any interested nevvcomers are invited to turnout for this vs eekIy training session.

Outside the Cities Horse-racing: Kelso Races Kelso Racecourse. (H.573 224767. 5.45pm. £7 £I5 (£4; under I6s f'reel. National hunt horse racing.


Horse-racing: Musselburgh Races Musselburgh Racecourse. Linklield Road. Mttssclburgh. 665 285‘). 2.20pm. £I0 £I5 (£5; under 16s freer. Hat racing.


Festival of Sport (ilasgoyy Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. I0am 6pm. £6.50 (£4.50). I-‘amily- oriented activities range from athletics. aerobics and climbing to American football. soccer and golf.


Athletics: Edinburgh to Berwick Road Race Meadow bank Sports Centre. I39 London Road. 66I 535 I. Annual road race organised iii conjunction with Scottish Athletics. Football: Hibernian v Aberdeen Iiaster Road. I2 Albion Place. 66f IX75. 3pm. With Iitrrope and relegation out of the equation. both clubs can only hope for a more successful season next year.

Outsrde the cities

Football: Motherwell v Dundee United Iiir Park. Manse Road. Mothervvell. 0l698 333 333. 3pm. The table's bottom two light for supremacy. Football: Livingston v Partick Thistle West l.othian Courier Staditiiii. Alderstone Road. Livingston. 0I506 4I7000. 3pm. Si’l. football match. Football: Kilmarnock v Hearts Rugby Park. Rtigby Road. Kilmarnock. 0l563 525I84. 3pm. The Jainbos go to Rugby Park hoping to hang onto their third place.


Cycling: Go Bike Cycle Meeting Bells Bridge. Congress Road. 07932 460093. I0am. A scenic 36-mile cycle ride around the "Three l.ochs‘. taking in vieWs of the Firth of Clyde. I.och l.omond and Loch Long. Festival of Sport (ilasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. I0atn 6pm. £6.50 (£4.50). See Sat 3. American football: Scottish Claymores v Barcelona Dragons Ilampden Park. The National Stadium. Letherby Drive. 0500 353535. 3pm. £5--£I05. Spain‘s national American football team travel to llampden hoping to take advantage of the Claymores' so far inconsistent form. Scottish postrel Tippi provides the pre- match entertainment.


Tennis: Scottish Open Championships Craiglockhan Tennis Centre. I77 (‘olinton Road. 444 I969. 10am. £2 (free). The highlight of Scotland’s tennis calendar. See photo caption.

Outsrde the cities Motor-racing: KDMC Bikes KnockhiII Racing Circuit. Knockhill. l)unfemiline. 0I383 723337. £tbc. High octane racing action.

Horse-racing: Sunday Fun Day llatnilton Park Racecourse. Bothvv ell Road. Hamilton. 0|698 283806. 2.10pm. £10—£I5 (under I6s free). Racing for the bank holiday weekend featuring children's entertainment and a special jump jockeys race.

Scottish Open Championships While most people sit glued to TV sets for a fonnight mid-Summer following every hit of the ball at Wimbledon. local tennis isn't followed nearly as aVidIy. However. this year's Scottish Open. part of Edinburgh Council's Futuresport Programme. should see more people parked courtside to experience the live action. Entrants are ranked in the region of 250-600 in the world and include Karen Paterson and Lyndsay Reilly. Junior internationals and a festival of tennis for schoolchildren aims to entertain the wee 'uns. while adult spectators are enc0uraged to try their tennis arms and elbows at the regular coaching clinics.

I Crar‘g/ockharf Tennis Centre. Edinburgh, Sun 4—Sun 11 May.


Football: Amnesty lnternational's Annual Five-A-Side Football Tournament World ()I i'iootball. Corn Iischange. Nets Market Road. (iorgie. 443 0404. 10am. Sigti tip for Amnesty 's annual Ii\C\ contest to raise money for the charity. It costs “()0 per team tor free \yilh £300 sponsorshtpl. each team is guaranteed five games. arid there vyill be prt/es galore. Tennis: Scottish Open Championships Craiglockhan Tennis Centre. I77 ('olitttott Road. 4-H l‘)(i‘). IfIam. £2 (free). See photo caption.

Tuesday 6


Tennis: Scottish Open Championships ('raiglockhan Tennis Centre. I77 Coltnlolt Road. 444 196‘). l0atn. £2 tfreel. See photo caption.

Wednesday 7


Cricket: Scottish Saltires v Somerset Sabres (irange Cricket Cltib. Portgovver Place. Stockbridge. 3l3 7420. I0.45am. £Il) t£5l. The first home match in the Chelterihani It (ilotrcester competition for the Scottish Saltires. See prev ievv.

Tennis: Scottish Open Championships Craiglockhart Tennis Centre. I77 Colinton Road. 444 I969. I0am. £2 (free). See photo caption. Australian Rules Football the Meadow s. Argle Place. 6.30pm. Free. See Wed 30.

Outside the cities

Horse-racing: Kelso Races Kelso Racecourse. Kelso. (H.573 22-1767. 2. I5ptti. £7 £I5 (£4; under 16s free). See Wed 30. Football: Mothervvell v Celtic l-‘ir Park. Manse Road. .‘ylothervvell. (“698 333333. 7.45pm. Re-scheduled several times. this SPI. fixture vv as the scene of the biggest upset this season. A repeat vvould see Celtic hand the title to Rangers.

Thursday 8


Tennis: Scottish Open Championships Craiglockhan Tennis Centre. I77 ('olinton Road. 444 I969. I0ani. £2 tfreel. See photo caption.


Events are listed by date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to glasgowelistcomk, by post or by fax on 0141 353 2803. Listings are compiled by Jane Hamilton.

Book events

Peter Atkins Borders Books. 23“ Buchanan Street. 222 “"00 ppm l-tee Professor Peter Atkins reads from (iti/l/l’t’h I'inecr. his latest \york featuring vvhat he considers to be the ten great ideas of

Heal Ascherson \Vateisione's.

I53 I57 Sauchiehall Street. 3 i2 9l05 7pm. I‘ree. .-\schcrsott discusses and signs copies of Ills bestselling book Slum \l’lt ( y The Sr'rrrt'li for Scotland.


A Celestial Journey Scottish i’oyyct Space 'l'heatre. (ilasgovv Science Centre. 50 Pacific Qtray. 420 5000. 7pm £5.95 t£4.45l. .-\ Itye star shovy vv Inch combines storytelling and poetry under a blanket of lystnkltng stars.


JAM74 (ioyanhrll ('ointiitirirty Centre. Daisy Street. campaignstu 7.30pm. I‘ree. Join this protest against the M74 motoryyay. Much is planned to run through the city.

Other events

Easter Eggstravaganza (llasgtm Science Cetitre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. I0anr 6pm. £6.95 t£4_95i. 'I‘reks. Iiye science shovv s. \sorkshops and hands on eshihits to keep you aintised oy er Iiaster. Arts and Crafts St \Itirtgo Museum of Religious lite and Art. 2 Castle Street. 55‘ 2557. I Iaiii Iptti. liree. Try your Iiaiid at making a stained glass \\ intlovy as vv ell as other craft actiyitics to celebrate the Sikh \';tis;tkhi and Jevvish Pesach.

Meadow in the Making I’oIIok Country Park. 2060 I’ollokshavss Road. 632 9299. I30 3.30pm. I-‘ree. Ilelp turn the picnic area ittto a summer flout-ring nieadovv ideal for the vviIdIife.

Smarty Pants ('iti/ens‘ 'I'heatre. I I9 (iorbals Street. 429 0022. 7.30pm. £I2

FAMILY TUN MAYDAZE Gasgow Green. Sun 4 May

Maydaze is back for another year of Mayday celebrations. Formerly a week long festival, it is now a concentrated day of celebration, activities and fun. Although the festival has changed over the years, the tradition of the Mayday rally still lives on. The day starts off with the Glasgow Trade Unions processing from George Square to Glasgow Green where


rtl t-It \tltills only \Iotc funny stories from Michael Ist‘tiris as he tcltycs his .idyenttttcs during his return trip to Russia


Murray Grigor l’iBC. \Iairi Reception. (‘Itlccrt \Iatgatct lime. 946 6600 6 ltlpiti £6 tt5t llrc ('Itarlcs Is’ctinic \i.l\ kiritosli Society presents .i talk by distinguished filttiniakct. \Itittay (ittgoi

Other merits

Easter Eggstravaganza (;‘t\\\ Science Centre. 50 I’acttn Quay. 320 .5000 Want 6pm M95 :14 “TI \t-e Iltii 24

Arts and Crafts St \Itrrig'o \Itrscttrti ot Religious I tie and \rt. .‘ Castle Street. 553 255 i I Iatii Ipni lrcc Sec lliti .‘1 Smarty Pants Crtt/cns' llicatrc. I I" (ioibals .s'tieet. $390022 3 Mini tl.‘ t£l £4r See Ihtt 24

International Night ( iatllt‘IItlII \Itrlttctrlttrral (critic. 2| Rose Street. ii.‘ 9"65 2 Ilptri lice (iatricthill i\\llt Cities arid \Ittltictiltttial Spring?

l'estiyal kicks off \yrth this night ot international nitisic

Saturday 26


Toby Paterson (‘t' \. Ni sanctiit-liall Street. 352 4900 3pm I-tce Paterson talks about his first solo shovv. \r‘l‘. limit/r Sec .-\t‘I listings for more ititoiiiiation


DJ Workshop with DJs Sace and Kid Koala CC;\. i50 Sattchrchall Street. K52 4900, 2pm. tree I” masterclass for \yanttabe ttrttitahlrsts Itiii iii III/’IH /i See photo caption

Other events

Easter Eggstravaganza (ii.ts}‘tl\\ Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. Iflaiii (‘l‘ltt t695 tt‘l95i Scc I‘hti 24.

Smarty Pants (.IiI/t'IIS' 'i'Itt‘aIl't'. I I‘) (iotbals Street. 429 0022 2 iflpni f I 2 t£I £4i Sec Nut 24

Farmers Market .\l.irisi‘it-Itt lurk. IIyndIarid Street. 2S," 2000. lftatn ipni I‘t‘ee. .\ chance to buy fresh produce direct from the fai'ttters

Johann Lamont, member of the Scottish Parliament, and Sandy McNiven of Strathclyde Fire Brigade Union will make speeches.

The rest of the day includes music, performance, children's activities and sport. The music tent includes Scottish and soul music and acts include Croft No 5, the Cosmic Rough Riders and political singer Billy Bragg. There's talent from the worlds of dance and song in the showcase tent. such as Japanese drummers and Brazilian and Indian dance groups. The children are also catered for with their own performance tent, play tent and

an amazing inflatable village.

The Millennium Wheel makes its first visit to Glasgow with performances throughout the day and the acrobounce elastics are there to fling yourself into the air to enjoy some weightless freedom. You are also encouraged to have a go at a new sport: choose from athletics. golf, basketball, rugby and volleyball. lf football is more your thing, then there's a celebrity five-a-side game and shoot out. The only problem will be trying to do it all in one day.

(Jane Hamilton)

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