STREET LEVEL OPEN Street Level, Glasgow. until Sat 3 May 0.. I

For the fifth time. Street Level has invited artists from across Scotland to submit photography. video and computer-based art for exhibition. It selected 39 artists out Of 100 applicants on the basis of their eclecticism and diversity.

Some of the work here may be familiar. Rat Veroni‘s Stars, for example, is part Of his ongoing series of lambda prints. La Argentina seen at Veroni’s solo show in the gallery last year, refers to the economic and political crisis in his home country. Nearby, 3 cute knitted teddy (recognisable as the spring 2001 cover star of Variant magazine) is transformed into a long-clawed, snarling grizzly in Cath Whippey‘s animation Bear Tries on his New Bear Outfit. Other cover stars include Ruth Beale‘s Ruth Beale World Exclusive, a simple, yet infuriatingly amusing spoof of celebrity magazines OK! and Hello!, in which the artist appears in


Eclectic and diverse

by an absurdly funny narration that makes you double-take.

There are more art history references in Norma-Louise Thallon’s Abandon, a triptych Of pinhole photographs of a shipwreck on a windy Irish beach. In its approach to the wreck as picturesque decay, the ship conjures up notions Of 18th century landscape painting and garden design, and the romantic-ruin effect is only heightened by the graininess of (accidentally) sandy negatives. (Susannah Thompson)

numerous generic ‘catalogue poses' while showing us around her lovely home.

The droning monologue emanating from Gallery Two belongs to Paul Rooney‘s video work, lam not Going to America. Visually the work, featuring the ascent and descent Of ski-lifts in a blizzard, is as engaging as artists‘ film such as Andy Warhol‘s Empire or Derek Jarman’s Blue, deliberately testing the limits and endurance Of the viewer. But this solemnity and seriousness is Off-set

SIMON PERITON: SNIP RIOT OMEN The Modern Institute, Glasgow, until Fri 16 May 0...

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But Fiona Bradley's appointment to thr: Filllllllaflflfl from the Hayward Gallery '.‘.’lll certainly mean a no.7 face. perhaps even Slgfléililllq a new era for I’m visual arts. Let's hope she sun/Hes thr; company of fossils.