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PROJECT-AT " (Summer Studies Special

Film and Video Co-ordinator for young people with disabilities , Part-time 19 hours per week - £19,600 per annum (pro rata) languages! laughter and '- o‘eal

Projecl AlJIIlly’ (,Ttfiillcfi ODDOTIUHIIICS for people .‘Vllh disabilities to In the Words of crusty songn18lstep It's alwia\s good take part in the visual arts. We are seeking a self-motivated person to have a lust for me And what better time to blow away the cob W'm “’l‘im'” “"9"” '” (“‘al'f'cat'on and at “383‘ ""98 years webs than during the summer months. With the sun beating

experience of introduCing and teaching film to indiViduals and

down and the time truly to yourself? Those looking for relaxation community groups for this fixed term post.

and rejuvenation can take the time to get pampered in style. both This post is funded for one year by the BBC Children in Need Appeal. mentally and phygcauy Those L'Oreal girls keep telling US we're For details please send {1 self-addressed A4 envelope to: worth It; it's “me we beheved It.

Pin/em Ability, 78 Albion Street, Glasgow (37 lLH

or email: intonip/(yect-abi/ityco.ul< - quoting Ref: PVC/O3 Closing date for applications - Friday 9 May 2003. Interviews will be held on Wednesday 21 May.

And then there's the misnoma of the New Year's

resolution list. Post Christmas blues find us in a flurry to start dozens of new ventures: language courses. theatre and Singing workshops. dance classes, meditation; the list is endless. Then SIX months on. and I'd bet a large portion of J-Lo's booty on this

a Scottish _ Scottish _ 5 one. said list has been long forgotten. No longer. Carpe diem "‘5 Counc'l ‘3; folks: even beach bums need a vocation, y'know.

\ (Anna Millarl

_ A . an . . .

Singing Summer Schools Popular Music. Musical Theatre Summer Schools Children 8. Adult This post is for 2 years from June 2003 and is supported by Spanish, Intenswe cowses almed at the umque sob penonne, The Scottish Arts (,0uncil National Lottery Fund. F I nalian’ Budd confidence. deveIop SKINS 8 unbd‘ you, creatwlty

For details please send a sell-addressed A4 envelope to: Within an intimate and suppOrtive setting Proiect Ability, l8 Albion Street, Glasgow (37 lLH


Project Co-ordinator - £14,800 per annum (pro rata)

(Part- time 15 hours per week)

Prolect Ability creates opportunities for people With disabilities to take part in the Visual arts. We are seeking a sell-motivated person With 2 years experience in arts administration to manage and administer an extenswe out—of school Visual arts programme for disabled children and young people.

German, Portuguese, or email: info(fliprO/OCl-abi/ adoring ref. CYP/O3 Russian For more information contact Telephone 0131 445 7491

Closing date for applications Friday 9 May 2003. \ H ~ . A interviews will be held on Tuesday 20 May. C aledonla " lANCUACES ABROAD

tel. 0131 621 7721/2

Loni" "mom (my. ' coursechaledonialanguagescouk Learn to dance Courses 8: Tuition .. in 1 night!

- Learn to partner dance to any music. Jive, Latin. Charts...

UNIVERSITY & COLLEGE COURSES a EVENWG CLASSES Are you stuck in a rut? - Come alone or with friends (no need to bring a partner). a SPORT & LE|SURE - pan/ATE TumoN . DANCE - Complete beginners welcome every week at all nights.

/ \ Summer

Scottish Scottish 5 Arts Council Arts Council ,-,

. Zest for Life is a fun filled [my where you learn to:

'l kc control of your life

'I-lnvi dreams into reality GLASGOW: Mondays: Maryhill Community Hall,

. " .- t your confidence 304 Maryhill Road. I! Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni. Union, St u d 1'" burgh mum“ (£99) 32 University Avenue. West end. at" 3‘ ’“m‘ 8‘ 1" My EDINBURGH: Mondays a. Thursdays:

trcat yoursclf call Alisoun Marco 5' 55 Grove Street‘

0 .v (“101968 (,61 318 Tuesdays: St Stephens hall. . St Stephens Street. Stockbridge. j (licensed Dawn I‘ITCSIln 'l‘raincrl pERTH: Thursdays: City @ Sponsters

8 South Methven Street. DUNDEE: Wednesdays: Ollie‘s cafe. The Olympia

Strptch your .child’s imagination stagifi‘rifaamiss....

Cairn Road, Peterculter, Aberdeen.

in three directions at once. 1233211223I“E.EZT‘A%?£§£?9““95'

~ . ; : : n'n n... ERE’S a way to spend weekends that II have 6- STIRLING TU°Sdays 0” ' g 500 ' . . . F0r all classes d00rs open at 7 15 Beginners class at 7 30pm Admission is £6 00 16 year olds buzzing. lznrol them in your local Thu . I, V M Ma), at 6pm (£5 00; Membership is£1 00 payable on first night blagt’wach 11168er AVIS School where 1th can si George's School t‘or(iirls MONTHLY PARTIES:3.OOpm ~i.. 1.00am learn [0 act, Sin and dance. " ' (ianscubc TCTT'dCC - GLASGOW: Second Saturday of the month g \/

- EDINBURGH Last Saturday of the month

The skills they learn arcn t iust tor the .Aaenoeeu: Third Saturday of the month - DUNDEE: First Friday of the month

stagc. 'Ihcy grow in confidence. and '\\ \ sclf—cstccm. Stagecoach training is a x ' WEEK'END WORKSHOPS:

. . . H . _ \i , -REGULAR week-end wOrkshops for all levels. ° training for life. Thch 5 no audition. ' f. moiudmgcompleie beginners C E B 0 C Enthusiasm is all they need. Call

Principal Nick Lewis fora Prospectus 0800 328 388 l.


Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-mail: hi@cerocscot|

24 Apr—8 May 2003 1'"! LIST 1 17