prexentx the tilllle‘x ot' \lrxter Puneh and lilS iiilxsltx and other taxourite ~torie~. urth loath of audrenee partierpation.

.-\ 'e 4-plux.

L’intrus (The Intruder) Tue 15 Apr. 1 Iain 1k 3pm. £4 1£31. (iateua) Theatre. iillii R11“. l.elllt \Valk. 5|- 595‘). :\_L'L'\ X-plux. 'I'he ~tot'} oi an uprooted hear I\ told h) l-reneh puppetr} eompan} 'l‘heatre I)u I‘o/ uxing their miniature theatre

The Little Lost Dragon Wed 16 .-\pt‘. I Iarn & 3pm. £4 (£3). (iateua) 'l'he‘att‘e. iiltu Rim. l.eith\\'a1k. 3|" 393‘). See (iilmorehill 13. (ilasgtm. Jack Thu 1" Apr. 1 larii & 3pm. £4 «£31. (iateutn 'I'heatre. lilrn Rt)“. l.eith Walk. 31" 3939. Agex 5-pIu\. Stor}ho\ 'I‘lieatr‘e lell\ the tale ()1 Jaek. \ome magie beam and \\ hat lurkx at tlte top of the \lalk.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier Thu l" Apr. 3pm. £3; Ikiriiil} tieket £11). North lidinhur‘gh :\rt\ (‘eritre. 15a Penn) \\ e11 (‘ourt. 315 3151. See (iilnioreliilll3. (ilaxgou.

Anansi the Spider Fri 15 Apr. 3pm. £4 1£31. Netherhou Arts ('entre. 43 45 Hiin Street. 556 9579. Jaek ()'I.aritern puppetx hi'ingx )ou the tale of Atriea'x I‘amurite I'olk Iiero told \\ ith \hadou puppets and enehanting \ltit‘) telling \\ ith a ehanee to make )our o“ it later in the da}. See \Vot‘kxhopx

The Magic of the Mummy hi )8 Apr. 3pm. £3; l'aniil) tieket £111. North Iidinhurgli .-\rt\ (‘entre. 15a Penn) u ell Court. 315 3151. Agex 3—8. ('1}dehuiIt Puppet Theatre use rod and shadow puppetx to tell the \tor} of the first mumm) ()\Il'l\.

The Boy who Flew Too High Sat 19 Apr. 1 Iain. £4 1£3). Netherhou .-\i'l\ (‘entre. 4345 High Street. 556 9579. Age» 7-pIu~. i-‘olding Puppet Theatre presentx itx Ieat'usexque eautionar} tale. Oscar and the Deep Sea Pearl Mon 21 Apr. IIarii ck 3pm. £41£3). Netherhou .-\l‘i\ ('entre. 4345 High Street. 556 95‘9. See (iilniorehillll. (ilaxgou.


Shadow Puppetry Workshop Wed 16 Apr. 2pm. £3. Kilniardinn) Artx Centre. 511 Kilniardinn) .~\\enue. Bearsden. 931 51183. Agex 64). (‘hameleon Puppets \tage a uork~hop in the art of \hadou puppetr}.

Shadow Puppetry Workshop Fri 18 Apr. 2pm. £4 (£3). Netherhou Am Centre. 43—45 High Street. 556 9579. Ages 6--9. Follou ing on from the nioriiingS performanee ot'.-1numr’ the .ilu‘eie Spit/er. Jaek ()‘Lantern Theatre stage a workshop in the art of \hado“


uppet Making Workshop Sat 19 Apr. 3pm. £4 (£3). Netherhou Artx Centre. 43-45 High Street. 556 9579. Ages 7—12. Folio“ ing on from the morning's performance of The Boy Who Heir 72m Hie/r. Folding Puppet Theatre \tage a \\ orkshop in the art of puppetr).



Fri 1 1-Tue 22 Apr, Various Venues, 220 1882. Delve into the world of science - whether it’s up a nostril, grappling with robots, face to face with mini beasties, or brewing up potions. It’s all there to explore and here are our highlights for kids. For more family events, see Edinburgh Life. To book tickets or for more information call 0131 473 2070 or visit



54 George Street, 220 4349. Fri 11-Thu 17 Apr. Mon-Sat 9.45am-5pm; Sun noon-5pm. Free-£6.50; family day ticket £13. To book tickets or for more information call 0131 473 2070 or visit

Bio Bubble li\er} 311rnui~ from 111.15am. Agex 5 111. Step in~rde an inflatable human eell.

Break a Guinness World Record Dail} ehanee to \llia\h a r‘eeord. Climbing Robots Speelall) programmed eluiihirig t‘ohotx uill he xealing the “allx.

Dig Up a Dinosaur liter} 45 mm from 111.15aui. .'\I_'L'\ S-lilllx I)ig}11trr‘\\.i) through Pi't‘lilxltil'k‘ roek.

Fast Food :‘xgex 6-plu~. li\ploding eggx. eleetroeuted gherkinx and irNant iee er‘eant. Genes and DNA lir‘ee. Ages "-plux. l)iseo\er juxt uhat genex ean do.

Indoor Science Playground .-\s\enilil} Room» 54 (ieorge Street. 3311 434‘). .-\ge~ 3 6. Drop in arid pla) \\ ith light. dip in xlrme and hurxt giant htihhlex.

Lego Robots 151 er) hour from 111.15arn. .»\ge~ 9-plux. Brand 116“ ad\enture game hot oil the produetron Irrie from l.egoland.

Madlab Kitx from £3. Awernhl) Roomx. .54 George Street. 33(1454‘). .-\ge\ "-plux. .\Iake _\our our) eleetronie to}. Micro Monsters Ages S-plux. learn the \eer‘etx ol' the darkroom.

Mini MOChinOC .-\ge\ S-plllx Htllltl )our ou n model erarie.

Outdoor Science Playground Ages 3 6, big for l'oxxilx and treaxure. Secret Science Agents t'ni-ax e1 the m} ster‘res oI' xeienee.

Typhoon - Robot Wars Agex (i-plus. .\1eet \ome rohotx from 1113("\ Rn/ml 112m and text )our' dri\ ing \krllx.

Up Yer Hooter Ages 5-plus. Slide like a huge} doun a giant noxtril. li\er} 31)niin from 111.15ani.

Vets ER Ages S-plus. Text )our xkillx as a top (1th \eterinar} \ur'geon. li\er') 45 minx t‘roni 111.15am.

The W5 Science Magic Show

.- ge~ 5-plux, ('hange \\.rlt'1 into r‘.i~phet‘r'_\ade and riiake a \olt .rth‘

Wet Stuff Splaxh ahout m thrx \hov. all about \\.rlet'

Why Do Animals Do What they Do? 1)i\eo\et the xetretx oi the\ uho he on (ioigre ('rt} Iarrii

Life’s What you Make It \\ed to :\pr'. 13 3“pm l'ree \xxeuihl} l\)111)l|1\. 54 (ieotge Street. 331143-19 \gex S plux \\ hat make~ e\er\ human 'amtiue'



2 Chambers Street, 247 4219. Fri 11-Tue 22 Apr. Mon-Sat 10am-4.30pm; Sun noon-4.30pm. Free-£6. To book tickets or for more information call 0131 473 2070 or visit

Chemical Clues 1'11 11 lue 1.5 \pr. 11am. 1pm t\' 3pm. £3 \ge\ I117phi\ 'l'r‘aee the 111}\11'1'I1‘\ 111 Illt' [‘axl litittllgli eherureal textuig ol aneient lt‘lliallh Clones in Action l'll II Iue l5 \pi l‘r‘ee. :\ge\ 111 plux. Reutemher l)oll_\ the \heep.’ See ll )ou eari lliitlt‘ISIalitl the elomiig proeexx.

Gas and Gherkins ill I t 1111' I4 Apr. 111.3(1aui. 13311pm. 3 311pru .\ 4pm 1"r't't‘..»\gt‘\ Splux. ill/111:3 llte\\1it’k\. lliiIilliUlh1301111alitle\plmllliy \egetahlex Life in the Freezer 1‘11 11 ltre 33 Apr. I‘ree. l{o_\al .\1u\eum. 3 (‘hariiherx Street. 34" 4319. llrm to \tir\r\e iii the eoldext plaee on l‘.at'lh.

Medieval Machine Challenge In 11 Tue 33 .v\pr. 3 3 311pru. £5 tor team tieket. Ro_\a| \ltrxeuui. 3 ('hauiherx Street. 34" 4319. .r\ge\ lll~plll\ Suitable for larmlrex, .-\ttaek a mediexal eaxtle uxmg tuxt a pile ol \ei'ap.

Scotland Rocks! i'll It \M-a 16 \pi. 1.311pm. £3. .-\ge\ ll [‘llh \\li} Seollartd ix t'eall) part oi .-\ruerrea

Get stuck in with the W5 Science Magic Show full of explosions. fizzing and goo, daily at the Assembly Rooms

untetp savepur“ d scaly friends ' ngle at the

Dr Snow, Licensed to Chill \\ ed

11) ltie 33 \pr. 11115am. 11 311am. 1pm. 3-15pm t\ 3 15pm lree \\hi ~orue tieature [lime in e\treme hot and told Unmask the Mummy \\ed to Itre 33 \pr. |1am.\ 3 311pm £3 Irate auerent it1}[‘11.illalit'l.i\‘1\\\lllll)\ \ Tile Style Ihu I“ lue 33 \pt. 11am .\ 3 311pm £3 \gex‘l plux (‘ieate geometrrtal palletttx and Illr)\.tl\'\

Dr Bunhead v the World’s Biggest Bogey 1 Il Ix ,\ \1ou31 \pr. 11 311.1111 .\ 3pm £51£3) 1(1)}.11 \queuru. 3 ('hamherx Street. 3~1"-$319 Ilie goo and gunk that ltrrk tip our 1111\t‘\ Genesis of the Pharaohs Sun :11 \pr.-1 5pm £6 i£-11. lariir1_\ tieket £16 Roial \Itixeum. 3 (’hamherx Street. 343 4319 llie aura/rug dlxeinet} 111611111) )ear old roek ear\ irigx Iii the dexert Extinction! Sun 311 \pr. 6 “pm £6 1£-31.t.iriir|} tieket £16 Rotal .\lu\euui. 3 ('hariiherx Street. 34" 4319 'lalk ahout the natural dixaster that near!) \xiped otrt all hle or) earth 351 million )earx ago


So you Want to Be a City Farmer? lit 11 lliti 13 .-\pr.

Illattt 13 311pm £4 (iorgrt-(it) l‘atlll. 51 (iorgre Road. 333 43113 .-\ge\ .\ [‘IUS 1‘111111)lli\\11a1llle\llkt'1111.11.iilil

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith Row, 552 7171. Fri 11-Mon 21 Apr. 10am-5pm. Free-£3. To book tickets or for more information call 0131 473 2070 or visit www.sciencefestiva1 Further family listings in Edinburgh Life.

Survival: Nature’s Reality Gameshow lit 11 \\ed 16.\pi. Hart). 1311er & 3pm, £1.51) 1 £1) .'\ge~ 5 adult lnteraetoe gariiexhoau. Lotions and Potions Sat 13 'l'ue 15 .‘\Pl. 11am. 3pm & 3.311pm, £3. .v\ge\ " plu~ Hr‘eu up )our our) [NHIUIIS llSIilj.‘ plantx ot the I'itllll1ti't'SI.


Corstorphine Road, 334 9171. Free—£4. To book tickets or for more information call 0131 473 2070 or visit

Looking After Animals Mon 14 .r\pr. lHam tk 13.311pm. £3. ladrrihurgh 7.111). ('orxtorphine Road. “4 V l -1 l.r~lert 11) I111) keeper‘x tilSL'USS 111m the} keep the animalx happ}.

Animal Advocates 'I'tre IS \M-d 16 Apr. 'l’ue lilarii 1pm; Wed 1 4pm. £4. i'.dlttl)tli‘gll X111). (‘1)r\111t'phtne Road. 334 91.31. Ages 9 I4. l'.\;tiiliiie the ixxuex of keeping iliiiliIIIIS eaptix e.

Animal Inspirations 'I‘hu )7 Apr. lilani & 3pm. £4. lidrnhurgh Zoo. (‘orxrorphrne Road. 334 91" l. Ago

9 14. Nature hax all the arts“ erx.