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Claims for the death of vegetarianism are greatly exaggerated. wants: Mark Fisher

tist how fickle are we‘.’ The fact of Madonna and Julia Sawalha deciding to pttt an end to their y'eggie days led to a host of ridiculous newspaper articles earlier this year telling its that the whole vegetarian experiment is a dead duck er. dead mock duck and that we should all

return to our carniy'orous ways with impunity. (‘ue a band of newspaper

columnists. more ridiculous still. announcing that despite having been yegetarian for 47 years. they suddenly felt the meaty urge oyer the ('hristmas turkey and haye happily stuffed their faces with all the flesh they could find ey er since.

I should say that these articles are only as ridiculous as those that appeared at the height of the BSli crisis when the papers decided ey'eiyone was turning

\egetarian and meat eating was on the way out. And it‘s ridiculous because if

you put food on your plate as some kind of fashion statement - your (bloc and your combats to go with your asparagus

risotto then of course you'll change your eating habits as quickly as Madonna changes is a

haircuts and houses.

Did you ney‘er question the staying power of those people who said: ‘()h. yes. I‘m a

\egetarian. btit i do eat chicken and fish"? ()1

course you did. They were fly-by-night

\eggies who had no more concern for animal your rights or global ecology titan McDonald‘s has h b-

concern for the promotion of lettuce. Their a_

habits continue to haye an impact on the

\qume of meat sold and animals slaughtered.

btit they were ney'er going to be at the

forefront of radical change for the food industry. For the vegetarian lobby to lose them is as significant as gaining them in the first place.

I read one article by a meat recidiy'ist of such dreatny fatuousness it was hard to image how the writer had had the presence of mind to become a \egetarian in the first place. It could be summed tip in one sentence: '()ne day I woke up and l was an omniy‘ore again.’ I don't object to the writer choosing to eat meat as much as her failure to acknowledge that there is a real. morally loaded choice to be made.

If you choose to eat meat you are saying: 'Yes. I accept my part in the commercial rearing and slaughter of animals. yes. I am manned by the fact that our meat-based global food industry leay‘es people starving and. yes. I am prepared for my health to take the consequences of this diet.‘

Many people are happy to say yes to all three. .»\s it happens. I'm not. liither way. it's a serious discussion with implications for us all and we're not

helped by empty-headed chit—chat reducing the argument to the level of

(hanging Rooms-type lifestyle options.


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