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DOUGIE BELL, owner of Lupe Pintos delis in Glasgow and Edinburgh and co-author of

TWO Cooks and a Suitcase picks his five favourite chilli products.

1 Chipotle en Adobe (La Plreterida) Canned smoked 1a apenos in a sauce It gives

) M . yOur Mcxman dishes a totally authentic MeXIcan flavour.

2 Picka Peppa (Brown Sa

Est 1 921' A Caribbean legendc.) from Jamaica. The fruits. spices and chilli peppers are barrel fermented for one year. Often imitated but rarely equalled.

:Rendang Curry Paste (Karl- Ix) Lemon-grass. galangal, lime

leaves. (,‘flIIIlS and aromatic spices

are expertly blended by Micky the

Malaysian born daughter of a '

illiélllglléll diplomat and Chinese film

4 Pimenton de la Ve

Dalia) Traditionally prod't‘iacrg'c'la Spanish paprika that all the TV chefs are raVing about. The reason why chorizo tastes so good.

5 Mexene Chilli Seasoning Est 1906 Secret recipe chilli blend from Texas. Makes the best chilli con carne. faiitas and great in any Tex- Mex dish. The use of Ancho powder produces a rich earthy flavour


Ever wanted to be like little Haley Joel Osment and have the gift of seeing dead people? Me neither. but this delightful site lets yOu do it in a round- about sort of way. and allows yOu to mock superstars at the same time Some of the charming images of the dead famous Will be hauntingly familiar Marilyn Monroe's rotting corpse has i been an item of delight for Sick \ fantasists for decades. while Kurt Cobain's socks and sneakers still trauinatise the grunge generation.

Helen Travel/er Fabulous The


pictu'es :3 Dana are sad thOugh It's 31' ten intense

6 THE LIST 3-1 Apr—8 Mm 2003


'5 anything sacred f or the people who th’ k ' our screens in which the w. . In up reality TV shows? News that stranger than anyming fictitszgresewes the plastic surgery of their Chaice sautieakeover show is set to reach around the world (mainly Am - " "93:" "9' 3°' °an you guess which of the b I y proves that Wth is '3' enca, you ll be unsurprised to hear) and which on: ow 8:8 genmne Shows "cm s are aking it?

Joe Millionaire

One-hundred women vie for the hand of a very. very rich man. Except in truth. he has very few pennies to rub together. Will the victorious dame still want him when they discover the truth?

Real? Fake?

Zoo School

Devised in Japan. aSpiring trainee vets have to escape from a zoo. rescuing as many lame animals as they can along the way. The winner gets a full-time job at the 200.

Real? Fake?

How low would you go? Contestants try and out bid each other to see who would do an allotted task for the least amount of cash. Tasks include sleeping with fat and old businessmen. eating cow dung and swimming with killer electric eels. The one who wins the most tasks gets a raft of prizes.

Real? Fake?

Man vs Beast A team of midgets take on an elephant in tugging an aircraft across a tarmac.

Real? Fake?

Destination Space

Contestants are put through their paces at a cosmonaut training camp with the winner being blasted into outer space.

Real? Fake?

1 do...honestly!

After lilting their partners at the alter, contestants race to be the first to win their loved-ones' affections back. But they can‘t tell them about the Sim prize money.

Real? Fake?

The Will

A large inheritance is up for grabs within a

Alexandra Student

Verr- Very good, prefer the Shots With more people. It's cool hOw some Celebrities are Unrecognisable at first

wealthy family and through Surwvor-style tests. the winner will eventually be scooping the lot.

Real? Fake?

1 want a divorce

Six couples battle it out to get a fair division of possessions and a cash prize to help them on their way to singledom.

Real? Fake?

Doctor! Doctor! Members of the public try to fake it as medical staff in a Bangkok accident and

emergency unit.

Real? Fake? Willing and Able

A paraplegic reworking of Survivor, It's a Knockout and The Generation Game.

Real? Fake?

You’re never too old...

Could a 75-year-old pick up a 21 -year-old? Pensioners imitate teens for holiday of a lifetime prize by going clubbing, drinking and on the pull.

Real? Fake?

\Afho wants to be a centrefold? Twelve leggy lovelies get on the casting couch in order to become a soft-porn pin-up.

Real? Fake?

Taxi Orange

Cameras follow a bunch of cabbies and vote off the most irritating. Must be a tough show to win.

Real? Fake?

Juan or Juanita? Cross-dressing contestants see how long they can go without being discovered.

Real? Fake?

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Mario Testino Portraits Dean Gallery. Edinburgh


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