Art listings

Glasgow School of Art continued

Continuing Education Adult’s Exhibition l'ntil Hi I 1 Apr tNeysbery Gallery i. Annual exhibition ot ysork by adults attending the coritinumg education programme.

Smalls l'ntil t-‘n 25 Apr iAtrium Gallery l. An exhibition of small-scale ceramics to celebrate the international lmks betyyeen Glasgoys School of Art's ceramic department and its partner institutions in Australia. Rtissia and the [SA Printmaking Thu 17 Thu 24 Apr (Nev. bery Gallery i. Work in progress by third year printmaking students.


182 Bath Street. 333 199]. Mon Fri ltl.3t)am 5pm1Sat 10.30am lprii. Spring Exhibition t'nul Wed 30 Apr. A spring collection of paintings including ssorks by Margaret Ballarityne. John Bellany. Hamish McDonald. l’eter Sardirii. ('arlti Rossi. liugene l)ekkert. Patrick l)oysnie and many more.


18 King Street. 552 2540. Tue Sat

noon 6pm.

Julian Kildear Tue 15 Sat 26 Apr. .\'eys works by Julian Kildear.


200 Bath Street. 33l ()722. Tue Sat

9am 6pm.

The Eluethera Chronicles t'ntil Wed 7 May. Painting and film produced in the Bahamas by Roderick Smith.


l 1 Mitchell Lane. 221 (i362. Mon. Wed-Sat lt).3t)am~—5pm; 'l'ue llam 5pm; Sun noon- 5pm. £3 txtlpi.

Fiona Alston - Raprolight t'niil Sun 13 Apr (Circulation. Level 4). Fiona Alston presents her ‘raprolight‘ design yshich yy as commissioned by Glasgovv [)esign as part of their 2nd Batch collection of products in 2002.

Flammable Jam - Life of Pi Interactive Promo L'ntil Sun 20 Apr tAlcove. Level 4). Moss Gifford's online interactive promo for Yann Manell's Booker prize—winning novel Life (if/’1‘. the first in a series of four to be produced for (‘anongate books.

Neil Tierney - Incubator Prototype l'ntil Mon 21 Apr tAlcove. Level 4i. Young Glasgovv designer Neil 'I‘ierney's prototype for a more efficient incubator for critically ill babies goes on display".

Common-Place L'ntil Wed ll Jun. A look at hovv buildings are conceived and developed focusing on nine Scottish projects including Edinburgh's Dance Base and a shelter on Tiree.

newtormations 3 t'ntil Sat l7 May (Form). Printed textiles by some of Scotland's foremost designers featuring Joanne Kinnersly-Taylor's latest hand- printed table linen range. hand silkscreen printing across of range of home interiors

New work by Simone Landwehr-Traxler on show at Tramway

by Fiona Mclntosh and Anne Kyyro Quinn's soft furnishings. Plus _|L‘\\L‘llCl'_\ by designers yyorking \yith plastics and sily er. Timorous Beasties t'nnl Sun 22 Jun tRevieyv Gallery. Level I i. Recent ysork by the (iltisgoys -bascd design company \y ho specialise in printed fabrics. yyallpapers and interiors.

RSA Student Design Awards t‘nul Sun 27 Apr. Annual exhibition shoyscasing tltc best of student design projects in the l’K.

56 North Thu 24 Apr Stiri S Jun tAlcove. Level 4). Furniture and lighting from young contemporary lidinburgh-based design company. 56 North.

LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngavie. 57S Ski-l7. Tue Sat ltlam lpm A; 2 5pm.

Joan Eardley (1921-1963) t‘nul

Fl'LL CIRCLE GALLERY Ness paintings by Sl'l‘l BIAZO'I'TI

Sat 1 lam

Mon Fri l2.30pm 5.30pm

5.30pm Sun 12.3Hpm 5_‘~tipm

View the ethibition on our website vsw\\ Saltoun Lane 24 Ruthyen Street Glasgow GIZ Tel 01-" 357 1999 Email inloa nancy smillieshopxouk

84 THE LIST 10—24 AD! 2003

Wed l(i Apr. A small display of drayyings by Joan liardley drasyn from the gallery 's permanent collection.

Young People’s Art t'nul Wed to Apr. Paintings. dr'ayy lugs and sculptures by participants attending classes at the gallery.


22 King Street. 552 233i).

Open Studios Sat 12 & Stiii l i Apr Noon 5pm. Merchant ('ity Arts open their sttidios oy er the \scekend. featuring the yyork of oy er 2” artists encompassing applied art and crafts.


7 l -73 Albion Street. off('andlcriggs. 552 5908. l‘or' more information about l)a//le (H.530 S525ll3 or” log onto vsyyys./oiic-tl.coin


7 April - to May 2003

Mackintosh Gallery

The Glasgow School of Art

167 Renfrew Street Glasgow. G3 6R0 it) 0151 3531.500

ll] - l2th April Li Mon - Fri 103m - 5pm u a 4- y. Sat anm - 2pm .

As part of RAW the gallery will be open Sun 13 April 10am - 2pm. There will be a public talk accompanying the exhibition. date the.

The Glasgow Art Fair Fringe 2003 l ritil Sun 13 \pr l‘iyotal \11 and the (ireerihotxse Gallery tom tottes for this eshibition ot toriteinporary \tottrsl’t at: :n (ilasgoyss \lerthaut Square \ittsts include Helen lienerley \sho ystl': be shoysmg a ‘tt sculpture ol a camel. and Irish artist Sandra Hell and lint l‘otiteros


"1 Robertson Street. \tiite h. l loot .3 1\ :“ll ltie Ill noon 5pm

Simon Periton: Snip Riot Omen l llltl lit I“ \lay Sutton l’etitou. best knoysn tot his ‘tloily \yotks‘. gets his last solo shoys in Scotland In \\//’ It'll ll (ll/l \ he shoyss three llc'\\ llltlllt layered \Ul outs \shit h depic ts a type oi butter or l.tc_.tilt‘ \t‘t' lt"- It’\\

EWAN MUNDY FINE ART “est (it'i‘tjg'c' \lls't'l. :1\ WP“

\loti lri Warn 5 illpiii, Sat ltlatti .‘piii Mixed Show I nut \yt-a so \pi \ selcttrori ol Scottish yyatettolouis arid [‘.tltlllllj.‘s


if) \\ashiii_-_:ton Street. .T.‘l .‘ l .‘i \loii l ll ‘larti 5pm

GSA Visual Communication Exhibition l lllll l it ll \pt ls'eterit work including \L'ltlllIILS and rinsed media by three (ilasgoyy School ol \tt \tstial \i‘lllllllllllsdllt'll lectuieis Sit-\e I\’I_‘.‘lt‘_\. Susan Roan and .lo l’etty

Design Ideas \lou Isl \pt lit lo \lay \lodcls and draurrigs by first year Mackintosh School of \tclittet lure \Illtik'lll\


(i \Vllsoll SltCL'l \it'tc'llaltl ('It}. “5 Ha") 'lue. “ed A I‘ll llatii (ipiii. 'lliu

llam "pm. Sat Illam (rpm. Sun I 5pm Mechanic l'ritil Stiti Ii \pr l’hoto realistic paintings by Dan \lcl)ermott taken tioiii super .S ciiie tilm shot iii \esy York and 'l \' stills. arid teaturing urban and suburban Aiiieticari cats. roads and buildings


(‘etitr'e I‘Hi l)e\e|opmental \its 1\ \Ibioii Street. 552 2.522 \loti I'll lllam 5pm Arizona Dreams l lllll I'll U \lay \ collaboratiye esliihition by l’roiect Ability and Name \iiiericaii artists from .\ii/oiia tcatur‘ing images of Scotland trout a \atise Artiet'lcatt pctspccllye .tlltl \ lct' \crsa


118 Douglas Street. 2-1S MS!) \loii l it Hi “lam 5pm; Sat Ill illam lprii Mairi Aitken l'ntil Sat I‘) Apr l’aintirigs


(i liurnlield Road. (iillriock. MS I24)” 'l'ue I'll llarii 5pm. Sat Illam 5pm. Sun noon 5pm.

Mixed Show I riiil \\ed it) Apr An ongoing exhibition ol original paintings by gallery artists

SHARMANKA KINETIC GALLERY 2nd l-Ioor. l4 King Street. 552 "(Ni 'lhu noon (ipm; Stiii noon 3pm is ‘1 (rpm OId I-Iaunts New Work l'ntil Sun il Attg. L3 MD; under lbs tree A display of original furniture Ill ysood by the late lim Stead.


in King Street. 552 2l5l 'lue Sat

lllam 53tipiii.

5th Street Level Open l'niil Sat t .\lay. Street Leycl's filth open L‘\lllhllltill teaturing up-and-comiiig talent in photography and lens-based media trom Scotland. selected from a national trays] for submissions Sec res ieys


25 Albert Drive. 0345 33H 350] Tue Sat noon Spm; Sun noon (rpm. Eye-Level I‘l'l ll Apr Suit lS \lay Paintings by Jo'burg-borii artist Lara