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to find the best new building

in Scotland. The RIAS Award

for Architecture, which offers a £25,000 prize to the winner,

Lasso (2000)

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up to adulthood.

‘The films are all very different,‘ says Tykka. ‘They don‘t have to be read as trilogy but I like the idea that there is a continuity in my work. When I look back at the works, I can see that they have all been growing together and that the themes are coming up again and again.‘

As well as working with film, Tykka also produces

Salla Tykka‘s three-minute Lasso is a beautiful. well- crafted piece of filmmaking. It opens with the shot of a young girl returning home after a jog; she rings the doorbell but no one answers. Walking around the side of the house, she peers through a large window. As the photography. In the past, she has created works that music builds Ennio Morricone‘s achineg slow-paced exorcised personal anxieties (she suffered from an eating score from Sergio Leone‘s Once upon a Time in the West - disorder) about the body and self-perception. The works the camera pans in on a bare-chested young man wildly included in the exhibition work in parallel with the twirling a lasso. The image is mesmerising. development of the trilogy. Lasso, which received much critical acclaim when it was ‘The works were quite autobiographical in the shown at the Venice Biennale in 2001, was the first in a beginning,‘ she says. ‘But then I got interested in more trilogy of films by the young Finnish artist, Salla Tykka. general ideas like feminism and political issues. The Together with Thriller (2001) and Cave (2003), which will be photographs are always related to my thinking and my premiered at her forthcoming show at Tramway, the works thoughts always identify with the theme that I am working explore the transition from childhood to adulthood and with in the film.‘ female subjectivity. Each piece, rich in cinematic Since her memorable appearance at Venice with Lasso, references from the spaghetti western feel of Lasso to the Tykka has gained much international recognition, receiving horror genre of Thriller, holds its own individually. many offers to exhibit. But for Tykka her passion is in the Each piece centres on a female protagonist. In the video making. installation Lasso, Tykka presents a world of wonder ‘I had to say no to quite a lot of people as I prefer to where the female character is excluded from the lasso make new work rather than exhibit the same works,‘ she swinging male. In Thriller she explores the parent-child says. ‘But this year I have been producing quite a lot of relationship, sexual awakening and the tension that this new work so I feel it‘s a good time to pull it all together.‘ arouses. Cave references science-fiction, taking the trilogy (Helen Monaghan)

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donated by Andrew Doolan and the Point Hotel, is the biggest architecture prize in the UK. Malcolm Fraser Architects won the title last year for its inspired Dance Base studios in Edinburgh‘s Grassmarket and again the judges will be looking for innovative and imaginative new buildings. Deadline for applications is 30 May. For more information call RIAS on 0131 229 7545 or log onto

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Belinda Guidi‘s work at the Glasgow Art Fair

THE GLASGOW ART FAIR IS over for yet another year but what were the lasting impressions? The addition of Extension, 3 new pavilion showcasing the work of seven contemporary arts organisations looked great and was well received. The various openings taking place around the same time as part of RAW including Toby Paterson at the CCA and Sanctuary at GOMA added to the festival atmosphere. But on a lighter note, one of the most talked about paintings in the art fair had to be the football painting of Rangers‘ Lorenzo Amoruso tackling a Celtic player. Not really the kind of work you would expect to see at a contemporary art fair. The opening night of Sanctuary at GOMA was also an eye-opener. There were gasps of horror as a parent sat his young child on Kenny Hunter‘s lion sculpture and proceeded to take a photograph. Luckily the piece is made from bronze and Hunter saw the funny side.

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