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World exclusive live debut from H Foundation (inset: Cajmere and Themroc)

HOUSE .T i Cl lNO SLAM PRESENTS Carling Academy, Glasgow. Sat 12 Apr

Do we really need another big dance venue? In spite of obviously falsified reports of the death of dance music, there’s no denying that club attendances are down. So how do good clubs circumvent this problem? Actually, ask anyone who knows what they're talking about and the answer couldn’t be simpler.

The secret is to maintain credibility and diversify but never compromise integrity. All the good clubs in Glasgow have followed this formula. Slam are masters of this balancing act, as is evident from the line-up at their latest venture - their first night at the newly- reopened Academy. Cajmere brings the glamour (a velvet knuckleduster if ever there was one),

H Foundation play one of the finest house sets known to man and provide a world exclusive of their live act, Slam keep the home fires burning and Themroc and Adam Freeland both give unique takes on the twisted house and techno blueprint. Needless to say, it’s another orgiastic celebration of sound with Soma at the helm.

Everybody on the bill holds Slam’s admiration: they


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pick them all. Despite Cajmere’s copious appearances at Pressure in recent years, the prospect of him playing out still excites Stuart from the duo. He’s also very keen to check out Adam Freeland on the night. Themroc, who comprise Dan Peppe (Zoe Ball’s new squeeze) and Steve White, are another act to have people brimming over with happiness when they play this bold new night. Giving away the fact that Slam will be segueing between Cajmere and H Foundation, Stuart says that this is a chance for him and Orde Meikle to show that the house foundation of the collective is as strong as ever. ‘Yeah, we‘re bridging the gap between Halo and Hipp-e and Green Velvet,’ he says, ‘so it's going to be an interesting slot, from house to techno. It’s something that people tend to forget, that Slam love to play house as well as techno.’

Stuart speaks of the excitement of finally being able to try out a new venue in his native city: ‘We were in the Academy before work started and we‘ve watched the progress of the building all along. It’s really exciting to be a part of this. The Arches will always be a truly great venue, but it’s important for us to try new things. As for how the new venue will enhance or change our nights, we’ll just have to wait and see.’ (Johnny Regan)

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The Venue, Edinburgh. Sat 19 Apr

Detroit master Derrick May

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Saunderson reflects on the o‘ffuise rrature of the 'r‘us;rc he and hrs frrenélf; helpetl to create and the futrlrtg. of catego'rsatron: '\.‘.’rth the general ()UlrilC ~.-.ho go cut and pat, {illil support thrs 'r‘us;rc. 1.ou'retal«nga‘ot of (lrfferent :lrrectronsa. It‘s; hard to focas m on ,rust (lance 'r‘us;rc. Mawe that should he the onru, narr‘e. 'tlance 'rttrssrc‘. because e. (El‘,i)()’tf, has a (lrffereht ‘.rS:O'l of .‘xhat techno rs non-.f Johnn, Regan,


Word Up

The latest club news

THE LINE UP FOR THE Slam Tent at T in the Park (12 & 13 July) is almost complete. Laurent Garnier (UK festival exclusive). Vitalic (live), Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, H Foundation and Deep Dish round out the bill on Saturday while DJ Sneak, Gus Gus (live), Cajmere. Ewan Pearson, FC Kahuna (live), Slam and Royksopp close the show on Sunday.

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DERRICK MAY IS NOT ONLY showing us his DJ skills at new night Ourhouse (see preview, left) but this year he is to oversee Movement - Detroit's Electronic Music Festival (24-26 May), the largest free music event in America. Joining the likes of Kevin Saunderson (also playing Ourhouse) and Carl Craig, quality and integrity are guaranteed.

Win Red Snapper CDs

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cha'r‘rrrcrr. .Jarrarr‘, Ker‘taru. a

NOT ONLY DOES POGO Vogue have some of the best residents in Edinburgh, they also have one of the most exciting guest rosters around. And this month is no exception as Richard Thair of Red Snapper fame drops by the Bongo Club on 18 April. To celebrate the fact we have two copies of Red Snappers’ latest CD to give-away. Just send an email, marked RED SNAPPER, with your name and address to clubs@list.co.uk.

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