ol not haying to go to work the next day. Mr .\l)kc ol' Swit/erland. Stcy te Sole and (ieoll Mmtllord are It] the SolemUsic room to keep their end up.

I Streaker at Shack.

ll).3llpm 3.30am. £5 (£3). Weekly, [)1 James ‘the Boy‘ (iardner spins the tracks tor those enjoying immature antics and naked Itlt). This sounds like 2) good lauvh. ch'.’

I éunday Surgery at (‘ube

I lpiti 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. ('atneron ('ratg dispenses some salye lor your soul in this diyerting w inder-downer with a medical theme.

I Sunday Best at the Shell. ll).3l)pm 2am. £3 (£2). Weekly. The Right Reyerend Jitn l)a Best (Ilype. ('ube) plays w hates er the hell he wants each and cs ery Sabbath tor the hungover

I Transistor at the Polo Lounge.

1 lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Real pop for real people will) l)Js Niall McMurray and Wayne l)i\()tt.

I Vinylicious at Lowdown.

Midnight 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. The yery sesy people from Soulsa bring tis another line night of house tun and games. (ireat gttests. too on 30 Mar there's Dave I’/ l'rom Sanctuary.

Glasgow Mondays


I Burn at MAS. l lptn 3am. Free for stall of any ptib or club; £3 to ey'eryone else. Weekly. l)Js Norman and Zeus preside over the biggest and longest rttnning stalt' night out in history. l‘rcedom lor the workers. and there's also a guest appearance every now and again.

I Don’t Forget your Passport at the Shack. | lpm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Junior (‘ampos spitis an eclectic selection of ttities while some lucky' person gets the chance to win a holiday or their bus tare hottie.

I In Bed with Jim Da Best at Blanket (l'ormerly Bed). I lptti 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Jim iiiyites you to his boudoir Ior an ey'ening ot' poptastic trash. ltlttky shit and a whole lot else besides. I Passionality at ('ube.

l l.3()pm 3am. I’ree. Weekly. [)1 Shawn ensures that the weekend is staying alive with this post-weekend night ot‘ pleasing chartistry'.

I Public Enemy Official Afterparty at the Stib ('lub.

ltlpm 3am. £5. l-l Apr only. The official alterparty to the live show from hip hop's most righteous innovators. l’ublic linemy's own D] Lord joins local lads l’aul (’aw'ley and .\'aeem tor a hip hop workout.

Glasgow Tuesdays


I Boo at Bamboo. l lptn 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. (iraham l-‘erguson hosts and I).l.s at this new (ilasgow student night.

I FUN at Cube. I l.3()pm »3am. Free. Weekly. I-‘unky unique and yery' naughty packed with pleasing pop music. from Shawn arid (ieorgey Boy.

I Laid at the Shack. l().3()pm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. The best arid latest indie- pop-rock-guitar-hip hop-R&B-chan- dance. the ultimate student Tue.

I Juicy Tuesdays at Blanket (I‘ormerly Bed). l lpme 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Stay l'resh. stay young: get into bed on Tue with Billy .‘y‘lilligan in the big back bedroom with mouth-watering student favourites while Scott ‘l’ingers‘ lylct‘v‘lillan pt‘oy‘ides some t‘ull flavour l‘un iii the front bedroom.

I Million Dollar Disco at MAS.

I lpm-—3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Loads ol‘ l‘unky disco tnadness aimed straight at your face. Al Kent is the tnain man.

I Pink Pound at the Mercury Lounge. ltlpm— 3am. £l. Weekly. [)1 Michelle plays upt'ront dance attd patty sounds with a one hundred pence door charge.

I TIT at Trash llptn 3am, £5 (£3 ). Weekly, i’lttll N'Jtc play s ()tll Rtkii and hip hop. (iraetne I’erguson hits you with the student classics in Room 2 and Rob B is it) the third rootii play mg party anthems and bar tunes.

Glasgow Wednesdays


I Bennet’s at Benttct‘s.

ll.3()pm 3am. £2.5t) (£l.5()). Weekly. Sara takes control once more in the clth lamous lor madness and an. alietti. liberal chat-up policy,

I Cubata at Battiboo. 5pm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Scott) B and Junior ('ampos join the dots between (an. lunk. soul. hip hop. Rth and Latin to deltyer a worldly musical mis.

I The Edge at the lidgc (‘oatbridge

l lptn 3am. £3 (tree). Weekly. [)1 James (‘urrie playing all the best party tunes to an ttp-lor-it out-ot-town crowd.

I Elastllt at Barlly (formerly the 13th Note (lab). I lptn 3am. £2. Weekly. l)J ()tta (aka Atnanda lt'ottt Bis) and [)1 Mingo-go. take oy er the tnusical selection lor the l'oreseeable luturc while 803 takes a break to concentrate on other things. Injecting some much needed oestrogen into the world ol l)Jing and playing sotne damn line electro mixed into a randomly selected soundscapc.

I FAB at Baba/a. l lptti 3am. I"ree before I lpm; £4 (£3) alter. Weekly. 1)] Skttd blends garage. R&B and funky liouse. playing to a dressed-up crowd who help to make this one ol the busiest midweek nights in (ilasgow.

I Fourplay at Iiny y. l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. New night of danceteria tor the (ilasgow set. (‘ambridge Street will rock.

I Gotan Project at the Arches.

8pm 10.30pm. £l2. 23 Apr only. A musical meeting place inyolying l-‘rench I)Js. Argentinean musicians and a whole spectrum of genres. the (iotalt l’roiect ((iotan being Argentinean slang for tango) is set to rock the Arches with a rare set. along with the wonderful Quantic l'rom Brighton.

I Jungo at Archaos. l lptn 3am. l-‘ree (£2). Weekly. Student classics. indie and cheese are the order of the day at this weekly \Ved.

I Joints and Jams at ('ube.

l lpm» 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. The aw ard- winning club brings you the best Rt‘eB. hip hop atid soul I).ls in the city. Residents Martin llesketh. John l.y()tts. l’uppa Shango and I).\I(i on rotation eyery Wed. With regular guest I).ls s and I’As. it‘s no wonder that Joints arid Jatns is the longest running R&B night iti (ilasgow.

I New Flesh at l’riy'ilege. 9pm 2am. £4. Weekly. Rock and nu metal at this Ilope Street hostelry. This is a night that rellects the diyersity' ol' clubbing at the

I People Music at MAS.

l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. New night of hip hop and house from two of the better underground (ilasgow' boys. Michael Peck and Tom Reeve rack them up and knock thetn down. (ireat for a Wed.

I Shackass at Shack.

ll).3()pm 3.30am. £5 (£3). Weekly. The. er. inimitable 1)] Toast spins the linest in chart classics. with a healthy smattering of cheese also.

I Stud’essential at Jongleurs. *)ptn--3am. Free. Weekly. Fresh student night at the comedy cltib in the big building. Free entry and a shitload of drinks promos mean that the crowd will be in line l‘ettlc.

I Traffic Light at Blanket (formerly Bed). 1 lptn 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Stop and the lights and get into bed eyery Wed. There'll be intimate pillow talk in the front bedroom and sexy R8; B and pop iii the back bedroom. Watch ottt lor the traffic police who w ill giye tree alcohol to all those who dare to sit iii the



.t - x

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