Exhibitions are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to art®, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


7 Bovvntont (iardens. 33‘) 438]. 0l4l 33‘) 4334.

Gide Vivant l'ntil Fri 3 May. An exhibition lookirtg at tlte life arid work of Andre (iide t l8(i‘) l‘)5l l featuring extracts front ltis rtovels. letters and photographs front tlte period.


l(t4 Woodlands Road. 333 0038. Mon Fri l0ani 5pm: Sat l0am l3.30pm.

Mixed Show l‘ntil Thu It) Apr. ()riginal paiitlittgs by regular gallery artists.


353 Argyle Street. 0‘)0l 033 0300. Eltono + Nuria Thu l0 Apr Sat 3| May. A collaborative show frottt Madrid- based artists lil Tono artd .\'uria. l'sing ntixed media. tltey produce a series of signature works iitspired by site arid context. See also (ilasgow Art Fair entry. l’uri (ilk/ill: NEW SHOW.

Artists’ Talk Sat l3 Apr. 3pm. Madrid- based artists liltoito attd .\'uria discuss tlteir work witlt Jean ('anteron. arts programmer at tlte Arches.


1‘) Parnie Street. 553 777‘). Mon Sat ttoon ~5pm.

Spring Portfolio l'niil .Mott 38 Apr. A large mixed sltovv of paintings by gallery artists including Peter .\'arditti. .larttie ()‘Dea. latt liliot. Fiotta (iraham. Judith Bridglattd. Mary Batcltelor attd (‘lteryleite Dyer.


l3‘) Batlt Street. 07763 333333.

Suite Art l'ntil Thu 1 May. A series of weekly exhibitions eaclt sltowittg tlte work of a different student currently attertdittg (ilasgow Scltool of Art. With an opening every Friday front 5pm. Louise llepworth shows work until l7 Apr followed by (‘ltelsea Knight ( l8 34 Apr) and the (mute Book. a collective of 35 artists l35 Apr -l Mayl.


l85a Batlt Street. 333 3830. Tue Sat Want—5.30pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil Thu l7 Apr. Paintings by Bill Alstort. (iraente Sharp. Peter Murray aitd Donald Macl.eod. Ronald Bryan Fri 18 Apr Fri 30 May. Figurative attd landscape paintings by Edinburgh-based artist Ronald Bryan. NEW SHOW.


I34 Bly'tltswood Street. 333 4037. Mon Fri ‘).30ani~5.30pnt; Sat 10am— l pitt.

David Martin l'ntil Sat 1‘) Apr. New paintings by David Martin. RSW. R(il. Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling L'ntil Sat 1‘) Apr. New carvings by Malcolttt Martin attd (iay'nor Dowling resulting front a five-year collaboration arid featuring abstract arid vessel forttts.

Mark Nuell t'ntil Sat 1‘) Apr. Contemporary jewellery.

Animal Magic l.'ittil Sat l‘) .Apr. An exhibition of animal related paitttirtg. sculpture and ceramics.


l0 King Street. 553 0733. Tue-Sat

l l.30am—l lpiit.

Pushkln: Puppets and Folktales L'ntil Fri 33 May. A colourful exltibitiort celebrating RUssia's best-loved writer.

featuring material relating to Russian puppet theatre artd tolklore. as well as puppets ittade by Joltit Bluttdell. who will be running workshops to accompany the exhibition.


350 Saucliieltall Street. 353 4‘)00

Stiit Wed llant (tpin; Thti Sat llartt 8pm 0 New Facade: Toby Paterson Sat l3 Apr Stiii 35 May. A first solo show for Beck‘s l'utures 3003 winner Toby Paterson. Looking at a variety of responses to btiilt env irottments including the Silesian Park of (’ulture arid Recreation iii ('ltor/ow. the Festival of Britain site in London arid the work of (ilasgow -based architects (iillespie. Kid attd ('oia. Paterson will create a large modular wall. a series of new paintings on perspex and a wall painting. pltis a permanent series of wall paintings for the ('(’A. See prev iew. I’url I" thlli NEW SHO‘."v'.

Steven Gartside Sat 13 Apr. 3pm. Writer attd curator Steven (iartstde gives a talk on Toby Paterson‘s work.


l'niversity of Stratltclyde. 33 Richiitond Street. 548 3558. Mon Fri l0am 5pm; Sat noon 4pm.

Ceramic Contemporaries 4 t‘ntil Sat 3 May lclosed I8 31 Apr). The only Scottislt showing of this exhibition of ceramics by over 50 recent graduates front tltrougltout the {K iii an attempt to challenge preconceptions as to w ltat makes a pot. a pot or vvltat makes ceramics art.


I78 West Regertt Street. 331 6370.

Mon Sat l()ant~5.30pm.

Scottish Landscapes t‘ntil Wed 30 Apr. Art exhibition of landscapes by selected gallery contemporary artists irtcludittg James Morrison. David Martin. Andrew Walker. Pltilip Braltattt. Jonathan Shearer aitd many others.


36 West (ieorge Street. 333 5551. Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Land and Sea Sat 1‘) Apr Sat 3 May. A ntixed show of paintings by artists who specialise in lattd arid seascapes including works by llamislt Macdonald. Barbara Brodie. laiit (‘arvy. Scott Naismith aitd prints by Rolf Harris. NEW SHOW.


3| (’hisholm Street. (entrance through salon). 553 7100. Mon -\\'ed. Fri & Sat 10.30am 5.30pntz'l‘hu 10.30am 7pm.

I Can’t Get No Place Like Home Mon 3| Apr Sat 3 May. Kate Robertson artd Barbara Wilson explore themes of popular culture attd personal experience through pltotograplty. video. text and ittstallation. NEW SHOW.


Saltoun Lane. 34 Rtitltvett Street. 357 199‘). Mon Fri & Stiit 13.30 5.30pm; Sat l0.30am--5.30pm.

Sue Biazotti l'ntil Sun 35 May. A solo show of new work featurittg landscape arid figurative pairttittgs.


Queen Street. 33‘) [996. Mott- Thu & Sat 10am—5pm: Fri- Sun I lam~5pm.

0 Sanctuary Thu 10 Apr Mon 3‘) Sep. Tackling issues of human rigltts and their abUse. this major exhibitions brings together the work of over contemporary 30 artists. Developed iit pannership with Amnesty International arid the Scottish Refugee (‘ounciL the exhibition explores subjects such as forced migration. displacement. torture. oppression. identity aitd concepts of home. Arid the line-up of artists is impressive: Anthony (iormley. Bill Viola. Louise Bourgeois. Sltirirt Nesltat. Ross Sinclair attd Ketttty Hunter to name but a few. See preview. l’urt ufRAllZ NEW SHOW

Sight Mapping l'ntil Sun 4 May. Linda Besemer. Andrew Bick. Rolf Bier. Pia Fries arid Soitita Sittgwi are among the line-up of

artists w lto explore multiple forms of abstraction


Rotiken (ilen Road. 030 0335 Mon. Thu. Fri A Sun T30 5 30pm. Sat

ll 30am 5.30pm.

Word for Peace Stiit 30 \pr Mon 5

May. Austrian artist Sisst Stei'ittalei takes the word of peace iit over l"0 languages and creates a montage iti mixed media iii response to tlte September I l dlsastet.



(ieorge Square. 553 PM". Thu & l'ri l030attt 8pm; Sat 10.30am (v30pni'. Stiit noon (v.30pm. £4 i£3 50); urtder “is free. For more iitforittatiott

w w vv.glasgowartlatrcoitt

0 Glasgow Art Fair ‘l‘titi to Sun 13 Apr. .\'ow irt its eiglttli year. Scotland‘s ttatioital coitteittpor'ar'y art fair takes tip residence itt (ieorge Square bringing togetlter around 50 galleries front throughout tltc l'l'x' aitd liurope. New for tltis year is lixtension. a pay ilioii that w ill ltttltse seven addltitttlal Scotttslt arts organisations including tlte (TA. ('ollective (iallery. l’rtiitmarket (iallei‘y. (ilasgow Sculpture Studios. Lapland.

va itcltspace arid Tramway. See preview. NEW SHOW.

RAW: Real Art Weekend wed ‘) Sun l3 Apr. As part of (ilasgow Art Fair. thll' offers five days of exhibitions. events arid openings takittg place in some of

(ilasgovv 's tiiost exciting visual arts venues. This year. a free btis had been laid on arid will travel itt loop around all tlte venues which irtclude the Arches. (.('.'\. (ilaSI-low School of Art. (ilasgow Sculpture Studios, 'l‘ramway aitd tlte Kitig Street and Albion Street galleries ((i-Mac. (ilasgovv Independent StudioS. ('ale ('ossacltok. Transmission. Street Level. (ilasgovv l’rint Sttidio. Sltarntanka. littermedia arid Project Ability).


148 West Regetit Street. 33l 3005.

Mon Sat ‘).30am 5.30pm.

Within Sight and Sound of the Sea l'ittil Sat l‘) Apr. Recent paintings by Frances Macdonald.


l3 Rose Street. 333 8l38.

Italian Journeys t'ntil Wed 30 Apr. Sketches. drawings and paintings of Venice. Rortte arid Sientta by Richard Norman.


33 & 35 King Street. 553 0704. Tue Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Barbara Rae: Travelog t'iitil Sat It) May. Paintings. monotypes. editioned screenprints arid etchings by Barbara Rae inspired by travels attd residencies itt France. lrelartd. Italy. Scotlartd arid the ISA.

Joyce Leitch: Something Else l'ntil Sat It) May. A series of twelve monotypes arid prints representing the months iii the year inspired by Lotiis McNeice's poent. Meeting Point. Shu-Ching Yeh: Etchings and Drypoints l'ntil Sat It) May. litchirtgs attd dry points by this visiting artist front Tai w art.

THE GLASGOW PROJECT ROOM Top lloor. (>4 ()sborne Street. 553 I473. Tue Sat noort— 5pm.

Fred Pederson Tue 15 Sat l‘) Apr. Recent work.


167 Rertfrevv Street. 353 4500. Mort~Thu |0am~7pittz Fri 10am 4.45pm; Sat l0am—noon.

Lucienne Day: Silk Mosaics and Early Textiles l'rttil Sat 10 May (Mackintosh (iallery i. Lucientte Day. along with her hUsband Robirt. pioneered the introduction of contemporary design during the l‘)50s artd l‘)(t0s arid their influence continues to inspire contemporary

listings Art



Andy Warhol: Private Drawings from the 1950s the first showing of these simple ink line drawings by Andy \Nétlltol featuring portraits of Llltklt()\‘.'lt male tiguies sketched from parties the artist attended iii the 50s. See preview lnver/exth House. Royal Botanic Garden. [til/thurgh, Sat IRA/tr Stilt (9:3 fvlt'ly.

New Facade: Toby Paterson Last year's Beck's Futures vvinner Toby Paterson gets his first solo show at the (ICA. l ooking at a variety of responses to built enVironments. the exhibitions features new paintings and a permanent series of wall paintings. See preVievv. ()CA. Glasgow. Sat 11’ Apr~Sun 25 May.

Mario Testino: Portraits Over 100 celebrity portraits including Kate Moss. Madonna and late Princess Diana by one of fashion's most soughtafter snappers. Mario Testino. See feature. Dean Gallery, Edinburgh, Thu l7Apr—Suri 75Jt/ll.

Sanctuary Art impresswe line-up of artists including Bill Viola. Anthony Gormley and Shirin Neshat explore issues of human rights and their abuse in this major exhibition of work. Gallery of Modern Art. Glasgow. Thu 70 Apr—Mon 29 Sep.

Glasgow Art Fair Galleries from the UK and Europe take up reSidence in George Square for the eighth Glasgow Art Fair. New for this year is Extensron. a paVilion that Will house seven additional cutting—edge contemporary art organisations. See preView. George Square, Glasgow. Thu lO-Sun 73 Apr

Lucienne Day: Silk Mosaics and Early Textiles From classc 50$ deSigns to recent silk mosaics of the 80s and 90s a retrospective of the work of LucIenne Day who. along Wllh her husband Robin, pioneered the introduction of contemporary design. Glasgow School of Art. Glasgow. until Sat 70 May.

designers today. Known for her abstract. geometric patterns for textiles. this exltibitiort surveys Luciertne's work over the last 50 years. arid features classic 50s designs arid silk mosaics of the 80s and ‘)0s. lliglt quality reproductions have been printed in collaboration with Lucienne at the newly establish ('entre for Advanced Textiles at (ilasgow School of Art and are available to btiy. l’url til/(Alli

'9-2‘1 Apr 2003 THE LIST 83