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CALEXICO University debating Chamber. Glasgow. Fri 2 May

‘I like the idea of “Beyond Nashville“, looking where it’s gone or where it could go.‘ says Joey Burns, who with John Convertino - is one of the two founders of Calexico. who, along with everyone from Giant Sand to Lambchop have been branded ‘‘.

Of course. such a label doesn't do justice to the diverse sounds these bands produce. But Beyond Nashville, held at the Barbican in London last year, was all about celebrating the diversity of country music. In this regard, Calexico are

past masters: diversity is their way.

‘That's where we get otf,‘ says Burns, who is about to bring Calexico to Scotland for the first time. ‘After playing Beyond Nashville with a six- piece Calexico and then playing with Luz de Luna [3 full Mariachi band]. we did the same concert in at a music festival in France. Mike Watt [of punk pioneers Minutemen], the Ashton Brothers from the Stooges and J Mascis all joined in’.

‘It became.‘ says Burns, ‘this big conglomeration of musicians from totally different backgrounds. It was one of the favourite moments of my musical career. But after doing those big shows it was nice to play in Cologne. in an old church on my

Far from Nashville

birthday, to do a Calexico show as a three-piece. We did more of an improvisational approach to the songs and whatever Calexico is.‘

Calexico is a town split down the middle by the California/Mexico border. Burns and Convertino come from Tucson. Arizona, but they named the band after the border- straddling town to reflect their mix of country and Mexican sounds.

Calexico will play in Scotland as a six-piece. Burns says. ‘I like the idea of getting more unannounced guests and different instrumentation going. It'll be the last show of the tour. 50, it'll be a special night regardless.‘

And far from Nashville, no doubt. (Miles Fielder)

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Usher Hall. Edinburgh. Wed 7 May; Arches. Glasgow. Thu 8 May

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7: They go mental at gigs. And so do their fans. 'VVt: tenrl to lit: a hrt nrlrr:u|out, anrl aria/X r>ut: we're a hit filll‘y on stage. We've done lots; of t;ll()\.’.’.‘; where the

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rt' Singer Steve was nominated for Best Haircut and Sexiest Canadian Man recently. ‘I

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