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I NO DOUBT VINTAGE clothing emporium Armstrong's has long kitted out those glam kids who frequent ‘sleazy listening' club night Vegas. Now the partnership is set to be cemented in a fashion show. The Armstrong's Fashion Show will take place at Edinburgh's Club Ego on Saturday 3 May. Get there for 9pm and Witness a retro catwalk event like no other. The show WIN feature clothing old and new to express the themes Of Tutti Frutti. Sex and the City. Funky Tartan. Vintage and the 805. Hair and make-up Will come courteSy of Medusa. while Vegas DJs Frankie Sumatra. BugSy Seagull and Dino Martini will provide the tunes. Entry is free with a Vegas ticket (E7429) and clothing on show will be on sale in Armstrong's Grassmarket branch, with donations to Warchild for each item sold. For more information call 0131 220 5557.

I GLASGOW-BASED T-shirt design company Twisted Generation has launched a new spring/summer collection. Based on the concept of growing up in a new town - and drawing on ideas from Scalextrics to Maggie Thatcher - the collection blends printed graphics, layered fabrics and appliquéd detail. Pinks and aqua blues are dominant in the girls’ collection, while olive greens predominate in the boys’. The full range is available in the DeCourcy’s Arcade studio, on 0141 339 9986 or from the website www.twisted


Forth Floor Brasserie has introduced its HN

Beauty Menu which aims to promote healthy skin and a radiant COmplexron According to the luxug department store. expenswe beauty creams can't beat a good diet and lots of water (best not tell that to the cosmetics floon. so this menu Will help yOur skin look its best in time fOr Summer. Customers can also pick up a handbag- sized copy of the Harvey Nichols Beauty Diet booklet. For more information call 0131 524 8350.

I PRINTEMPS EST dans le air all over shopworld. Edinburgh French interior store Miam- Miam unveils its spring collection which includes hand-painted tableware, enamel clocks, quilts and linens. Many of the products are exclusive in Scotland

and embody the French style of simplicity and elegance. Call 0131 221 0037 or go to www.miam-miam. to put a little continental va-va- voom into your home.

I BROADBAND connections are. let's face it. all Greek to most people. Harder. better, faster. stronger internet access sounds great on the ads. but what does it actually mean? BT aims to address this uncertainty when it rolls out a series of exhibitions across the country. Head down to Murrayfield for the BT Cup Final day on Saturday 26 April and y0u can experience the 'thrill' and ‘speed' of broadband internet.

I OOPS! LAST ISSUE we inadvertently printed the incorrect number for the Lighthouse shop, Form. The correct number is 0141 225 8422.