlll xoloixt lxabelle \aii Ketileii.

I Lunchtime Concert S1 (‘uihhert‘x (lunch. 5 |.othian Road. 33‘) 1143. 13.15pm. £5 1134); xllttlelllx lree. l.ttxl RS.\'() lunchtime concert ol' the xeaxon Willi xtring duo Ruth Rtmldlltlx and Lorna l.eitch. and l’ippa 'l‘unnell on the harp.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Ro}al ('oiiccrt Hall. 3 Satichiehall Street. 353 8000.

£11.50 £33.75. See 1h 1 1.

I Edinburgh Youth Orchestra 40th Birthday Concert RSAMI). 100 Renl'rett Street. 333 5057. 7.30pm. £101£3 £51. See panel. right.

I Waterfall of Time - Scottish Flute Trio, Elizabeth Ogilvy and Joji llirota St .\lar}'x ('athedral. 300 (ireat Wextern Road. 337 3363. 8pm. £3 i£6). See Hi 1 1,


0 Scottish Opera - Gotterdammerung li‘exiixat 'l‘heatre. l3 3‘) .\’icolxon Street. 53‘) 6000. 1pm. £13 £40 i£‘) £371. See llit 1,ixt. right and rex ICW on page 45.

I Sunita Staneslow .\lerchixton (‘axtle School. 3‘)4 ('olinton Road. 473 8446. 7.30 8.30pm. £9 t£6i Join acclaimed and charixmatic harpixt Sunita Slaiixeltm on a Journe} through Jeuixh inuxic traditionx. leaturing Kle/mer and ('haxxidic tnuxic l'rom eaxtern liurope. Sephardic l'rom mediexal Spain and contemporar} lxraeli melodiex. Part a} Izrlitibut'g'lt Harp I't'itti'ul.

I BT Scottish Ensemble Queen‘x Hall. ('lerk' Street. 668 301‘). 7.45pm. £10 £13 t£3 £‘)i. See Fri 11.


I Danielle Perrett Slerchixton (‘axtle School. 3940011111011 Road. 478 8446.

.3 4pm. £9 t£61. llarpixt Danielle l’errett perl'ormx a programme or 18th and l‘)th