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a boilerhouse production


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A spectacular new outdoor production fusing aerial performance. music and cinematic imagery. played out on a towering 10 metre-high labyrinth.


sun iiTH MAY 2003

Winners of Play of the Year. The List Readers Poll 2002 for RUNNING GIRL

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Info line: 0131 317 3966

28 me LIST 2.: Apr—S Mei, 230;;

HEKhTLANos (12A) 90min .0.

Director Damien O'Donnell's follow up to the hugely successful East is East is a very strange kettle of fish indeed. It’s the story of a simpleton called Colin (Michael Sheen): all frizzy hair. pot belly and slow Yorkshire speech patterns. He and his wife Sandra (Jane Robbins) own a newsagent, where Colin likes to bore the local kids with his beloved darts techniques. When his wife absconds to Blackpool with the nasty Geoff (Jim Carter), his darts team captain, Colin decides to embark on an epic moped ride to the coast to win her back. On route he meets sages and tools, from whom he gleans, in his

Very strange kettle of fish

own limited way, a little self-awareness.

Written by Paul Fraser (Once upon a Time in the Midlands) and ex-Skids punk rocker-turned-filmmaker Richard Jobson, this inoffensive, quirky little film works best as a simple character study. It only falters when the script tries to ring out the gags or underline the film’s salutary message. O’Donnell uses the north of England, pseudo vaudeville, working class background as an excuse to pepper the whimsy and get some great performances out of a group of fantastic middle-aged character actors. Mark Addy, Paul Shane, Mark Strong and the dwarf actor Paul Popplewell positively light up Alwin H Kuchler’s (Morvern Caller) slightly grimy


The film, however, ultimately belongs to the ex Mr Kate Beckinsale. Michael Sheen. His performance as the autistic innocent trapped in the adult world is by turns stunning, annoying and deeply convincing. You want the lessons he learns on his journey to sink in, but somehow you know it is a psychotic compulsion for order that drives him on and not love. Bathetic

and strange. (Paul Dale) I General r'ei'ease from Fri 2 :‘l. 7a..

THRILLER SHIRI (18) 125min 0..

The first of seven filnts SIlOV/Illg in the ASia Extreme season. this liiglroctaiie political thriller was. on its original release four years ago. Korea's biggest-budget film ever and its “7081 finanCially successful. It's not hard to see why Jegyu Kang's directorial debut was such a hit in its native country and at various lllli‘ lestwais across the werld. Shir/'5; got intrigue. espionage. hig exolos‘ions. running gun battles. exploding heads and a tragic lose ston, for the ladies

Moving at a pace iust short 0‘ the speed of light. the often hard to tollox.‘ action lll\.OI‘.eS the still-as-yet unresohed conflict between North and SOuth Korea. A renegade group of soldiers forming the 8th Special oroes of Nonh Kerea are on a mission to unify the COuntry through terrorism. Laying their hands on some CTX aChrist! It's a liquid hoii‘h indistinguisnaole from unraterfi. their arm is to blow up a football match I)OI‘.'.'€'€‘H the two COuntrtes a strike that will WIDE? out the cerruot politioai‘s of port:

Intrigue, espionage, big explosions

North (1".(1 South, Aided an’l' :ii/fife'l h‘, '7“,SICI'I(ZUSS siiii,<;r fi[,tf’li£ill.‘$l, rim,- vthe fox,

the niarkelii‘g imsteis. .'."‘o. :i: the ti 1"

(:IllCK in tin": ‘Ehlli‘it,’ ‘ll‘ffi or neithe' looks for, "’)l .'.‘:{I'f) {I f‘m'l? (,1, dress. the “rith Somali of U16“?S(i|‘.(:8 but the, l‘a‘.r: trio <, South Korea‘s finest ‘SIQ‘KZIZII ageiat', standing in their

Fast-oaoed and frenetic. this, fur" may make ,(,u :li/x, if ,ou f;f)l‘i’,f:."if.'£ll{: too hard or: whats 30mg on. Instead sit back. relax and iet this tiriiiti, ‘.'/Ound soriiig Llllfa‘.Ql it its 0.2"] inimitable style, Catherine Bibli‘ilftyr I UGC. Gi’t’isgow Z LJGC. Edinburgh

rom Fri 4 ,.,d..