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In This World I I5) 0.” «Michael Wmterbottom. l‘K. ZlNl‘I Jabal l‘dIiI 'l'orabi. Iinayatullah XXIIIIII ‘l'w elye-year- old Jamal and lIIx couxIII lanayatulla xet out lrom the Inlamoux Shamxhatxim retugce camp In l’akixtan lor London 'l‘heIr lt\ ex are III the handx ol the people xIIIugglerx, ()uetta. 'l'ehran. lxtanbul. Sangatte and maybe beyond It Ix a horrilymg tourney and Winterbottom. xcrIptw riter Tony (irixoni and cameraman Marcel [y kund do not llinch tor a iIIoIIIetIt. And It'x a dIllicult lilm to watch l-.leIIIeIItx ol corrcxptIndcnce commentary are llll\L‘tl up w Ith rIaIIxeatmg naturalixm. but the xenxe ol genuine lear Ix xo InIIIIedIate one Ix ney er III doubt ol the IIIIportance ol the work. (il‘l. (iluiumi. I't'lmhuuu'. liI/mIIurglI.

lntacto ( l5I C... (Juan (‘arlox l'rexnadillo. Spam. ZlNHI .\la\ Von Sydow. Iztixebio l’oncela. Leonardo Sbaraglia. ltNmm. l‘rexIIadIllo'x aw ard-wmnmg debut leature Ix a luturixtic. IIIetaphyxical thriller. which IIIIagInex a uniyerxe where luck hax become a material coIIImodity w hIch can be bought. xold and xtolen. lt'x a cley er blend ol xcience liction. crime thriller. road moxie and romantic drama. which while xuggexting that xo-called 'good luck' might be an aw lul curxe. alxo xery ex ax an allegory lor the gull between rich and poor. Anchored by \on Sydow 'x eerily calm perlormance. which bringx an IIIIportant depth ol hIImanIty to the lable. Inrm'ru xhould be xeen now. belore the iney Itable llollyw'mId remake dIlIItex Itx pleaxurex. Sl'll't ll'tl I'r’lt'tlw’.

Into the Deep tl'I tVarIoux. I'S. lelllI Min the. Put on your .ll) glaxxex to ann with colourlul garibaldi. xtarlixh and xharkx; play tag with xea lionx and obxerye rarely xeen behay iour ol quIId and other creaturex. IMAX. (iluwoii.

The Intruder t lXI tRoger ('orman. I'S. l‘)(il I William Shatner. l‘rank Maxwell. Beyerly l,unxlord. 84min. Roger (‘orman'x moxt xerioux lilm land apparently lIIx layourite ol lIix own picturexI hax a pre-Kirk Shatner in blIxtering lorm ax an unxcntpuloux agitator w'ho arm ex in a xmall Southern Statex town on the ex e ol the integration ol the local xchool. lIIx xole purpoxe to xtir up racial hatred. 'l’aut. paxxionate and L'llCClIVL‘ mexxage picture baxed on acttial eyentx. it wax (‘orman'x only coIIIIIIerciaI lailure ey'en when reixxued under the rather more tabloid title ol I Hate your (iulyf. I’Ilmhouu'. Iz'IIIn/mreli.

Italian tor Beginners t ISI 00.. Scherfig. Italy. 200! I I 12min. 'I‘he lirxt outright comedy lrom the l)ogme .xchool ol lilIiIiIIIIkiiIg. Six (‘openhagen-itex tall in loye with one another and croxx the barrierx ol claxx. temperament. ey en language. 'Iliink Mike Leigh L'lttxxctl with [an yon Trier. il that'x poxxible. ('mm'n. Edinburgh.

Jazz on a Summer’s Day it’(;I ith-n Stem. l'S. I‘JSUI 85min. Inlluential lilm lrom the 1058 New port Ja/l l‘extiyal leaturex perlormancex by (‘huck Berry. Mahalia Jackxon. I.ouix Armxtrong and 'I‘heloniux .‘ylonk. 0'1"]. (y‘lmguii .' I’I'lmhutm'. Ifdinhurgli.

Jim Poole Short Film Award - the Shortlist I IS) t\'arioux. Scotland. 200] I (tllllllll. Showcaxe ol .ixpir'Ing lilIIIIIIakerx xhortlixted lor thix annual award Screening .S‘lnli' idIrected by (ierry Kelly I. I'III' sl/it‘mnm/o t.-\lan l)e l’ellette I. /.llllrll' .lle tRachael Iiyer'itt I. ("nu mi t(‘lara (il_\lllll. .llr (him/II '\ lit/cu [hurt thII Jack I. (trill/III t.\latt Rochcxtet'I arid (‘H [or Ila/m tl)a\ Id ('airIIxI. (il- I. (i/mgmi .‘ ('unn'o. lit/In/mrg/I,

Johnny English mm 0 tl’etcr' lIowItt. I'K. 200M Rowan Atkmxon. Natalie lmhruglia. John .\lalko\ich. 37IIIin. l’eppered with .\lr BeaII-xty le xlapxtick. thIx xtory ltt\ol\cx agent linglixh‘x attempt to xaye dear old Blighty lI'om a daxtardly plot cooked up by e\ II l‘renchle I’axcal Sauyage. 'l‘otally inept III the taxk. linglixh Ix hailed out ol nuIIIerable line mexxex by lIIx underlmg Boll and lIIx lo\ e IIIterext. Interpol agent l,oriIa (’ampbell (Natalie IIIIbrugliaI. You can xee each dixaxter coming a mile oll. but xomehow that doexn't xtop you hiding your lace III xhame when they happen. (ienrrul re/mw.

The Jungle Book 2 it'I O.

15th e 'l‘renhirth. l'S. ZlKJJI Voicex ol: John (ioodman. Ilaley Joel ()xment. .\lae Whitman. 7lmin. .\logli hax lelt the jungle to become ci\ilIxed in the \illage. But. leeling conxtramed by the rulex and regulationx ol \‘Illage lIle. it'x not long belore he'x hack xw Inging lrom the \ Inex. picking prickly paw -pawx and xingmg about the ‘Bare Necexxitiex Ul l.lle'. I‘.\ett lltoxe who lined the original I)Ixney claxxic will leel mildly Inxulted at xeemg the xhow re- run with the xame xongx. xame characterx and xame xt_\ le ol animation. Sadly. thix an

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32 THE LIST 2-1 ADV-8 May 2003

e\ercixe III tepid IontalgIa III Itx place. (ii'm'ru/ I‘r'lr'uu’.

Just Married 1 HM O (Shath l.e\y. l‘x. 2003i .-\xhtoII Kutcher. Brittany Murphy. (’hrixtian Kane. ‘l-lmm. Kutcher i'l‘oiIII and Murphy ‘x iSarahI xtoopId-cupid romance beginx when he throwx art American lootball at her head. (ilockenxpiel chimex lamiliar lrom Ifmllumh and True Romance conlirm that thix Ix loy e. but belore they can liye happily eyei~ alter.

they '\ e got to get through the liuropean honeymoon lrom hell. And xo hay e w e. Iixxentially a catalogue ol dixaxterx played lor comic ellect. the \lll‘n'lllll'l'lt'llll I’II' xlapxtick here lailx to amuxe or indeed entertain. Murphy and Kutcher may haye oll-xcreen chemixtry. but on-xcreen their ltorxeplay xltckx. (inu'ru/ I'l'l('(l\(’.

The Last Great Wilderness 1 ISI 0.” tl)a\Id MackeII/Ie. I'K. 2003i Alixtair MacKen/ie. 90mm. ('harlIe ix m a IIIotorway xeryice xtation. on lIix way to a houxe-biirning III Skye. when he meetx Vincente. a mad hall-Spamxh gigolo on the run lrom a cI'IIIIelord. lle agreex to go e him a lilt. The pair run out ol petrol in the remote Wextern Ilighlaiidx. and end up xeeking xhelter in a reluge tilled with eccentric characterx. A great Britixh lilm. brilliantly xhot. tender. angry and lull ol hilarioux. economical dialogue. with a line xoundtrack by The l’axtelx. l’reyiew xcreening with perxonal appearance by the director. (il'i'l. (i/uwmi,

Like Mike tl’(iI O tJohn Schultl. l'S. 3002i Lil Bow Wow. .\lorrix ('hextnut. (‘riprn (iloy er. lllllllllll. A hall-hearted haxkethall Cinderella. A pair ol weathered xneakerx bearing the Iconic baxketball legend'x IIIItIalx. '.\lJ' lead the little orphan (‘alym to leign kullx on the court at a Kriightx haxkethall game. Recruned lor the xtruggling NB.-\ team. (‘alyin leadx the team to xuccexx. Acting kullx here are quextionable and depth ol character limited. I'nimaginauye dialogue lallx loul within the predictable. cheexy plot. \Vorxe. the haxkethall xequencex are lorIIIIIlaic. w lIIIe cameo appearancex ol NBA xtarx and a lairytale ending do not Imperx. (l .l. (Jule/null.

0 Lilya 4-everttxiuu ll.ukax Moody xxon. Sweden/Denmark. 2003i ()kxana Akinxhina. .-\rtiom Bogucharxkij. Ljuboy Agapoya. 109mm. l.iying on a dilapidated houxing extate In an unxpecil'Ied city ol the lormer Soyiet l'nion. lS-year~old I.ilya t.»\kinxhinaI ix tirxt abandoned by her mother. then rnoy ed by her aunt lrom her comparatiyely coxy flat to a filthy hole and linally lorch to tum to proxlitullon. Hope Ix giyen by Lilya‘x burgeoning lriendxhip with another rejected child. but thix ix all-too xhort-Iiyed ax Moodyxxon digx deeper into the aby xx. rey ealing lIix true purpoxe: a

Morgan Freeman deals with the paranormal in Dreamcatcher

graphic expoxe ol lzuropean xe\ trallickmg With Moody xxon‘x unllmchmg direction and Akinxhina‘x IeIIIarkahle twrloimance In the leading role. It packx a punch that leay ex you reeling. See preyiew and renew (if I. (ilmumi .‘ ('unn’o. Iii/III/tmeh

The Little Polar Bear it'i COO t'l‘hilo Rothkirch and l’iet dc Rycker. (iermany. 2003” 73mm laix Ix a xweet little polar bear who waIItx to he lIIendx with eyeryone. including Robbie the xeal. Alter com IiIcIIIg the other hearx to xtop eating xealx and leed on lixh IIIxtead. he ix laced with a dilemma when the lixh run out and the xealx are about to become lunch again. Baxed on the xtorybookx by llanx De Beer. the arctic xettIng ol thix aIIIIIIated lilm createx a xItIIiIar magical atIIonplIere to that ol 'I’III' Snowman. A cute and xluxhy xtory lor young children. proy Idmg a lew light hearted laughx (it'm'ml n'lruw

Live Foreveri ISI 0” tJolltl Dower. 1K. 3003) 82mm. l‘IIlexx you buy Ittto l)ower'x Idealixtic theory that "the Xllx were crap' and the 9”». by contraxt were \Ihrant. creatiy e and thrilling. you‘ll lind the xell-aggrandixing tone ol thix xomew hat llttl\ e documentary about the Brit Pop phenomenon quite ridiculoux. But that doexn't make it any lexx enioy able to watch. expecially the partx where Blur and ()axix bicker oyer who‘x more working claxx. With the notable exception ol Jary ix ('ocker. e\ery other commentator dng their own graye. (‘(‘xl. (iluigmi,

The Lord at the Rings: the No Towers 1 IZAI m. tl’eter Jackxon. I'S/New Zealand. 3le2) l'.lllilll Wood. \‘Iggo Monenxen. Liv Tyler. l7‘)min. The xecond part ol Jackxon'x aIIIbItIoIix three- part adaptation ol JRR 'l'olkien'x epic lantaxy adyenture might lack the xtorytelling yerye ol the lirxt film. but in temix ol xpectacle it takex blIIckmbter lilmmaking to the next level. ('ontinuing where The l’l'l/UH \llll) u] the Ring lelt oll. without any recap ol the xtory xo lar. The Jim 'Iimrrs lollowx three xeparate plotlinex: l‘rodo'x trek to Modor to dextroy the ring. hIx lellow lIobetx‘ meeting with the lintx (walking. talking treexi and the human/ell/dwarl combo Aragon, Legolax and (iimili‘x part III the xiege ol the human xtronghold Ilelm'x Deep by the eyIl wi/ard Sauraman‘x lt).()t)0-xtrong army. 'lhe latter proyidex the hour-long climax to the lilm. and it‘x an awexorne thing to behold. But lirodo‘x meeting with the rIng'x preonUx owner. (iollum. alxo Imprexxex - here'x a lully computer animated character that generatex ax much emotion ax any of the

In ing performerx. 'Ihe lilm xullerx lronI being the xecond act of 'l'olkien'x tale. but lor Jackxon'x three hour film y-ionn. there‘x no way around that. St’ll’t’lt’d n'leuu'.