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“A 7“ heelehair .IL'\L'\\. \\ >\:\ '“lit't‘lcliult .lL'k'tNx \Hlll .t\\l\l.lllt't‘. l" Parking: litt‘lllllt‘\'. \V( " Adapted totlelt \I

Glasgow Drama 3


253 Are} le Street. Wt)! 022 Milt). |\\'(‘. \\':\| Pressurised Sui 30 Apr. 7.30pm, £3 til l. l.l\ e theatre and photograph) eonihine tor llll\ .vlrrx in ll!(' ('1!\ proieet ereatetl h) )oung people and tlir'eetetl h} award—“inning: pla) in right Nieola

.\1e( 'ar'tne).

Boston Marriage Wed 7 Sat It) Ma}. 7.30pm. to (£4). Rapture 'l'lieatr‘e prexenlx the Setittixlt pt‘etiiiere of Dan itl .\lainent'\ \klll} pla} about l\\o \eheining “omen. \et at the turn of the last eentur}. See preview


I I‘) (itll'hgtl\ Street. 42‘) 0022. Il’. ll. 'l'll \\‘('. \\'.-\I

On our Way to Lisbon Thu 24 Sat 30 Apr. 7.30pm. fl: til £4). lxtk‘t‘ltK in association “Illl l‘xel'ul ltlltilx present l’atriek l’rior‘x stor) ol' the 1967 liur‘opean eup when (ilttsgtnk (‘eltie heeanie the tirxt British team to “in the litiropean ('up u itli \ ietor} over lnter Milan.

Smarty Pants Thu 24 Apr Sat it) Ma} tnot Sun 27 Wed 30 Apr. Sun

4 Wed 7 Ma} l. 7.30pm. £l2 til £4). l‘unn} stories from Miehael Kerinx ax he relixex llix athenlur‘ex during lllx return trip to Rll\\lil. Adults only.

Weetom - Hats for Sale Sat 2!» Apr Sat It) Ma) tnot Sun 27 Apr Fri 2 Ma}. Sun-1 Thu 8 Ma} ). See Kids lixltllgx.

Just for Joe Hi 3 & Sat 3 Ma}. 7.30pm. [l2 til £4). Brenda (‘oehr'ane‘x oiie-uoinan \ltt)“, eo—\\ ritten h) liluine (‘ Smith. reeountx her own lite through drama and song. Following its \ell-out \ueeexx in (ilaxgon and at the litlinhurgh l‘exlintl 2002. llii\ comes rceollitttetitletl. Mistero Buflo 'l'ue (i (k Wed 7 Ma}. 7.30pm. {l2 it'l £4). And} (int) \tar\ in Dario l-ti’x one-man pla} haxetl on the lit} \tet'} pla} e} eles “ltlL‘ll was l;t\l performed iii Seotlaiul lll I‘Nt) h) Robbie (‘olti'ane See pr‘e\ ien.

GILMOREHILLG1 2 () l‘nixersit) .-\\enue. 330 5522.

Our Country’s Good Tim I Sat 3


The Breathing House Kenny Ireland's final l)i()(ltl(;ll()il at the Lyceum sees a strong (:ast assemble for Peter Arnot‘s reflection upon the seaniier side ot Fdinhurgh's glorious VI(Il()r|£ltl past. Roya/ I yceurn. I dinning/i. Sat .96 Apr Sat 7/ May.

Sister Sister Acclaimed physical theatre company Boilerhouse is back after last year's hit With Running GIN. this new production explores the tensions between two siblings. using skilled trapeze artists as performers. [3/9 In l'a/k/rk, Sat 3 Sun 4 Mt’iy.

Alice This new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's two Alice narratives is updated by the Visual stylists ot Benehtours. A treat for both young and old, iron Theatre, (J/asgow.

I hu I May. then touring.

Ma). 7.30pm. to (£4). STAG pft‘xt‘lllx 'l‘iniherlake Wertenhaker'x depietion ot' the menu surrounding the tirxt pla} ex er staged iii the British penal eolon} oi Atixtralia.


207 Bath Street. 240 llll. Ill. \\‘('. \VAI Saturday Night Fever t'nut Sat 3r» Apr. Mon 'l‘hu 7.30pm; l-i‘i 5.30pm & 8.30pm; Sat 2.30pm & 7.30an

£9.50 [27. Rt‘tttt‘tttht‘t' the Bee (iL‘L‘\ ltllhlL‘. the white \uitx. the (lil}\ \\ hen 'l't‘a\olta “as a promising )oung talent'.’ Noxtalgia rules again “till the rex i\al ot' thix mini-Clith in \klttt’li an ortlinar} \uirking-elaxx _\outli lllitl\ the ottl} meaning in his lite during his energetie pet‘egrinationx on the \\ eeketul danee “our.

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Outlying Islandsby David Greig

Poetic. intense and grippirag Out/yr Islands remiered at the 2002 Edinburgh Fringe and won both Herald Ange an. l-‘ringe irst Awar 5. Set in the summer of 1939 on a remote Hebridean island. it IS a glimpse of an innocence. a way of seeing and a way of being young that IS about to be destroyed forever by war.

:0 iii. andoltanflucdylastnovlagdnmmhwltichlitoandtlaatlimioloncundtaodmcssmhsurd angecmoslg'andintammmnrossflnstazelikohugetidalmesmfiscmum m

tlieplayoltliefringuuilaultopossiflytliemrmtm) rims Thu 24 Apr - Sat 10 llay (8pm) (not Mondays) (Box [film 0131 228 1404

Scottish Mast t. Puppet Cent”. am: the Scottish Academy of AStlzi". Arts t):'f;t)t:."‘tf

‘Dhola Maru' & ‘Amar Singh Rathor'

Li". «J'vC’t‘tiuf r)? St2v;~"t;i'fti?a! Raia‘LIt‘iatn Whilst} git;

puppet pr;-r‘.cm~.iari;es E‘s, mu,» Aakaar Puppet Theatre Group

Stfilliblt, 11;: 3.:

2 May 2003 at 7:30 pm

MOIR HALL. Mitchell Theatre Complex

Granvrlle Street. Glasgow Tickets: £6 (£4 concessrons;

For Box Office. please call 0845 330 3501



12 STARS with live music from


A Tramway Dark Lights Commission

Thu 1 - Sat 3 May 8pm £9 / £5 ..

\) J ‘l t n F x 1 , v v r s w - Box Office: 0845 330 3501 Glasgow LA ’fu: I THE LIST 65