Top nosh

We name favourite eateries. Words: Ruth Hedges

he [.rs.’ 's de'aghted to re neat tt‘e '.'/li‘rl‘(-37S5 r)‘

inaugural awards scheme. recogr‘tsrng excellence

.n. (,‘irasgow and Edinburgh's restaurant trade After much 'nancl‘rr‘g. Chev-ring. smllrng. drgestrng ar‘d cogrtatrng we are delrgr‘terl to announce that Gamba in Glasgow and Atrium rr‘ Ldrnburgh have won overall Best Restaurant .n the” respect"./(‘: crtzes; Best Newcomer has been awarded to the Dhabba in Glasgow and Thar lemongrass In Edinburgh and Best On a Budget has been given to the Wee Curry Shop !" Glasgow and David Bahn's Vegetarian Restaurant in Edinburgh.

The varrety of taste and drnzng experrences has expanded immeasurably since The [ rsts Eating 8 Drinking Crude was launched ten years at c and rt rs honed that these awards will pick cat the true cream of the Crop. ‘I thrnk the consrstency and Srr'tpllcrty of our Cuisine rs Our secret I'm delighted.“ says [)erek Marshall. co owner of Gamba, 'lhe fat/rtg (‘4 flanking Gurde rs a brg thing in Glasgow and with tourists. They always come r‘(3(;()tt‘.ltlf}lld(}(i by The list so I think the awards are a really good thrng.‘

Atrrum's Andrew Radford :s egually happy: 'I think wrth all the cr)rnp(->trtror‘ rt's nrce to be here after ten years and I think we strll offer value for money. When we set the restaurant up we wanted to introduce the kind of restaurant that we would enjoy eating in to Edinburgh -- duality seryrce and quality food. but relaxed. For anyone who sets a restaurant up nowadays rt becomes more and more difficult; firstly there's the financial burden of setting something up and secondly the competition rs so much hrgt‘er.'

And that's why with over tOO new entries rn thrs year's gurde. the award for Best Newcomer is particularly welcome. ‘Oh superb! Excellent. l feel dehghted.‘ says Nay Basr. owner of the Dlrabba. ‘We've always worked hard as a learn here and it's gorng to make us want to work a lot harder. We wanted to bring something to Glasgow that you can only get rn Indra. because being a person who goes to Indra once a year and tasting the difference between cuisine rn Glasgow Indran restaurants and proper Indran food. I feel the Glasgow public have missed out on so much I'm delighted that 20% of my Customers are of Asian background from Glasgow: Scottish ASransf

For a full list of shonlrsted restaurants see the Eating 8 Drinking Gurde. And happy eating.

Beltane goes clubbing

Plan for small procession to go ahead. Words: Ruth Hedges

esprte the forced cancellation of

Edinburgh's Beltane Fire Festival

this year. as repOrted rn rssue 464. the festival socrety rs marking the date with a mas‘Srve Club hrght at the Venue. This is the official Beltane club night and not the one rn Studio 24. as has been Claimed. Studio 24 is tryrng to pass itself off as the oftrCral Beltane club and rt absolutely isn’t.“ says Helen Moore. chair of the Beltane Society. ‘The only offlCral Beltane club is at the Venue we've got all three floors and that 's where all the painted Beltane performers Will be.’

There has been specwatron that the

4 THE LIST 2-1 Apr-8 May EGGS

councrl may close off access to Caltor‘ llrzt wrth a polrce guard on the night of Wednesday 30 ADTIi. Moore says the counCrl rs 'yttec,‘ about what .5; going to happen on the hill. but She Is unwrlf'rtg to predict what WI“ actual'y transnre

Club Organrser and Beltane rnen‘ber Morgan Whrtelegg says that some kind of proceSSron will strrl take place. ‘lt wll probably be starting at the Meadows and heading down the Royal Mlle to Holyrood Park. where we'll do some of the rrtual. and then go around to the hill and On towards the club,’ he says.

The festival's rrtualrstrc elements will be represented In the club through a scaled down performance There'1l be drumming rr‘ the sl‘ape of Word Attracto's and DJs form Br-stol and Newcaste are fOll‘rlflg local acts on the decks.


0 Thai Lemongrass: best‘dinburgh wcomer U . r: o l

Kerpow! Big in Falkirk is back. The festival that celebrates local and international talent with an array of music, theatre, art and activities for children includes the premiere of Sister Sister by Boilerhouse and culminates with a light and fireworks show. See Theatre, Music and Edinburgh Life listings or w. bigin


K t 1w. \

I Hot on the heels of TV revrvals of kids ClaSSICS such as Bill and Ben. Noddy and Crossroads comes news that Muffin the Mule will kick ass on the box after half a century away. Sometime in the next three years. the BBC will launch the new improved Muffin who will live on a farm rather than just dance around on a piano . . . Castrng for the new version of The Stepford Wives rs hurrying along nicely with news that c0untry chanteuse Faith Hill is set to join Nicole Kidman. John Cusack. Glenn Close and Christopher Walken in the Frank Oz-directed remake. Vacant ladies should start staring out at you from big screens some time next year . . . After Marian and Britney's less-than-glorious movie debuts one in Glitter ab0ut a girl who wants to be a Star. the other in Crossroads ab0ut a girl finding herself you'd have thought Christina Aguilora would take the hint and leave well alone. But no. the dirrrty girl is set to star alongside scan Connery in Magic Is/e. from the company that brought you Bi/Iy Elliot. The ‘Beautiful' singer plays a drama student who falls in love with a fellow actor when she moves to bonny Scotland.