Edinburgh life


Illusion, surrealism and streaming waterfalls

I Camera Obscura Visrt the outlook tower and camera obscura. Edinburgh's oldest attraction, for a uniquely entertaining experience. Try lifting a car or a bus onto the palm of your hand as your guide gives you a fascinating 360-degree tour of the city. and explore the wonders of light and illusion in the wonderful 'magic gallery'. Castle/rill. Royal Mile. 226 3709. Daily 10am—5pm. £4.95 (£2.50). I Butterfly and Insect World Bask in the wonderful world of all things butterfly as they fly. sip nectar. court. egg-lay or simply show off their beautiful colours. Marvel at the industrious leaf-cutting ants. handle weird and wonderful minibeasts and witness deadly scorpions as you wander through this realm of exotic rainforests. tropical plants and streaming waterfalls. Dobbies Garden World. Lasswade, 663 4932. lOam—Spm. £4.35 (523.35)

I Edinburgh Zoo Widely accepted as one of the finest zoos in Britain. there's plenty here to while away an afternoon. Or even a whole day if you take your time. Go and play with the wonderful range of animals on show. including the 200's newest recruit. Lizzie. a baby pygmy hippo. Corstorphine Road. 334 9777. Daily 9am—430pm. £7.50 (£4.50); family ticket £22.

I Dean Gallery Situated opposite the National Gallery of Modern Art. the Dean Gallery is entirely devoted to 20th century art. Formerly a 19th century orphanage. it houses a large collection of work by Eduardo Paolozzi as well as outstanding holdings drawn from the National Galleries' Dada and Surrealist collection. The upper galleries are given over to temporary exhibitions. Check out Art listings for a full rundown of events. Be/ford Road, 624 6200. Mon—Wed 8 Fri—Sun 70am—5pm; Thu 70am—7pm.

www. nationa/ga/leries. org

100 THE LIST 9-1 Apr 78 Max

Thursday 1 continued

John Connolly and Jeffrey Deaver \\-illL‘l\lllllL'.\. lzb Princes Street. 220 20bit opm l-r'ee 'l‘hese popular crime noselists read from their latest no\els. Ilii' ll'lrili Rum! and Ill: limo/nil .lluir.

Reading Group Scoiiisli l’octr‘} librar}. 5 ('i'ichton's (lose. ('aiiongate. 557 287!» (i._§llpiii. See 'lliii 24. Performance

Young Performance Poets Special 'l'he lion. 0 Hunter Square. High Street. 555 2707. t) I lprn. £3 li2i. The floor is opened lo the ne\t generation ol iwrlormance poets. and features Jenn} l.indsa_\. lilllL‘ \Valton. ('lirrs llrclss. lloura ()adrr and Jess Brynn.


An Affordable Auction of Contemporary Scottish Art Mansfield ’l'raiiuair ('entre. l5 Mansfield Place. 454 tlllllll. Illarn 4pm. See Wed 30. After Hours National Portrait (itlllCl'). l Queen Street. 624 (i2lll). 5.3“ 7pm. l'i'ee. See Thu 24.

Other events

Recruitment Fair Asst-mm} Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). 4 ts'pm. Recruitment lair.


William Speirs Bruce Guided Tours Rosa! .\liiseum. 2 ('hanihers Street. 247 42“). 2pm. l'rl'L'L'. See l'l'l 2.5.

Other events

Record Fair .'\ssCllllTl_\ Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). ltlarn 4pm. Ll Record lair.


Sunday Sessions at protoacademy protoacadern). Room 238. lidinburgh ('ollege of Art. 7‘) The (irassinarket. 221 Mo]. 2 4pm. l-‘ree. ('onteinporar} art based research unit protoacadem) presents a presentation of He“ work b) A) a lguclii lollim ed b} an accompanying discussion group.

Other events Scotfairs Antique Fair Meadouhank Sports (‘entre. Ht) London

GOLDEN OLDIES Lyon and Tumbull continue to impress with their popular art sales, billed “Decorative Arts: I : 1860 to the Present Day’. fortnight prepare to bid - heart out for a huge range v '. goods. including ceramics. glass. jewellery and metalwares. textiles. art : furniture all dating from the 18605 to the present day.

I Lyon and Tumbulf. 33 Brooghton Place. 55788“; Daily 2-5pm. ~12;

Road. (ml 535i Illain 4.3llpm {I ltreei. Brouse stalls laden \\llll reseller). coins. linen. medals and .llllltlllL‘\

How to Plant with Success Rosal Botanic Garden. Inserlcrth Ross. 552 7l7l. Noon 3pm l‘r'ee. l'setul demonstrations on planting tor grim mg herbs and other edible plants


The Other Collection: Art Since 1960 from the City Art Centre National (ialler‘) of Modern .-\i't. "5 liellord Road. ()24 b2llll. 12.45pm. l‘ree lair ()'Riordan from the (it) .-\r't ('entre goes a talk

Wednesday 7

Talks William Speirs Bruce Guided Tours Ro}a| Museum. 2 (’hainbers Street. 247 42l‘). 2pm. l‘rce. See in 25.


Creative Writing Workshop North lzdrnburgh Arts Centre. |5a l’enn_\ \\ ell ('oui't. 3|5 2|5l. (till 8.30pm. l-‘r'ee. See Wed 30.

Thursday 8

Book events

Reading Group .s'coiiisli l’oelr'} librar}. 5 ('i'ichton's ('lose. (’anongate. 557 2870. (i.3lliiiii. See Thu 24.


After Hours National (ialler‘) ol Scotland. The Mound. (i24 (i200. 5.30 7pm. l-‘ree. See Thu 24.

Other events

Wine-Tasting Assembl} Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 22() 434*). 6.30 8.45pm. Learn more about \\ ine at this \\ ine< lasting session.

Burns an’ a’ That 2003 After its massive success last year, the Burns Festival is back showcasing traditional and contemporary Scottish culture. inspired by the work of Robert Burns. with internationally acclaimed folk. rock and classical artists among the highlights. For more information see www.burnsfestival.com

I 3—11 May, various venues, Ayrshire, 01292 678100.

SATURDAY 3-SUNDAY 4 MAY One of Scotland’s biggest national street festivals is back with a vengeance. This year the event will take place in Callendar Park and at various locations throughout the Falkirk area. See theatre listings for street theatre listings and music listings for main stage events, call 0141 552 7136 for general enquiries, or log on to www.biginfalkirk.com

Falkirk Time Team Sal Illarn 5pm. Sirri 2 5pm. ('allendar House. (let an in depth insight into l'alkirk's ttl'cllttcologlL‘al illsco\ et‘lt‘s.

Shoe Exhibition Sat Illani 5pm. Sun 2 5pm. l’ai‘ls (ialler) .-\ri eslirbition of shoe and design accessories. \shrch pa}s particular attention to social ritual and practice.

Food and Drink Village .s‘ai

.\'oon Illnillpin; noon 0. illpm. ('allendar l’ai’k. l-ood and drink to suit all tastes as part of the celebrations. Craft Fair Sat Sun Noon Spin. ('allendai' Park (home from a \\ ide displa} of arts and crafts.

The Big Parade Sal I3. lllpiil. (‘allendar l’ark Join the parade as local and national artists ilispla} their \sork l.ea\es Municipal Buildings at l2. illprn and arri\es at ("allendar Park at lprn. Scotland’s National Busking Competition Sat | 7pm. Sun 2 (ipm. ('allendar l’ark. local and national buslsers light it out tor this co\eled assard.

Circus Skills Sat Sun 1 3pm t\'

4 (rpm. (‘allendar l’ar'k. learn some skills and tricker) as part of the llrg in l'allsir'k celebrations.

The Art of Sand Sal Still I 4pm. l'lilllsllls Wheel. Andre“ lla_\ncs ct'eales images in the sand under the \satclilul e_\ e ol' the Iconic l'allsil'ls \Vlteel. SWAHK Join in the inn as _\ou're taken on a humorous ioirrne} under the shadois ol' the lialkirk Wheel.

Mike Hancock Sat Sun 3pm is 4.30pm. liallsii'ls Wheel. .-\n e\ er changing concoction of coiriic. magic and music.

The Home Finale Sat Sun 10.45pm. (’allendar l’ai‘k \Vorld l‘;tlllllll\ presents this spectacular light and fireworks slit)“.

Teddy Bear's Tea Party Sun

2 4pm. ('allendar Park. It )ou didn‘t get the chance to rneel the regal tcdd} bears in 2002 mm ‘s _\oiir chance.


ScotRail provides regular. fast services. direct throughout the day from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Falkirk. Call 08745 484950 or .see wwwscotrail .co.uk. Altcmativcly. First bUses operate services every 30min. Call ()870 608 2608.