Music rock 8. pop llSllllgS

Tuesday 29 continued

I The Grim Northern Social Bongoeluh. l~1\ew Street. 55S "(‘04 Spm L5 Sec lliti 34

Wednesday 30


I Death In Vegas and Policechiet Barrowland. 344 (iallowgatc. 553 4(i0l

7 30pm tl3 \o age rcstrictrorr l)l\' present their eclectic mrs ot garage rock. duh t‘lt_\llllll\. dance heats and a parade ol guest \ocaltsls (ilasgow Is l’olrcechicl ttlt‘tl lit a w ell tlattcealtle sel lot' the ideal warm up

I Devics, the Stand and Grover Canaveral King has wah wah Hui. 373a St Vincent Street. 33l 537‘).

X 30pm. [5, Des ics are an art-rocking dtio signed to Robin (iuthric‘s Bella l'nroir Iahcl

I The Kings of Leon Bar‘tl). Zoo ("lute sheer. mm) 907 new. 3pm. £7. Hirsute cotrritr} rock'n’r'ollcr's who look. htit hopelulls don't sound. like the ixagles' _\otiriger' brothers.

I Vader, Arkon lnfaustus, Arkan and Pathogen 'l'hc ('atliouse. l5 l'nron Street. 345 (ihllh. 7. illpttt. LS. ()\er- l4s. Death/estreirre metal lrne tip.

I The Poison Sisters and Bleachy Stereo. I3 14 Kelsinhaugh Street. 570 5lllS. Spin. £3. Bleach) are (ilasgow ‘s own Blondie tr‘rhute. with the Poison Sister's herrig \errtahle \eter'ans ol the ell} 's titttlel‘gt'otttltl llitllL‘ scene,

I Everyone’s Cool but Peggy, Martin’s Boom, Fickle Public and Achtung Hardcore Nic‘e'ri'SIeaI). 43l Sauchrehall Street. 333 9(i37. 9pm Varied line-up ol local acts.

I Bozilla and friends The lind ol the Month ('lrrh. the l3th Note ('ale.

50 (it) King Street. 553 1038. 9pm £3. l'sual unscripted music and corned}.

lonesome highway presents

27 April at The Queen's Hall Bar

(change of venue)


SuppOrt Horse Stories

30 April at The Queen’s Hall Bar GURF MORLIX BAND £8

(ex guitarist and producer for Lucinda Williams)

7 May at The Subway STEVE WYNN


Support Chris Cacavas

ii May at The Subway DAN BERN 8<THE IJBC £8

Support Michael Carpenter

21 June at The Venue


Tickets from: QH box office 0131 668 2019 Ripping Records and Tickets Scotland

54 THE LIST .41' r Ma. 3.

I The Funji Munks The ('ellar Bar. RarnadaJar\1sHotel. l00 Miller Street Into .553 35l5 S 30pm Free.

I The Medicine Room Br'el. Ashton lane. 343 49hh S 30pm Free Monthl} iriipros night encompassing |.t// and rock sounds

I DBR, Platform 13 and Unpredictable The llalt Bar. trio \Voodlattds Road. .504 i535. 9pm Free three local hands

I Live Music Mono. 13 Kings ('ourt. 553 3400. 9pm Free. A certain (ilasgow hand pla} their penultimate


I Opaque, Giant Tank and Nimrod 33 (‘aharet Voltaire. 3h 33 Blair Street. 330 (i176. 7pm. £3.

lmpros rser‘s Against ‘l‘edrum present this alternatise triple hill with axant-garde heas iosit}. cclectica. tree-tall asant-prog souridscapes. First hand is on at 7.15pm. I Gurt MOl’liX ()ueen's Hall. (‘Ierk Street. (ms 3019. 7.30pm. £8. (iurtarist- producer tor Lucinda Williams (iur'l Morlis pla_\s riiaterral lrom his ow n recent alhum I'M/III! III the Urn/(IL

I Super Iii-Tops, the Ruflness and Moph Bongo (’Iuh. l4 New Street. 558 7004. 8pm. £4 rt‘3i. Mix ol lunk). duhh} sounds with \isuals l'rom Alan Brown.

I Elkin, Little Miracle, Besiser and The Great Money Trick The Venue. I7 31 ('alton Road. 557 3073. 8pm. £5 (£3). Another humper hrll ol indie l'rom Apocal} pse.

I CC Country Band Queen (‘harlotte Rooms. 5(ia Queen ('harlotte Street. 555 6600. 8pm. £3.501L‘3 tttttsieiatisl. Old style courttr}. rockahill) and hluegrass.

I Open Mic Night Forest (lite. 9 West Port. 331 0337, 8.30pm. Free. l’oetr}. spoken word. music. w hateser )ou like all are w elcome at this tortnightl). intirriate open tloor spot.

I The Hustlers Thee l'nder'world. Bannerman's. Niddr} Street. 556 3354. 8.45pm. £4. Rock with supports to he announced.

I Charles Wood and The Dales \Vliistlehinkies. 4 (i South Bridge. 557

5| 14. 9pm. ('classic rock from (ilasgow guitar heroes the Dales.

I Fleamarket Funk ('aharet Voltaire. 3o 38 Blair Street. 330 MM. llpm 3am. Free. 'l‘ight local outtit pla}iiig their ow it kind of hig hand lirnk in this new w eekl) residenc} with DJ supports and other lis'e


I Bis and Motormark King Tut‘s Wait Wait Hut. 373a St Vincent Street. 33l 537‘). 8.30pm. £7. Last eser gig l'roni erstwhile Kandy poppers who looked to 80s s}iithpop lor inspiration when Fischerspooner were still perfecting their Stese Strange make-up. See presiew.

0 Junior Senior Bartl}. 360 (lsde Street, 0870 907 0999. 7pm. 1.7. See preview.

I The Durutti Column and 12 Stars 'l‘ramwa}. 35 Albert l)ri\e. 0845 330 3501. 8pm. £9 (£5). See panel in listings page 57.

I Blue Movie, Trundlewheel, Son of Kong and Brainchild Nice'n'SleaI}. 43l Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm.

I Escobar 9, Coriolus, Numb and Anabranch The t3rh Note (are.

50 (i0 King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. Indie rock.

I Blue Hyenas Studio One. (iros\eltot‘ Hotel. (iros\etior 'I‘errace toil lines Roadi. 34l 6516. 9pm. Free.

I Jereh Beanscene. 5 (‘rc‘ssw'ell Lane. 334 (i776. .S'pm. Free. A lard-hack soundtrack to _\our mocha or latte.

I Phono 'l‘char ()\ na. 43 ()tago Lane. 357 4534. .S’prit. U.

I Kieran 'l‘inderhos. lt'i‘) Bsres Road. 33‘) 3l0.S‘. 9pm. Free. Acoustic set.

I Jam Session Samuel Dow‘s. ()7. 7t Nithsdale Road. 433 0107. 8.30pm. Free.


What do Tel Aviv, Vancouver. and Rio de Janeiro all have in common? Aside from the obvrous, they're all home to armies of Turbonegro devotees, worshiping at the altar of deathpunk. Hank von Helvete. singer ol the camp NorWegian six-piece laughs about the odd exploits of his lanclub. its 150 chapters worldwrde include college prolessors and a Mr Spike Jonze. VP of Turboiugend Hollywood. ‘We've got an army, so we need a navy now! It’s scary for some it‘s like a relrgion.’

The sleeve to their recent LP. Scandrn.'ivr.'in Leather, was designed by Klaus Voormann (the man behind the Beatles' Revolver album cover) and shows the band kitted out in denim. peculiar headgear. suspect lacral hair. leather gloves. crossbows and an Alsatian dog.

‘We have never tried to provoke anyone. we've Just tried to be vrsual as well as good sounding.' Nope, nothing shocking about that at all.

(Camilla Pia) I


I The Vectors and Miyagi \Vee Red Bar. lidinhurgh ('ollege ol Art. l.aurrston Place. 33‘) I443. 10.30pm 3am. 9.3. New w are punk and sporadic dance soul as part ot club night stereiistereohrti.

I London Elektricity The Venue.

l7 3l ('alton Road. 5.57 3073. l0.30prn. £9 (£7 menihersi. Lise show ot drum a; bass action as Manga present this Hospital Records special with DJ hack up trom High ('ontrast. Landslide and the Manga tariiil} I)Jing til 3am.

I Spektrum ('aharel Voltaire. 3h 33 Blair Street. 330 (il7h. llpm. £5 (£4). Ftising punk. turrk. RckB and more ma totally unique lasliiori. Spektrurn pt'm Me the live highlight at this month's l)rtlerent l)rurn cluh night,

I Open Mic Night The (‘anons' (iatl. 333 (‘anongatcn 556 448]. 7.30pm. Free. donations welcome. See Thu 34.

I Out of the Bedroom wast-rte) Bar. 1 St Marys Street. 557 “50.

9pm rnrdnight. Free. See Thu 34.


I Darius (lsde .-\udrtorrum. Sl-.('(‘. l‘intiieston ()ua}. 0870 (iii) 4000. SOLD ()l'l. Local ho} done good or lame— hungr'} charlatan.’ Darius is testament to the tact that it )otr reall} trul} helrese that )ou are destined to grasp a nanosecond ot success. esen rl _\ou are entireI} her'elt ot talent. then it can happen. l'ntortunatel}. I The Coral and The Basement Barrow land. 344 (iallow gate. 5533 460]. 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()l'l. No age restriction. It shouldn‘t work a hunch ot >|o}t'tdet's from l.i\erpoo| turnout to he the liiosl ittiaginatne rriUsrcians on these shores since Super Furr} Animals tirst dal/led with their panoramic sound Indie. reggae. garage. \audesille. it's all here in one ret'reshmgl} eccentric package.

I Lucinda Williams Rosa! ('oncer't Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7pm.

£30/t'l750/L'I5. (‘oriiitrs/tolk singer wrtli real t'ools appeal. See records lot' a te\ rew ot her new alhtrrn lira/(l rirt/iurrt lmrs

I Skin King 'l'irt's \Vah \Vah llut. 373a St Vincent Street. 33l 5379. S3llprn tlll ’l’he lorrner Skunk Anansre socalrst llll\ell\ her solo set. ller dehut alhuin I'lr'i/iimimrls. to he released in June is a more downhcat sotilttil allarr than the hr'rmstorie ol Skunk

I Calexico and Marsha Orella (it 't' l)ehatrng (‘harnheL l'rrrscrsrts Ase. 0370 0600 I00 {I3 See presrew lot (';rlc'\rco. I The Durutti Column and 12 Stars 'l'r‘ainwa). 35 Albert l)rr\c. 0H45 3m 3501. Spin. 9.“) rt5i See 'l lttl l

I Mira Callix and Chris Clark llenr) \Vood Hall. 7‘ (‘laremont Street. 33h WoS. {7. Sec pr‘euew llt ('lrihs lot this \Varp Records tour.

I Aereogramme, Sluts of Trust and Lapsus Linguae ’l he (iarage. 49H Sauchrehall Street. 333 l I30. 5 30pm.

2.7 .50. (her l4s. \Vhrte hot rilting. tragrle passages and eien prog interludes tronr power trio Aereogr'arrime w hose new est iilhtttlt .S/r't'p rlltr/ Rt’lt'iru' Is otle oi the linest released this }cat

I Blak Wang (ilasgow School ol Art. “38 Rentr'ew Street. 3.55 4.5 i l. lllpttt. Ill). ()ualit) Brit hip hop ot an old school

I Today is the Day, Charger and Closer Than Kin The ('alliousc. tS l'nion Street. 343 (soot). .S'pin. ()ser‘- l4s show. Full on hardcore action

I The Blimp Nicc‘n‘Slea/s. 43l Sauchrehall Street. 333 9o37. 9pm.

I Begurgitator Hart-l}. 360 (lsde Street. 0870 907 0999. Spin. £5. Sec Sun 37.

I Freeview, the Bold Young Bones Mob and Molotov ‘t he l3|h Note (are. 50 ()0 King Street. 553 M38, 9pm. 'l'hree (ilasgow rock hands.

I The Funii Munks, Charlie Don’t Surf and The Casuals Fur) .\lur‘r‘_\‘s. 9o .\la\well Street. 33l ()5! l. 9pm. £4. including entr} to post-gig cluh.