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Thursday 10


Magnus Magnusson [ht-an.- Rn}.tl. .‘fi: Hop.- \tre.'t. “f ‘Illllll [pm 11 ‘0 l1“ “Ithtth .t\|t‘l .tlltl l.t\ t“ «'l

\llr\'l Inixl'tf. \i.t:'lttt\ \1.t;’litl\\tttt Kl”. t~ ant/Ant h} tux daughter \nna .t\ he .l|l\\‘.\'l\(Illt'\lil‘l1\l‘ll lib hteantltateet Orchids for Beginners (tl.t\_‘_'H\\ Hutantt (\lt'll\. " 10 ( neat \\e~tettt Rmttl. :;1 )1)? .‘I‘HI 3.] 9.; '{k'\l\ik'lll l‘lxhlti urn-rt. llax 1.1 Hen/rm. leath ilth popular e\ent v.|n. h a. t\ .t\ .l taxter lHl the weekend ( )t. httl Ian Friends of Botanic Gardens (il.t\f_)(~\‘. “Niallh (\h'll\. _ z” ( llt'dl \\t'\tett1 Run]. “1 .‘ l.‘.‘ lllpm L3 lhtnalatan l’lattlx are the [UPM tot llll\


Other mxertts

RAW: Real Art Weekend \anum (t.t|h‘ll\‘\. ‘NHI “if. Hui” Ru}: Hllt'l\ the \l.l\\ I" e\hrhrttun\. mentx and npentnrx takttn' plate Ill wine wt (il.t\f_'n\‘. \ lllU\l en lllltj.) \ I\ .ttl\ \enuex [III\ _\\'.II. a ltee hux has heel] lattl on to trawl II) a limp around all the

HENRY ROLLINS Pavilion, Glasgow, Fri 11 Apr

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avenues. ‘9. hr. rt tn. lutte the \t. hes. (‘(‘ \. (tl.t\:_'t‘\\ \tllih‘l \‘l '\ll. (t1.1\:_'i\\\ \ulptute \tuthm and lt.:t‘.t\\.:_\ \t-e- ptexteu u: \tt \‘t'etll‘ll

Glasgow Art Fair (it-urge \ttttare. 9‘11"? 10 Want \pm :J ‘1: 51". under 10. tree \tm m tl\ etehth )Cah \utlantl's nattunal eutttentpntat} .ut t.:n takex up texttlenee m (ieotge Square httnetn: together around 50 _‘_'.lHk'llL" trutn throughout the l K and | utupe \ee ptexteu tlt \tt \eetmn


Henry Rollins l’.t\thun lheatte. l_‘I Renltelti Street. ‘33 lx-lh "pm tl.‘ lhe 01.1le ot the molten \xurtl. Hem} Rolhns. l\l‘.tel~ ll‘l‘)\\ll\\l[]‘,]l\11\”]lk hulk .tl \He'lt‘l} See [‘I'U 1C“

Other events

RAW: Real Art Weekend \atluttx (Latent-x. WU! 022 Mun \t-e lhu It! Glasgow Art Fair (ieor;e \tluate. 55‘ Ni". l0 Warn 8pm L-1I135lll. under l0\ tree See 'lhu Ill Lippizzaner Stallions Show Ih'aeheatl \rena. Ktnp lneh Road. Rettlt’e\\..\.\5‘1(\|l. ".illpm.

{3-150 {2050152150 13050. the \xut'ltltentmned \talhunx pet'torm aerohatte manoean and nnnhle tl.tll\'t'\ See Phl‘ltl eaptton

No Grand Plan 'l'ratlex Home. 5‘ (ll.l\\llll\l811111.23223h“. ". illpnt. £23

Pumped and ready for action

There are few more iconic figures in modern rock than the screaming, vein-bulging Henry Rollins at full throttle. He once headed seminal US hardcore punks Black Flag. whose name is still spoken in reverential tones, and now fronts the Rollins Band. fusing metal. funk and punk with Richter-

scale efficiency.

But there is a more sensitive side to the scarin muscular, heavily tattooed exercise junkie. His spoken word performances straddle the gap between stand up and confessional. His tales of life as a geeky teenager (before he started pumping iron with almost religious intensity) and his problems with relationships are chock full of pathos and slightly uncomfortable humour. ‘My leading personality trait is ineptness,’ he says. ‘So I'm sure there’s a lot of laughs to be had there, even when I'm not

planning it.’

This man has been touring the world for over 20 years and has a cannon of truly delicious tales from touring. ‘l'm on the road 9 to 11 months a year. so I’m more at home with my backpack sleeping in a hotel room, on a bus

or on a plane than lam on a bed.‘

He‘s an outspoken intellect and a tireless campaigner when it comes to the West Memphis Three. three men whose convictions for a triple child murder look decidedly unfounded and reek of persecution. Punk. actor, activist. poet and stand-up, Rollins is one of the most complex and enigmatic figures in the business. (Henry Northmore)

\vinthet |)\lt\1tt~;htntt‘ertot'nante

.trit‘. tztti that taz‘tt'tes '.'te sputttattezu mt

Ta ks

Artists’ Talk lhe \t.‘l‘.e~. I“ \t'efle \Hk'k'l. NH"! ":2 lull“ :l‘lf‘. Ilt't' \lattrttt l‘asctt .ttll\l\ l Ht‘lll‘.lll\1.\-UHJ thud“ then \xurk \\ 1th Jean (antetntt. .ttt\ ptuetanunet at the \rehex \ee lt.r\el \eetwn

Horses and Chariotry in Ancient Egypt Hum-ll (hilt-tuna. :"N' l’ttll\‘h\l‘..t\\\ Rikki. 35— 2“!)

3pm :2 Li \ltttam lirhh}.

he) ptulnetxt anti ethtnt‘ at in. .t u: let”: maea/tne. f_'l\t‘\ a talk on the \t‘t'etl and [NM er ml the hone and ehattut tn .rnetent l'eH‘t

Steven Gartslde ('(‘ \. 15H Sauehtehall Street. ‘5: 4000 ipm. l'tee \\ tttet and etnatnt‘ \te\ en (iartsnle )_'I\e\ a talk on I’uh} l’aletxtttt'x “Ulh See t‘tex new 111 .-\rt \eetmtt

Other events

RAW: Real Art Weekend \armm (i.tlh‘llt'\. (Will 03: 0‘00. See 'l‘hu Ill Glasgow Art Fair (amet- Square. 55‘ I‘M" Ill. “lam (\ 30pm L11 rt: 50!; untlet Ills tree See 'l‘hu I0 Lippizzaner Stallions Show Ihaeheatl .\rena. Kttlgh lneh Road. Rentreu. MS Joli 2pm .\ 731mm {3-150 {3‘} 501131.50 tlhflll. See It! 1 1

07‘3"“! Fair Kll‘l‘h' I’alaee. “thim Hithllllt‘ (l.ll'\lL'll\. it“ (tl't‘JX \\ LNIt‘l‘ll Road. NJ 3422. Illam. l’ree 'l‘huuxantlx Ht nt'ehnl e\pet‘t\ and L‘lllllthlthh tlexeentl on (lld‘ffitfik tor lllh annual tan: Scottish Computer Falr Kelnn Hall lnternatrmtal Spurh Arena. 14-15 .'\l':_"\lc Street. 35" 2535. Want 3pm. [I H. l .50). Help and am tee and a ehanee to hrtmxe and hu) trom a \\ itle selection 01 e'tttllptllL‘tN .tlltl tlt‘L'L‘\\0t‘tL‘\. Farmers Market Manaiettt Park. ll}ntllantl Street. 38“ 2000 10am Rpm. l‘ree. .-\ ehanee to hu} tt'exh protluee tht'eet 1mm the lat‘lttet'x.

30/20 Craft and Design Fair Ro_\al ('oneet't Hall. I Sauehtehall Street. ‘53 3000. Ill.3()ant 4.30pm. {I Ftlpl. (‘ontennmrar_\ erat'tuork sold dneet h} the maker»

Planting Containers (ireenhank (iarden. l'lt‘ttrlt't'x Road. (‘larkxtorr Mo 513033011111. L3.S()l£2.(\()l.x\ “alk through the heautttul gardens and e\pert ath tee on the hext eontainerx tor )otu' plants.

Other events

RAW: Real Art Weekend Vat'tum (iallertex. (NH! ()2: (Ulll). See 'l'hu It). Glasgow Art Fair (lt'tll'gt‘ Square. 553 IN“. Noon (x30an [-1 tt'250l'. under llh tree. See Thu 1”. Lippizzaner Stallions Show Brat-head Arena. Kingx lneh Road. Rent'retx. 835 40] I. 3pm.

£24.50 £39.50 (£3l50 £26.50l. See tn 1 l.

OI’Chld Fair Kthhle Palace. (il;t\g0\\ Botante (iardenx. "30 (heat Western Rnatl. 334 3-123. lllttttt. Free. See Sat I2.

30/20 Craft and Design Falr Ro)al ('oneert Hall. 3 Sauehtehall Sum-1.353 8000. 10.30am 4.30pm. U ("013). See Sat l2.

Daffodil Day (ireenhank (iartlen. l5lenderx Road. (‘IarkxlotL ()I0 5130.

I lam 5pm. £3.50 (£2.60). lixer} dat‘t'othl in the garden l\ pieketl and named alltmtng _\ou to ehome _\our bulbs for the autumn.

Monday 14

Book events

Jamie Stuart Borders Books. 383 Buehanan Street. 322 7700. 5pm. Stuart tells the Ifmter Stun. (ilaxgmx \t}le.

Glasgow life


Sculptures, trolleys and glasshouses

I Burrell Collection W ".t’tllla'n Rurre‘l's world tamo .s‘ cotrecboo o‘ heautitu? a". oheets from around the giohe. housed :n a speciallx ’tesroned. award wooing hundrog .h Dmitok Park F\.er\thmg from potted and tapestrres to oamtmgs and sCu'ptures has heed mile/ted and rs on desptay 9060 Pol/okshaws 9080. 997 .9450 Mort-Thu X 9a! 70a.m 7mm.- Fr 8 Sun Farr-Spur Free.

I Museum of Transport Crammed thh huses. trams. fer engrnes. boats. trolley huses. Cycles and moIOrhrkes. rt shows how transport has developed over the centurres. Take a walk down the recreated 1038 street Wrth a Subway stop. a cmema front and shop wrndows. As of August. a sputtrre plane wrll he added to the collectron. Kelvm Hall 7 Bum/70080 Road, 287 2720. Mon—Thu 8 Sat 70am—5pm; Fri (2 Sun

7 7am-5pm. Free.

I Greenbank Garden Thrs beautrtul National Trust for Scotland walled-garden on the s0uth8rde of the Ctly contarns a wealth of rnterestrng plants and flowers as well as woodland walks. a glasshOuse and water drsplays. You can frnd out more aboot the garden and Its corttents on one of the gurded walks. Flenders Road, C/arkston. 676 5 726. Daily 9.308m—dusk. £3.50 ($2.60;

I People’s Palace and Winter Garden One of Glasgow's most Interestrng museums. the PeOpIe's palace Shows the NOW hrstOry of the Crty from its f0undtng years through to today. Memorabrtra and rmages reCreate the well known steamre and the Barrowland as well as the Anderson shelter. takrng you back to World War II. Set In Glasgow Green, the glass covered Wrnter Gardens house an amazing selectron of plants and has to be one of the Sunniest spots tn the Crty. Glasgow Green, 554 0223. Mon—Thu 8 Sat 70am—5pm; Fr/ 8 Sun 17am—5pm. Free.

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