V I saw you tall farm ltand. hulking rugby player. How do yotl fit belttitd tlte fopp cntlntetfl' I would one In xquce/c you in. [7466/1

V I saw you bttxlt baby III tlte Botanicx one xtlntty afternoon. You xltntild hay c been at tint. bar tItxtracttnnx are tttnre 11H]. x 1 [7466/2

V I saw you (‘hnx playing pool attd drinking whixkey ltx ltiglt noon attd I wattt your loyin'. [7466M

V I saw you at tlte film ltnttxe t|llll xhan hair attd coming lottrtlt. (iet nttt moreY [7466/4

V I saw you in the pi'ntext on Saturday carrying a 'next' xalc bag. you capitalixtl You are beautiful. all tltc xante. wotlld yott like to take ttte xltnpping‘.’ [7466/5

V I saw you at tlte ()pal l,ottttge 10th April 2003 at 9.30pm. Yott xexy. dark-haired ittit'xe. 'l‘all. xexy tnale frottt l-‘ttuntainbridge watttx to ttteet for a drink’.’ [7466/6

V I saw you nty tttoxt fair gingerln‘ead lady. With your beauty filled ey ex attd xttgar tltlxlt‘tl face. l'tl line to heat from your butterfliex. [7466/7 V I saw you the \taff at .‘ylaixon Bleti. Your breatlt \IIIL'IIS 13111 I [me you. xo \[IL‘lx' tip to Dean that dreadful beaxt frnttt Algeria: he'x a terrorixt. you know ilx true. [7466/8

V I saw you Ill tlte Pear Tree weaning your lingland xhirt - l[I\ ya. [7466/0

V I saw you ey eing/queuing for tile at S'I‘A 'I'rayel on Nlcltolxon SI. IIlIIL‘k-lltllt‘etl. blue-eyed. .-\merican dreaming girl.‘x book a holiday down- tutder. (illt‘ix [7466/lll

V I saw you big lady at Pear Tree beer garden 4/4/03, ltigltliglttiitg like you neyer xaw me. Buxnm blottde ey eittg yott frottt afar. [7466/1 I

V I saw you attd know you wottld alway x be nty xpecial pie head: loy e little bo-pipe. [7466/12

V I saw you little trixh babe you. You catt hay e ttty pot of gold any tinte. l.o\ e from tlte dtiyet beaxt. Xxx [7466/1.3

V I saw you at tt.\t\' at St Jamex ('entre. Yott haye lottg hair- I don't. 1 xayx yntt agaitt beside Blockbuxter in Newington walking to work- I wax wearing ax iator xttnglaxxex. (iirl xeeking guy? Xx [7466/14 V I saw you freckly gittger LR'I‘ httx driy er. tttittciitg arotntd my bedroont itt your patttiexY You're ttty wife now. l.ol papa l.a/. X [7466/15

124 THE LIST ‘.:‘-1 Apr—8 May 2(70

V I saw you Dundee thxeo diya enloy tng ynttrxelf tn tlte capital on Saturday llnpe tn xhare tlte limelight wttlt you agattt. (it'tnntng Boy. [7466/16 V I saw you nu tlte podium- thought it wax gotttg to be a ‘Begbte' tttntttettt. (' 1' down at the (“Sufi Xxx [7466/17

V I saw you beautiful angel. a \ ixiott of lnyelinexx. .. [ham 4 a heaxcttly weekend... letx rexixt temptation [III we lttt L'III'Ilf. [7466/11'8'

V I saw you [toy for pele. axleep [R'SItIC me. [he xnot‘tng tttade it lexx rotttantic xexy birdie. l.oye glgolojoL‘ [7466/1‘) V I saw you grinning. drinking tequila xlatttttterx itt your red kitclten. like you» your drumming dixtractx me. Monogamy xuckx. l’np downxtairx any time? [7466/20 V I saw you looking peachy keett at the (11} cafe. You xparkling ey ex attd xoft. xilky hair make ttte yourx baby. [7466/21

V I saw you myxteriottx tall I‘rench brunette. working at liaynrit. l wax the dark. tanned. lit. Italian admiring your xpirit. \Vill you lttxle my xpttgllelli'.’ (‘ian Bella- 'I‘ittntti. [7466/22

V I saw you teaching ttte ltow to retttentber my car ttttmber plate. Arratt laxt

w eekettd attd tomorrow the world- you gtlyx are fttn- more. tttore. tttore. [7466/23

V I saw you attd you brottgltt iii the xtlnxhine. thank you for your light attd lltlIIL‘\l_\‘...)'t)tII‘ beautiful by the way? that little black book cart go back itt tlte draw er...XX.\' [7466/58

V I saw you Robbie lookalike. I xaw you eating nachox itt Blunt on Friday. xhare a coffee with me next time! litixty Blonde xxx [7466/5‘)

V I saw you in tittl 14 April being bored rigid by two pxeudx. Yott. gorgeoux ey ex aitd funky headxcarf-me. xmiling aitd xittittg oppoxite wixhing you could get a word itt xo I could ltear your yoice. l‘ancy' talking non-xtop while 1 ga/e attd lixten'.’ [7466/60 V I saw you i wax on tny bike. you had a nice .xcarf. a peck on tlte lipx and yoti were gone. next tittte you need a ride look ottt for the [7466/61

V I saw you working iit ayalanclte on cockbttrtt xtreet. you were w earittg a blue dickiex lop aitd yott haye xexy brow n ey ex. your xide burnx driye me xx ildI our fittgerx touched attd you ntade ttte xhiyer xxx [7466/62

V I saw you \y'aterxtone'x \y'ext lind. long blottde hair attd tight tight btittx.'x haye a drink attd talk bttxinexx. 1 could be the event you're looking for. [7466/63

V I saw you Juxxy. Haven't xeen you! Where are you now xexy lady '.’ Wee Yin [7466/64 V I saw you hattdonte man. and you xaw me. In The Waterfront Sat night 5th April. You were with friend (1’1 attd l xat acroxx from you - xhon dark hair attd black xhin with my palx. .»\x you left you threw me a glance that I didn't quite catch - fancy throwing me another'.’ [7466/65

V I saw you Imely red-bag bikerhny tit tttarchntont cltartty xltop. So xorry I let ti ride aw ay. l.o\ e to find you agattt tinder [11C \[111. l'oxlc \ [7466/66

V I saw you at .-\lien Rock on 14/04/03. Yott tit art orange fleece with fluffy chalk bag. Your xmtle nearly tttade ttte fall ofl. 'I‘hix girl would loy e to xee it again. [ 7466/67 V I saw you on :\lllfttt‘\ Seat

I 7/4. Black yext top. walkttlan. dodging round photographer/ model couple. 1 wax mnnittg the other way - what on earth wax | thinktng'.’ ('ottldn't catclt my breatlt alter paxxing you. [ 7466/68 V I saw you|r| ntexxage .\'. 'l‘hankx. you helped. Sorry about the delay. bill I wax unable to talk to you: could'nt find tlte rigltt moment... He: perxonality tltxot‘tlL‘t'. tlnttllle lo leer further-- how catt you affect me thix much'.’ My I’.S. yott xtttelled good when you danced‘.-) [7466/6‘)

V I saw you guy witlt army

jacket on a xkatebnard. xayy it at

the artxchool too. wanna fire my gttn‘.’ Jittt'.’ [7466/70

V I saw you been watching you dance for the laxt couple of yearx.your poixe attd grace ix unmixtakable ax i.x your .xharp witlllappy birthday front the guy with the clean panth [7466/71

VI saw you itt pltutet ottt edinbuigh .xaturday» 1‘) apnl--u xittittg xttntttingly itl black with your mate---me at bar alxo iit black. \y itlt a xpell bt )Ulftl ga/e--we xtaied tutd xtaied btit then you left with a wry \ltfilL‘---Ct)llltltfl find you again-if only.....get itt touch xexy [ 7466/121 V I saw you 18/04 2.3llfxlt on the 2‘) bux in Stockbridge. u xlittt. gorgeoux. xhon dark hair axked me w here the bux went. ttte xht dark hair. blue eyex. fancy meeting up‘.’ [7466/122

V I saw you liaxyjel..1 Who would hay e guexxed that I would hay e met xomeone interexting to talk to in ()pul Lounge. (iiye me a call my little red breaxt and we catt talk gttttx. big gunx...1 [7465/110

V I saw you brown eyed Spattixh onely working itt Sala. Broughton St. Would you like to go 4 coffee‘.’ An admirer. Iix. [7465/111

V I saw you my knitted

Ky Iie...but only itt my dreamx. llad hoped to xee you Friday but alax. it wax ttot to be. l)irrrrty I-‘leabird :‘xgttilera xx [7465/1 12

V I saw you on York Place on a Monday morning. 1 wax xtanding with my two yr old iii the puxh-chair xcreaming "f'ck" repeatedly til you came to my aid. ‘I‘hankx for chaxing the no.26 to retriey e my back-pack leyetttually got itf('hiya1ry ix not deadfxx [7465/1 [.3

V I saw you t‘trxt. Kathleen from Skyc' llandx nff laxptnnage Boy or I'll xet l’agatt Iamma on yntt' 'I'ha gaol agam nrt. a chatleagl [7465."1 14

V I saw you \‘egax \ trgttt - (iary aka tttr l-('[ '1\' at ()ceatt 'I'et‘mtnal baxh 22 March? l)ttll engineer. bttt cute' ["465/115 V I saw you tfaxement xtafl. lookntg gnrgenux ax ey er tn your tropical unttorntx. papa [IUIII preach....l.o\ e J-llo [7465/116

VI saw you Hey \lttlkct\' We did it Iltnpefttlly l and the dixxettatu tnx are fintxhed'. Iletex In a good xtnttmer tit londnn. ( )I and .\Iextcn'. l.nye('lx'tylxxxxx[7465/117

V I saw you Purple 1)nc .\lartenx. l’tirple l’atxley pattern xkirt. beatttiful l’tlrplixh hair talking on your mobile nutxide Jennerx. ()ur ey ex met. 'l‘lten itt l-‘opp in Roxe Street. Saturday 22 March early afternoon. He iit blue denim jacket and ieanx. and black rimmed glaxex. You haye lnyely eyex. Did you feel the cltentixtry I did'.’ I really wixlt 1 had xpokett witlt you ill liopp. l‘ancy a coffee/drink there/ xomewhere xometime'.’ [7465/1 [H

V I saw you Alan frottt 'l‘hrexherx .\le|y ille place. ttte I’aul 5'6. xlittt. You are xo funtty attd make me laugh. Are you xingle aitd lonely cauxe you could warnt my bed tip. [7465/1 1‘)

V I saw you [good xantaritanl or rather I didn‘t'.’ The wee xtttall ltottrx 21/3/2003 after (’(' Bloomx. l wax completely pixxed aitd throwing tip. You carried ttte to a taxi. I have no idea w ho you are btit thank you for looking after me. If you xee me again xay hello. Michaelxx (the crap pixxed man). [7/465/120

V I saw you in the (‘ity ('afe behind the bar. liy'ery day you gaye ttte a free ltug artd kixx witlt my coffee. Now you're gone thoo-ltoo). l'Tottt the I-‘Iyerboy'. [7465/1

V I saw you in ()tteon. (‘ferk Street. You were ttext to me. I xaw your neryoux fingerx, maybe I touched them. maybe it wax jttxt my imagination. maybe. .. (‘onfexxionx ()f A Dangeron Mind. 8.30 Sat. [7465/2

V I saw you (iilex at the llolyrood 'l'ayern. 21.3 taxting of w ltixky and looking dreamy - let ltte caxt a Springtime xpell - meet you uttdertteath my W'illow tree‘.’ XX [.7465/3

VI saw you 2 l xt. Stiatheam Road lx'w tkfit. ttlattltandling trailer with male Yoti yellow tumtx‘r. gotgenttx xttttltt laugh .\le muddy redhead ttt white pick tip tnick blaxttng 1‘140‘x xwtng You cheered a tired working girl. ["465/4

VI saw you lcnnatt. ntbbtng your ktik agamxt ynttt taya bible Keep the donattonx coming for Knxtm .-\td. .\ltxx yott. \x ['3465/5 V I saw you tit l-opp on Saturday. You had a xntall amount of grey ltatr on the left xtde of your head. It left itte feeling xtrattgely erotic (’a11 Inc. [7465/6

V I saw you wltett 1 came to \L‘C )tlttr lilttl alloy e [lIC (.Itlftt'o' Yntt are dead xw eel. Want to ttteet up for a drtttk xhy art xltltletll'l'. [7465/~

V I saw you 1] working tip a xyy CIII In llnlmcx Place I loye you. l’l’xx [7465/lx'

V I saw you tettdtttg bar at I-"opp - w hat’x xo funny about "fanny cakex".’ mmmntttt.. yanilla. [7465/‘1

V I saw you long brown beatttiftll ltatr. which ltid yottr xtunittng face. 1 xattg Juxttn 'I‘imberlake. yntt lattglted. I fell ill loye. [7465/10

V I saw you my darling (ittx - you ltad your hair cttt - 1 [me it attd you. (‘an't wait to go to the beach. [7465/1 I

V I saw you ill tlte Meadow x. We met at the traffic liglttx 6; had a moment. Loved the daffodilx - waxn't xttre about the leek? [7465/12

V I saw you A] with broad xhoulderx aitd dark xpiky hair. Think you xaw me too. itt Pear Tree. watclting rugby oit Sunday 22 March. I5ancy' giying ttte a ‘try"??? [7/465/13

V I saw you Andrew itt church on Sunday. Sing a pxalm for itte. [3/465/14

V I saw you otltxide Napier. ('omely Bank. You: like Anne Robinxon with a horxe fetixlt. Me: big. red haired from life and wearing cool xunglaxxex. I'd love to xmack your pony' [7465/16

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