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PAUL N’JIE, DJ and presenter of Beat 106’s new Urban Beat programme, keeps his ear to the decks and chooses five of the most influential urban artists.

1 Chaka Khan Vocally she's the bomb. i saw her perform in Glasgow and her vocal range was so strong and powerful it took my breath away. She's written some wonderful songs.

2 Stevie Wonder For me, Stevie is the best songwriter in the world. If it wasn't for Stevie and Chaka breaking the mould. there would be no .Ja Rule. 2-Pac and Lauryn Hill.

3 Lauryn Hill Her last studio album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hil/. caused such an impact in the urban world. and her writing is tight. Please get back into the studio.

4 Notorious BIG It’s such a big loss to rap music that this guy is no longer with us. The way he rhymes - for me there's no greater MC. Songs like 'Juicy' and his album Life After Death are still strong.

5 Dr Dre He discovered Eminem and Current hot rapper 50 Cent. His production skills are the best in the urban world. Singles like ‘The Next Episode' are classics. His Up in Smoke tOur in America sold out in almost every state. No one can touch him for beats.


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Colin Farrell is a hot shot in Hollywood. Everyone wants a piece of him; the sky is the limit. But on this fateful day, Mr Farrell finds life imitating art . . .

'Ah. shit! I don't believe it!' '. . p/ease hold for one of our operators.‘

Brrring. brrring. Brrring. brrring. Hello. you have reached 2lst Century Studios. . ."Hi, this is Colin

‘OK Colin my boy. you're hot. hot property in Hollywood. You can get any part you want with one phone call.’ Farrell.‘ ‘. . . all our operators are busy

at the moment. .'

“OK. pull yourself together. You‘re ‘. . . all our operators are busy at the ‘. . . please hold for one of our

Colin Farrell. Hollywood hot moment. . .' Bang! Shatter. ‘I'm hot operators. "Colin. be cool. They don't property.‘ ‘Hello, you have reached property you asshole! I don't hold for know who they've got on the line.” 2lst Century Studios . . .' no one.’

‘How may / help you?’ ‘Hi, this is Colin Farrell. I'm calling to talk to Joel Schumacher about the film he wants me to star in. Phone Booth.“

Hello, you have reached 2lst Century Studios. . .' ‘They‘re not going to take my call. They know it‘s me and they don't want to talk to me.‘

‘. . . all our operators are busy at the moment. . .' ‘Why don‘t they want to talk to me?‘ ‘. . . please hold for one of our-'

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