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Glasgow Drama, Mitchel Theatre

Chris Miller’s Stars and Tights Well 23 A; Thu 34 Apr. See Knlx hxtmgx,

PAISLEY TOWN HALL Abbe} (.lnxc, H37 Illlll.

Country and Irish 'l'hu to Sul 12 Apr. 7.30pm. £7 «£35m Little John .\'ee perlormx llll\ \entnnentul look at lri\h Uittnlt') lite H] u slot} huxetl on 'l'omm} Dull}. u lgu'tner'x \on \Hlll a head lttll ot

L'lllltllllllltl lunluxtex. Double Top Well to Apr.


()3 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). |l’, \\'(', \\'.-\_


Character Flaws t‘nul Sui I: Apr. 7.30pm. {it (Hi from 548 2558'. The NC“ I) lormed Liquid 'l‘heutre ('ompun} perlortnx director Ju) e \\';ilkei‘\ hluek eometl) about \i\ lrientlx \\ ho debate the

reultl} ol their li\e\.


'7,‘~Upni, LC" W350». See (ilnxeou. (itlmorelani l 3.


IOU Renlreu Street. 333 505", Ill. \\'(‘. WA]

UKTheatreSchool’s Variety

Showcase 'l‘hu li) Sun 13 Apr. 'l’hu «k l‘rt 7.30pm; Sui 1pm. £85” (£6.50 for

under 12w. l'K'l‘heutreSelnml'x .\lontl;i_\ and \Vetlnextlu) \llltlL'lll hotl} prexenh it\

end ol _\e;n' \zn‘tet} \ltoueuw.


()3 'l‘rongttte. 553 4267'.

Smoking the Bar 'l'ue t5 tv wet! to Apr. 8pm. £5 (Ur .\ \tor} ol low. and luxt Ul'tlL‘l'\ from the lll-llUth‘ \tul'l. ax lull-time 'l‘ron hunan linun Cameron. lllilkC\ the ll'ullxlttl‘ltlilllull into uriter. director and actor as lte prexentx llll\ \peeulutix e and lllllllttl’tilh one-mun \ho“.

See prex ieu.

M010 Mickybo Tue 33 Sui lo Apr. 8pm. £3.50 U 1 (£3.50 {or .-\eel;nmed drumu concerning the li\e\ of tho )oultg l1ltl\ in llelluxl and their |o\ e of Burr/t

(unit/r am] the Sum/time Kid. Recommended.


Tron Theatre. Glasgow. Tue 15-Wed 16 Apr

I’m only a social drinker. I just happen to be a very sociable guy. And the

pub seems, to me, the centre of all that’s sociable, beautiful. and sometimes very ugly. A recent example of the latter occurred in Edinburgh‘s Doric Tavern where, with two other journalists (we‘re notable for our abstinence), I witnessed several fat drunken louts in rugby shirts

assault two middle aged men, one of whom carried an anti-war banner. The leading drunk kept yelling about ‘our boys' being killed in the Gulf (as if the anti war folk had sent them there), ‘democracy‘ and ‘peace' (as if he


seen you at your worst. (Steve Cramer)

was exercising either). It must have been plain to the bar staff who came to break it up who was in the wrong, but the hard-of-thinking rugger buggers appeared in the majority, so they were forced to ask the two older gents to leave. I sympathised with the staff’s dilemma.

I’m bringing this up, because there’s a chance to see things from the barman‘s point of view at the Tron shortly. Actor (and real life barman) Ewan Cameron will be presenting his one man show, set in the Tron‘s own Victorian bar. Promising a night of reflection upon love, drinking and international politics, at a venue where you can also get yourself a pint, you might want to come and see Cameron at his best. After all, he's probably

Glasgow Dance


I“ \i;_'\le \tteet. (Will “I: I'll"! I\\t‘. \\ \‘

Cotan Project and Ouantic \\.-tt 3‘ \(‘1 \pm Ll: \ll\tn;.' \l\l\'\‘ petlotumnee .tntl lixe .ieomttt' lllll‘l\. thew \ewn l tent‘h .llltl \teettttne

mum mnx. ll.llll\'\l .ittet the lluenox \uex \;_' lot Lingo low the wtmth ot t l.l\\l\.ll Linen .intl llllNlClll tl.utt'e


:3: Hope \llt‘t‘l. 1;: ‘lllllll \\ \i

Dance Connections \.II I: \(‘l mph] to Llh lhe tnteithionnll} .iu‘luttnetl .\\'Hlll\ll [Mute lltentie [‘L‘llt'llll\ \koik h} tho _\e.u\ l’etet l).utell \\tnnet\ \\llll \ l\ll‘l ()tti|.nl.i tiotn \ .lll\l lieth (ovum trom leetl\ lliehl} tet‘onunentletl



h“ lionente. “I lNW

In your Dreams \u t: \pt \‘pm {X H5» .\ Llelt‘l lhnee (Output) tlt'l\k'\ into the lllllltl ol .l \leeptugr petwn Ill tlnx hiehl} \ l\ll.ll petloinmnee llmt. \xhtle ttt‘lt lll e\lt.i t'tttttt‘ulnt ilemll. l\ ehoieoyt.tplntnll} untletnoutixhetl

Edinburgh Drama


Ind)“ ell \\.i}. \lll\\t'll‘lllf1ll. (toi Ill” ll’. ll. l l. \\(‘. \\.\l

Me and my Girl I nttl s.” I: \pi

5 1“pm LN «UH \ltl\\t'll‘lll}3ll \umteur \lll\l(.tl.\\\ik‘l.tll\\1l(‘lt'u‘llhlllk‘ popular muxnnl ot il l .unheth llllll .llltl \eg: \ellei \xho tint-\peetetll} lllllt'lllN .l loitune “fill the \‘t‘lltllllllll he ll.l\ to innit} \t‘lllk'l‘iitl} .ipptoxetl h} lll\ neulountl telntnex

Wit Sat l‘l \pt. " Wer L") Mfr Stellar ()umtw Plt'\t'lll\ the tint Seotttxh protltielton ol .\l.n;.'.uet latlxon'x l’ultt/ei l’t't/e \\llllllllj._' pl.i_\ about the llll.ll tl.i}\ ol \'1\ mn Heating. .t htemtute [‘llllt'\\lll



Citizens Maln Citizens Circle CllmorehlllGlz King’s (Mitchell Theatre Bamshom RSAMD Theatre Royal Tron


.4 '7, M

Thursday 10

Arches l‘estn ul

Romeo and Juliet

Bright ('olouix ()nl)

tit-11.. Doll}

Variet) Shoucasc See (I!) luv

See (‘luxucnl

Friday 11

Arches Fed“ til

Romeo and Juliet Bright ('olouix ()nl) Double Top

llt'llo l)itll}

Vane!) Shoueuse

See Rock & Pop

Saturday 12

Archex l‘estnul

Romeo and Juliet

llnyht ('oluun ( )nl§

See Kids tit-n.» lloll} Thom: \Zinel) 1);!) s \Ziriel} Shoneuxe

In )our DTCdllh

Sunday 13 See Rock & l’op

Vill'lcl} Shimeme

Monday 14

\.:tu:tl.:j. \i,'l‘.: l er

Tuesday 15 Wednesday 16

See Kltl\ See Kl(l\

\.:'.t::tl.:_\ \t.'ht l we: \.:t:tt_l.-.‘. \1.'ht l euer

Smoking the Bar


Church lllll Festival Theatre King’s Playhouse Royal Lyceum St Bride’s Ti‘averse 1 Tiaverse 2

\le .lll\l in} (hrl

Singin' In the Rain

Mum's the Word Bt‘dlll} .llltl the Hunt ll‘Onl}

'l‘he Mutehgnlx

In your Dreams

.\le .llld m) (mt

Singin' in the R.nn

.\lum'\ the Word BCJUI} .unl the lie»! ll‘()n|.\ .. lhe \l.ll{ll:_'lll\

In )our Dregunx

\le .llhl in} (llll Singin' III the Rdlll .\lum'\ the Word lleuut} and the Hunt

lt'()nl_\ lhe \l.itth;:nl~

See (it) l.ile

See Cit) l.tle

Mum's the “ortl

See (it) [he

Anything (liK'\

Mum's the Word Mum's the Word

See (‘Il_\ (End's NC“ l-roel.

\L'L'( Ili~ l llt'

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