Attractive, creative, professional male. 34. likes old movies. singing along to songs 8; long walks. Seeks attractive. quirky woman 25-35 to share good times. (‘all me on (19(169 514285

W Bright, good looking. easygoing male. 27. tiew to Edinburgh. likes music. movies. drinking. dancing. travelling & speaking foreign languages.

Seeks attractive 8: lively female.

(‘all me on 09069 514286

‘4' Interesting 24yr old male seeks intelligent female for friendship. someone to talk to 8-: maybe more. (ilasgow area. (‘all me on 09069 514292 Edinburgh guy, 26, seeks girl for laughs & good times. interests include live music. pubbing. cinema & lively discussions. Call me on 09069 5 l4294

~ 44yr old professional guy loves dance music. clubbing. wining. dining & good conversation. Call me on 09069 514291

W 47 yr old builder in yellow van with gorilla on side looking for somewhere to park it. (‘all me on 09069 514304

H Attractive, creative bloke, 30 something. (iSOH. sociable. likes cinema. books & music. seeks similar female for nights out. Glasgow area. Call me on 09069 514307 Attractive seeks similar girl. mid 2(1s. for movies. music. fun 8: a wanner winter. Call me on (19(169 514308

. | , 5’10”, good looking. (it. healthy. slim. young 40. enjoys sports. the outdoors. bikes. cinema. inUsic & adventure. Seeking attractive female. 30-45. for good times. (‘all me on 09069 514305

128 THE LIST 24 Apr—8 May 2003

, slim, 5’8” boy

Interesting 25yr old International student. speaks ,‘s liuropean languages. cn|oy s art. music (k history. seeks female from lidinburgh or (ilasgow. lor friendship & perhaps more. (‘all me on (19(169 514306

Life loving, music listening. cinema going. story telling. poetry writing person. still searching. Male 35 seeks soulmate. ('all me on (19(169 514.316

Good looking guy. 37. tall. bright. solvent «k inexplicably single. seeks beautiful. spirited girl for heaps of good times. (‘all me on (19(169 514310

Young, sexy, tall, slitti. 21yr old male seeking female. 18-25. Likes music. pubbing. clubbing. drinking & nights in. (‘all me on 09069 514250

30yr old adventurer seeks female travelling companion for loads of adventures together. ('all me on (19069 514261 Professional, attractive, caring male. 38. 6'. likes meals out. conversation. long walks. travel & running. seeks n/s. slim female. 27-40. for friendship plus. ('all me on (19(169 514263 n9 Glasgow guy. 29. 6'. healthy. seeks active girl with (iSOll. who is into music. movies. travelling (v’; outdoors. (‘all me on 09(169 514335 Creative man, 39, stocky build. n/s. (iSOH. enjoys the arts. cinema. music & good conversation. seeks similar petite woman. ('all me on 09069 514265

Sultry Siamese sex kitten looking for pum‘ect panther to share saucer of cream. (‘all me on 09069 514273

1’ Kent girl in Edinburgh. slim. 34. good friends & close family. seeks similar male to share a life of wine & song. (‘all me on (19069 514314

Friendly, caring, funny female. 35. no ties. positive outlook. seeks honest. intelligent. fun guy for friendship & possibly more. Likes rugby. skiing. walks. country pubs & nights out. (‘all me on 09069 514290

Professional, slim, pew blonde. 25. with cool kid. likes him ies, cooking. shows_ laughs. Seeks mature. funny. honest. intelligent. loving. strong guy for something really special.

(‘ttll me on (19069 5 H325

Very attractive, bright, witty. professional female. *4. seeks similar. handsome. genuine male ‘0 40s w itli bags ol charisma ck /esl loi life ('all me on (19(169 5 [l i I ~

Attractive intelligent female, 29. loves to dance cv dreams ol snow all winter ck sea all summer. seeks someone special to shale a w itch wot ld (‘all me on (191 169 51.13%

Cute, curvy 30$ woman. needs a tall. strong man to paiiipei het. must eiiioy a laugh. ('all me on (19( 169 514259

21 yr old student, quite outgoing. likes a good laugh. comedy. cinema. reading. pubs ck good conversation. seeks someone to share these things with. (all me on (19(169 51—1255

Pretty, vivacious n/s liltl}. lllltl 4(1\. (lill'l \L‘nsc til humour. likes singing. writing. walking. dancing. \\'l,'l‘.\l someone kind. loyal ck lively. ('all me on 09069 514260

Mad artistic blonde. 2 I. lit. urban. bright. wants cute. cra/y btit calm. n/s. intellectual guy 2(1-25 w ho is into outdoors. sport. art. tunes ck books from lidinburgh area. ('all me on (1906‘) 51-1263 36yr old female, enjoy s the simple things in life. Looking for someone independent. free ck happy within themselves. (‘all me on (19(169 5l-l3l5

Attractive, intelligent, caring 38yr old woman. looking for genuine. emotionally intelligent man to share some laughs ck good times with. (‘all me on 09069 514336

Attractive blonde female, 40. 5‘7". slim. sec-ks gentleman companion for walking. cinema. theatre. drinking & lots of ftiii. ('all me on (19(169 5l432(1

Cute, clever, contrary female. 40. requires well- adjusted art lover who wants to holiday in ('uba. (‘all me on (19( 169 5l432-l

Gay woman, early 5(1s. \VIII‘M another woman who is compassionate. open-minded. open-hearted. happy with herself & would like to grow disgracefully with me. ('all me on (19(169 51-1284

Gay feminine female 30's. professional. enjoys travel. inusic cg concerts. animals. n/s. Wlfl'M genuine female. With USO”. (‘ttll me on (19069 .5145 l X

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I ‘1 w d d "I 3 "5 3. 7' ‘~ in ‘vg‘. .i' ‘W t“ f“ 13» a “.217 y ‘. t 1.. 5.. 1:! is, s ls'.¥h ': t I 1 ;‘ ("s t. .t j,’ ‘1 t" K. t, I H / }. 1'33: '5 5 Hi": I- t/ .b‘.‘ ,‘ hi l" \ 1,, ‘Al

Professional gay woman. late 20s. happy. intelligent ck stable. seeks similar (or line wine. good lood. intelligent conversation ck the better things in lile. ('all me on 09069 514255

Gay woman, 44, w itty cv intelligent. \Vl ,'l'.\l happy triends lo share outings to cinema. theatre. an galleries. ptibs. clubs. restaurants ck other fun places. ('all me on (19( 169 5 I 4319

Attractive professional gay lady. lalc les. boyish. Into music. films. theatre. walking. swimming ck good food. seeks woman to share interests. (‘all me on (19069 51-153

Gay lady, 32, lo\ L'\ outdoor life ck playing saxophone. seeks fellow professional visionary lady for conversational wrestling ck: non- comniitted ftiii. ('all me on (19(169 5l~l522

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27yr Old male. good looking. dark hair. blue eyes. looking (or similar guys (or Inn ck possibly more. lidinburgh area. lakes clubbing. eating otit ck lllllls. ('all me on 09069 514289

Gay male, 39, S‘s“. medium btiild. good ltiii. L'llltiys cinema. theatre. travel ck eating otit. \Vlfl‘fvl caring gtiy 1o share the good ck bad things in life. ('all me on (19(169 5 H557