Glasgow life


Art, animals and gardens

l Glasgow Botanic Gardens This 19th century garden and collection of glasshouses are home to plants including cacti and orchids. The Kibble Palace. one of the largest glasshouses in Britain, houses a collection of tree ferns from Australia and New Zealand as well as plants from Africa. the Americas and the Far East.

730 Great Western Road, 334 2422. Gardens open daily 7am—dusk (Kibb/e Palace 8. glasshouses 7 Dam—4. 45pm). Free.

I Glasgow Zoopark Glasgow All types of animals from African lions and Bengal tigers to golden eagles. snakes. guinea pigs and monkeys. Look out. too. for its full programme of interactive events. such as snake-handling and birds-of-prey flying displays. plus a children's farm. Calderpark, Uddingston, 77 7 7785. Daily 9.30am—5pm. £4 (23}

l House for an Art Lover Situated in Bellahouston Park. this unique house wa designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for a competition in 1901. Although not built in his time. the unfinished work was finally completed by modern-day

architects and designers in 1996.

The house is decorated in the Mackintosh style. As well as the exhibition there is also a shop and cafe/restaurant. Bellahouston Park, 10 Dumbreck Road, 353 4770. Daily 10am—5pm. £3.50 (E2. 50).

I St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art Opened in 1993. St Mungo's (pictured) was the first museum in the world to be dedicated solely to religion. It houses three exhibitions that depict art. world religions and religion in Scottish history. and has themes of life. death and the hereafter. As well as the exhibitions there is the amazing Christ of Saint John of the Cross by Salvador Dali. priceless art works and a beautiful Zen garden. 2 Castle Street, 553 255 7. Mon—Thu 8 Sat lOam—5pm; Fri 8. Sun

7 7am—5pm. Free.

98 THI LIST 24 Apr—8 May 2003

Saturday 26 continued

Plant and Produce Sale Rst’ls Nature Reserxe. l.och\srnnoch. 01505 S42663. l0am 4pm. Free (irab some bargains for )our garden at this annual sale.

Body and Soul Health Fair Ro}al ('oncel‘l Hall. 2 Sauchlehall Street. .353 S000. llam 6pm. £3.50lL’250i. \seekcnd ticket {5 «Hi Health and healing therapies on offer include massage. reiki. cr} stals. tarot. music and lots more.

German Beer Festival (iainerlnll Multicultural ('entre. 2| Rose Street. 332 9765. 7 llpm. l'ree. Tr} out some til. the beers on ol'ler' its part ill the (iarnethrll Tum (rites and Multicultural Spring Festival.

Other events

Easter Eggstravaganza (ilasgott Science Centre. 50 Pacific Qua}. 420 5000. l0am 6pm. £6.95 rig-1.95). See Thu 24.

Body and Soul Health Fair Ro}al (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. llam 6pm. £3.5(HL251H;

u eekend ticket 1.5 (Ni. See Sat 26. Raising the Rainbow Stables (‘ourt_sard. Linn Park ('ountr) l’ark. Simshill Road. 637 “47. l.30pm. Free. Sou seeds and plant liouers to create a \\ ildltimel' meadow

The Bays and Talvin Singh - Band Dynamic Workshop (‘(‘.-\. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. 2pm. Free. Talx in Singh and the Bil)s gne an insight into the music industr) tackling musicianship and the notion oi working together as a band. lndusu'} insider Jon Slade will also be on hand with his perspective. I’url of lrrpl'ulr.

Looking into the Abyss Reni'ield St Stephen‘s (‘hurch Centre. 260 Bath Street. 332 2826. 7pm. Free. Take part in the lnonthl) Hot) ('it) da} and take the time to contemplate faith in cit} lil'e toda).

Traditional Scottish Ceilidh (iarnethill Multicultural ('entre. 21 Rose Sire-ct, 332 9765. 7 l lprn. Free. A traditional Scottish e\enirig to round off the \\ eekend celebrations ol~ the (iarnethill Tu in Cities .Vlulticultural Spring Festhal.

Tuesday 29

Book events

Val MCDBI’Mid The Arches. 25.3 Argyle Street. (MM 022 0300. 6pm. £4 (£3l. The crime novelist reads from her latest work. The Distant lie/1o.

Tony Buzan “trier-stone‘s. ISA 157 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9l05. 7pm. Free. Ton) Buzan discusses his latest book .Wilfr/ .erp for Kli/L‘ The Shir/“It'll! In .Sllr'i‘ms ul School.

Pete McCarthy - The Road to McCarthy ('itizens' Theatre. I I9 (iorbals Street. 429 0022. 7.30pm. f; l 2 (£l -£-li. The comedian. telex ision and radio presenter and no“ best-selling author Pete McCarth} talks about his second book The Road In Mtt'ul'lht' which takes him to far flung places in search of' Irish connections.

Literary Benefit Night The Scotia Bar. I I2 Stockxsell Street. 552 8681. 8pm. Free. A reading by (ilasgtm l'ni\ersit} 's creathe u riters.


A Tahitian Deity llunterian MUseum. l'nhersit} A\enue. 330 ~122I. l2.-l5pm. Free. lixelsn Silber gi\es this ten minute


Other events

Conservation at the Braes ('astlemilk Park. ol‘l‘ (‘athkin Road. 630 1919. l0arn 3.30pm. Free. Join the ('ountr} side Rangers in some practical conserx ation looking alter the Braes and its \sildlit’e.

5;" gr'r-‘ t... ‘t

TURNTABLE TRICKERY Acclaimed DJs Kid Koala and Sace are brought by tripTych to Glasgow for a one off workshop on DJ techniques tor wannabe turntablists. They will give an insight into the technical use of decks and other DJ skills such as how to work a crowd. DJ Workshop with DJs Sace and Kid Koala.

I (ICA. 350 S;lll(.‘lll(.‘ll.‘i// Street. 352 4.900. (2pm. Free. Sat 26 Apr

Scotland-China Association (iarnethill Multicultural (critic. 21 Rose Street. ~pm. Free The Annual (ieiier'al Meeting of the association and a (‘hmese traditional music recital b_\ l)ong Yr

Wednesday 30

Book events

Pete McCarthy - The Road to McCarthy ('iri/ens' Theatre. l 19 (iorbals Street. 429 0022 ".3Tlpm. {l2 til [4 l. See Tue 2‘).

John Connolly and Jeffrey Deaver \V.llel'\ttllle's. l5.3 l5- Sauchiehall Street. 332 9|05. "pm. Free. The crime no\ elists read from their latest no\ e|s The White Rural and [In \il’ll\/l('(/ .Utlll.


Daniela Hardini and Eliot Cowan Theatre Rosa]. 2S2 llope Street. 332 9000. [pm 924501923). Scottish actor Nardtni joins hcr co-star In (.(Ullll/(H ('ouan. to discuss their latest roles.

Other events

In Focus Scottish Wildlife Trust Visitor ('entre. l‘alls ol (’l'ule Rescue. \eu l.anark. 01555 665262. I lam 4pm. Free. :\ \\ lde selection ol binoculars and telescopes on sale to help )ou spot some (it Scotland's \soridertul \\ rldlite. l)emonstratioris. ad\ ice and discounts a\ailable.

Book events

SHIV JOhflStOfl Borders Books. 28.3 Buchanan Street. 222 "‘00. 5.45pm. Free. SUI} Johnston launches her first book Illi’ .Vuknl Bin/Hun hi'r. lolloxs ed b} a reading from it b} l.ouie l.arkin.

Alison Weir \Varersione's. IS 15‘ Sauchiehall Street. 332 9l05. 7pm. Free. The high!) regarded Scots historian talks about her latest work about Mar) ()ueen ol Scots and Lord Danae).


Emaho Workshop St Andreus m the Square. | St Andrews Square. 01 3| «1-17 5383. lpm. l)1sett\el‘liti\\ to Iixe _\our life with more consciotisness. awareness and as a spirited human being at this \sorkshop led b} limaho. a natix e American Indian.

Other events

Smarty Pants (‘iii/ens' Theatre. I It) (iorbals Street. 429 0022. 7.30pm. £12 til £4). See Thu 24.


Emaho Workshop Sr Andree. s til the Square. 1 St Andrews Square. ‘ll3l 4-1" 53S3. lpm. See Thu 1.

Other events

Smarty Pants (‘ili/ens' lhcalle. ll9 (iorbals Street. 429 0022 2 30pm U2 Itl Hi See [hit 24

Dhola Maru and Amar Singh Rathor \loii llall. (iramille Street. 0M5 330350l " 30pm {tilt-1i llte.-\akaal l’uppet Theatre (iroup from \eu l)elhi performs these tales oi lo\e and tradition alter a \seek of \sorkshops


Emaho Workshop St Andrews in the Square. 1 St Andreas Square. 0| 3] 4-1" 53S3 lpm See Thu l

Political Scottish Green Party ‘lion 1 llealle. (‘hisholm Street. 552 35S“ 7 30pm. l'ree

Take part in this monlhl} meeting ol the (ireen Part} and bring along )our ideas for lulure campaigns

Other events

Smarty Pants (‘ili/ens' Theatre. ll9 (iorbals Street. 429 0022 2 30pm U2 it"! Hi. See Thu 24.

Glasgow Friends of Tibet (iilmorchill l‘lllll Theatre. l‘nixersil} ,-\\enue. 3302-1S9 7.30pm Free Showing of the documentar} liliii Hui/l (it like! An Inlrmuli' I’orlmll u/ lln' lJllr [hr/ill [1mm \\ inch looks at the life of the l)alai lama and shous him outside of an} lormal ceremon).


Emaho Workshop St Andrews in the Square. 1 St Andreas Square. HI 3| 447 53S3. llam See Thu |

Other events

International Dawn Chorus ('alderglen (‘ounlrs l’ark. Strathzoen Road. Fast Kilbride. 0| 355 236644. 4.30am l‘ree. (ict up \\ llll the hills and |(llll the ('otlltll'}slde Rangers on daun patrol at the peak ol the breeding season lor resident and summer migrant birds, Book in ad\ancc.

Treemendous Trees (ilelilllL‘r Braes (‘ountr} l’ark. (ilen Lodge. (ilenlield Road. l’alsle}. SSJ 379-1. l0.3llafn l'ree. l)lsco\er the \ariet} of trees in the park and find out some lascinating lacls about them. Waterfall Day Scottish Wildlife Trust Visitor (‘entre. l'alls ol ('l)de Resene. \eu l.anark. 01555 665262 I lam at 2pm. L4 i£2 l. A ranger led walk around the reser\e \\ ith the oppol‘ltllill) to see the Falls ot ('l}de in lull Hots Book In ad\ance.

Maydaze (ilasgots (ireen. (ire-end} kc Street. 23" 4-122 Noon 6pm. Free. Famil} tun da} in (ilasgtm (ireen preceded b} the Ma} Ma} rall_\ See prexieu