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Masochism lies at the heart of Frankie Boyle's stand-up. A rare breed among the ranks of showy performers, the comic, who’s often likened to Billy Connolly. doesn’t actually enjoy performing. ‘I‘ve always not enjoyed it,’ says Boyle. ‘lt’s only recently I‘ve realised that’s what makes me any good. But I must have something to say or something to contribute.‘

BBC Scotland’s Live Floor Show thrust Boyle into the limelight with his newshound rhetoric. When UK-wide status was awarded, Boyle stepped behind the camera to write for Craig Hill and Jim Muir’s two characters, the Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe and Dr Presley. ‘I preferred it to performing.‘ he states. ‘I was doing topicals and camp observational stuff with Craig, but writing with Jim involved dragging up a lot of imagery and ideas from comic books and films. So you actually put stuff back into your

head instead of just taking things out.’

Boyle worked previously with Craig Hill on Radio Scotland‘s trashy celebrity panel show Famous for Five Minutes and the pair have struck up a friendship, which extends to shopping together. ‘l’m actually the more stylish of the two of us. I often have to guide Craig away from schemier purchases. And we joined a gym. I had to persuade him to join because he felt it was too gay, which was a bit of an eye-opener.’

Other radio work adorning Boyle’s CV includes debate show Spin on This and comic travelogue Fear and Loathing on the West Highland Way. Bit by the celeb-abuse bug, he’s hooked up with Miles Jupp to write the memorably entitled ‘Jupp and Boyle’s Alpine Convenience Store and Celebrity Retreat’. And he’s working on a sitcom, but, as he admits

modestly, name a comedian who isn’t.

The winner of the Daily Telegraph Open Mic award in 1996, Boyle has yet to star in a solo festival show. This August he’s hooking up with Jim Muir for a double header. So what will the show be called? ’We thought of 50% because it would be 50% the work for each of us. And half as long,‘ he says, adopting spot-on Steppenwolfe drawl. ‘It will be perfect.’ (Maureen Ellis)

I Frankie Edy/e compares at the Stand on Thursdays and gigs regular/y across


Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Thursday 24


Mrs Brown Rides Again l’ayilion Theatre. l2l RCttllCltl Street. 332 18-16. 7.30pm. £13 £|S t£ll £l2i. Dublin's layourite mammy. aka Brendan ()'(‘arroll. returns with more lllSlglll\ into why it's so hard being a woman. Jongleurs Comedy Iub Jongleurs. l'(‘i(‘ Building. Rent‘rew Street. ()870 787 0707. 8. l 5pm. £6. Smug Roberts introduces BBC New (‘omedy Award llltilllSl Dex McLean. musical (‘ieordie (iayin Webster and Luton's lapsed choirboy Junior Simpson. Giggles Mercury Lounge. I42 Bath Lane. 248 1777. 9pm. £5 (£4). Gay- t‘riendty comedy with former North West (‘omedian ol' the year Steye Harris. the every-cuddly Teddy and Sandra Johnston.

The Stand The Stand. 333 Woodland» Road. 0870 (100 6055. 9pm. £5 (£4). innocent ohsc‘ryallons from leading lady Shelagh Martin. whose supporting cast includes local lad John (iordon and voice-over master Ricky ('allan.


The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 553 7272. 9pm. £5 (£4i. Liverpool \\(il'tl\tttllll Richard Allen takes top billing. \\ ith Martin liurby. Andy Reid and cotnpere Donna Krachan.

Snatch Club The Liquid Room. ‘lc Victoria Street. 325 356-1. Ilipm 3am. £5 (£4i. Resident compere llarry Anionith (aka Perrier newcomer \\ inner (iarth ('niikshankl h(i\\\ out ol the “eeldy comedy/clubbing melee at thix. Snatch'x third birthday party.


Watson’s Wind-up (thing l~'ilm Theatre. I: Roxe Street. 305 (iblll.

1' 1.45pm. l‘ree. hut ticketed, on“ till [ziu‘iix't’ writer Jonathan Watson returns with a new series of his radio \how (‘all for tickets or email tickets“7

Mrs Brown Rides Again l’milion Theatre. l2l Rentield Street. 332 two. 7.30pm. £13 £I5 i£ll £|2i. See Tlltl 24. Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurx. L'GC Building. Reiit'reu Street. 0370 7S" ()707. H.15pm. £12. See Thu 24, Duntocher Comedy Club Duntiglennan. 68 Dumbarton Road. Duntocher. 0138‘) 392300. 0pm. l‘ree. (‘oinedy chameleon Sleye iiarrix takex top billing. aided and abetted by Kirxty Mo“ and (iary Little.

OThe Stand lllc' \ 11% \\oodland\ Road. “\"l' (NH Ni“ "t‘": t" (UH l’int \i/ed lll\ll lad \'l\llc‘\\ \la\\\ell. ioin\ coiiiic Scoizxei l\'lcl‘..'ltl \llk'll. l‘k' hlllk'tl \\i\lltlc'll‘ii} li‘l‘lt \ciill and \ndy Reid


The Stand llie Stand. 2 \(‘ll\ l’l. c 555 "2-2 ‘lpiii 1“ (UN t‘lieelcy lii~li l -d Hiendan lienipxey. \\llll t' "l. lioive Shelagh Martin and l i wk ()ii'ovi


Madame Galina lx’M'icx llalk. Kingdom (‘eiitie. (ll W2 til 1 till \p'n H.115 UH .ltiiiip .'l‘o.iid ll’gg'f. t \'. i (in/tit {it t: \\llll the I“ \loiie l\’ll\\l.ill ballerina

Saturday 26


Mrs Brown Rides Again l’axilion 'l‘lteati‘e. |2l Renlield Sheet. “2 |\1(\ "Nipin. {Ii {l5 it’ll LII! See lliu 24.

Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleuix. l'(i(‘ lliiildiiig. lx’eiitiew Street. (lSqll 7S” it‘ll" .\ l‘pin t'li See Thu 21.

OThe Stand 'l'lit- Slaiid. Hi \Vtititlluntlx I<tl§ltL (LS—ll (\(lll (\(lss 0pm LS. See l'l'l :5.

Madcap Comedy Club State “at. MS llolland Street. ‘l-lli “2S” ‘l. illpiii £51£»ii. Billy lionkeix iiitioducex a \election ol actx [tom the local ciicuit

Edinburgh The Stand Illllk' \l.'l‘tl. \‘l‘lh l’l-ce.

553 7272. ‘lpni. LS. See I ii 2*


Mrs Brown Rides Again l’.i\llliill lTllL‘illl'C. l2l Rt‘llllt'ltl Sliecl. :33 l.\-l(\, 7.30pm. £l.‘ £l5 i£ll £|2i. See 'I lltl 2-1.

Michael Redmond’s Sunday senice ‘l-llk' Slitlltl. 3,“ \VlNHllJlltlS Road. U37” (will) hit“. .S illpiii. t'rl it: I. The one-time l'tIl/lt'l' It (/ \ iiitiodtice\ Shelagh Martin. .lohn (ioi'don and tliiee


Bruce’s Sunday Social Fund llte Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55S "2‘2. X. illpiii. £4 (£2i. More Sunday night laughx courtexy ol Richard .'\llen. \iidy Reid. three guextx and i’exident coiiipeie llriice l)e\lin.

Monday 28


“8d Raw The Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 5‘5 7272. Shillpin. £l. lloxi Martin l-urby and headliner Bene l.inche\tieo\ \lt(i\\ the \tandup newcomerx lto\\ it'\ done

Tuesday 29


Mrs Brown Rides Again l’aHlltilt 'l‘heatre. lZl Rt‘ltllt'ltl Slt'c't'l. {:3 lS-l’r 7.30pm. £l3 £l5 i£l| £12i. Sec 'lliu 2-1.

Stand Easy Art and Jazz Night The Stand. 333 Woodlandx Road. “5"” (till) (1055, S.3llpm. £4 i£3i \\Ul'tl\ and ltillSlL‘ combine in lltt\ new cabaret eyeniiig leaturing the l‘e\l ne“ up and coming littl\lc‘l;ltl\.

Class of 2003 Mercury l oiiiige. (12 Bath Lane. 248 I7". ‘lpiii. £ i, (‘onipei'e Alan Anderxon introduce~ the graduatm ot‘ the l'niyerxity ot Sti‘athclyde'x \land up claxx.


Poetry Evening llolyrootl 'l'axem. *i lltilyrnnd Road, 550 5044. ‘lplll l'l'L‘e. .\ poetry and \pllht'll word night hmted by (iary Death.

LOCEIS The Sldlltl. 5 Ytil'lx Place. 555 7272. ‘lpm. to (Hi. l’riyate Joke


w”. its Comedy

Andrew Maxwell 2 ' :

Jason Byrne ' (.3 ,' i

The Long Riders Tour

Sarah Kendall M :l

i... l"-’ll‘°"‘l‘ "humi'faw- t"" H " b " l l" .l "ll l t ,1! I H .l‘ o Uh}, i, '> < o “I I I .("I‘ ' "V, ,l' ' f'i, (\' I")! ( '1' z. [I ' ( ' I . ’l

I’liltlt'clll‘lh [‘l"\\"ll\ .i l.2\l [‘.l\k'(l topical comedy h axed on too ll.''\‘\. one .i (.Clllb l.'ll. ll‘t' Hll‘~.'l .i «lt'Milt‘il \liilllt'l\\«‘ll ll‘ ‘lt llitii loothall haiitei e\i"‘~e\ \ll'lx and Sit-\ie‘x liiie lt't'llllL'S on c'\t'l)lltlll‘.‘ lioiii l.-iiiilj. and ieligioii to politic \ and \e\

Wednesda 30


Mrs Brown Rides Again l’.i\llltilt llt'dlik'. Rk'llllt'ltl \llt't'l. ll: lH-lli

7 :“pm t’li Ll< Itll till See lliii 2-1 Loca's lll'.‘ Sla'ltl. ;;;\\l‘l‘tll.lll(l\ l{(l_'i1~llqul(\llll(\ll<< ‘lpin {It lL-li \t't' lllk' 3"

Frlinbi irgh

A Kick Up the Tabloids Election Special lht- Siantl. < \oik l’lace. “A "I": “put 1“ i9_1i llie Standk ie\idenl political [iiilt'lltlcl\l\ l’aiil Siieddon. Siixiii \loii‘ixon and John l'llttl are joined by \pecial gut-\t \laigo \lacl)onald MSl’,


Dunfermline Comedy Club ('ai'uegie llall. liaxl Port. (ll ib’i iI—lliliti ‘lpiii. £0 Social Him-nation and topical \atii'e troiii Vladiniii .\1cla\i\h pltix support lioni I’aul McNeill and compete Richard \llen

Thursda 1


Mrs Brown Rides Again l’ayilion Theatre. l2l Rentield Sheet. “3 IN“) " illpin £l“ £l< itll Ll2i See Thu 24

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